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Chapter 661: Not writing a single word

What did this mean?

She knew that Ye Ting Xuan would not make a gesture for no reason, but she did not have time to think about it.  Her mind was currently filled with words and images.

For Ye Ting Xuan's ancient West Chu writing, she could recognize less than ten characters.  As for the East Qin writing, she did not recognize a single word and relied purely on memory to write them out.

She slightly tilted her head and looked at Na Mu Cuo.  She found that he did not notice Ye Ting Xuan's small movement at all.

Na Mu Cuo had a serious expression as he placed his hands on the table.  He was not anxious to write as he closed both his eyes, condensing all the words he had just saw on the stone stele in his mind.

It was said to be words, but images were more accurate.

Thinking of this, Na Mu Cuo felt that he had underestimated the intelligence of the West Chu people.  He never imagined that this weak little scholar would actually give him trouble.

Na Mu Cuo was as everyone expected, not only was he fluent in speaking the West Chu Language, he could also write most of the West Chu characters.  However, he was an East Qin citizen in the end and this was his first time seeing this kind of ancient West Chu language.

Each word was like a picture to him.  He could only rely on his extraordinary memory to memorize this picture, not forgetting even a single stroke.

One hundred and twenty six words were like one hundred and twenty six pictures.  As long as he was wrong with one, he could possibly lose this compet.i.tion.

Chen Ning was the same as Na Mu Cuo.  She closed her eyes and tried to remember every single picture she had just seen.

The West Chu people in the crowds saw the two of them just standing there, feeling nervous and concerned.

The East Qin envoys on the other side had different expressions.  Their faces were flying as the revealed looks of joy because they had a great understanding of their prince's skills.  His highness had already encountered challenges from countless experts, but he had never been defeated once!

His opponent today was only a young girl, who was beautiful and slim, seeming like even the wind could blow her over.  What kind of skill could this girl have, it must be the West Chu Country using her beauty against them. They must want to confuse the prince with her beauty and make him lose the compet.i.tion.

But what kind of hero was the crown prince, how could he be confused by a young girl?

After a while, Chen Ning and Na Mu Cuo opened their eyes at the same time.

Everyone held their breath as they watched the scene below without even blinking.

Na Mu Cuo picked up the piece of charcoal and began to write the words from the stele onto the white paper.

Chen Ning looked at the brush on the table.  She slightly knit her brows, but she did not pick up the brush.

The West Chu ministers all stared at her every move without blinking.  When they saw her expression, their hearts suddenly sunk and they secretly thought: Could this idiot princess not even know how to write?  If that is true, the West Chu Country will lose all their face!

Although they knew that it was impossible to remember the words of a stele while riding on the back of a flying horse, since the East Qin Crown Prince could do it, they believed there would be others that could do it.  At least King Jing An Chu Shao Bai would be able to!

But the emperor insisted on changing the compet.i.tor, sending out this idiot princess out.  Wasn't this asking to be made a fool of?

In the end, the East Qin Crown Prince had already written several letters, but she did not write a single one!

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