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Chapter 531

Chapter 531: A kiss every time you speak

At this moment, Chen Ning had already returned to the Eldest Princess palace.

Mo Chuan wanted her to remain in the doctors yard, but she insisted on leaving.

Staying in the palace with her ident.i.ty, she was bound to be criticized.

She didn’t want to give Mo Chuan any more trouble.  Not to mention the fact that the palace gave her an invisible pressure that made it hard for her to breathe.

Mo Chuan considered it and agreed with her.  However, when he thought of Chu Shao Yang, his brows could not help knitting together.

He knew that Chu Shao Yang’s martial arts was not weak and the Eldest Princess was far from being his match.  If Chu Shao Yang were to come to the Eldest Princess palace to

see her, the guards in the Eldest Princess palace could not stop him.

“Zhui Feng, come in.”  He gently waved his hand.

Following this, a blur appeared in front of Chen Ning’s eyes and an extra light gray figure appeared in the room.  That person bowed down to Mo Chuan.

If she saw a person, she would never forget them and would recognize them with a single glance.

“Mo Chuan, this is your secret guard?”

“Right.  Have you seen him before?”  Mo Chuan was surprised. Zhui Feng did not have a fixed location and rarely appeared in front of others.  Other than him and the people by his side, there really weren’t many people that had seen him before.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and said, “Of course I have.  Remember back in the Ding Yuan Palace,

Palace, you sent him to give an order to send Xiao Bai…..out of the capital, leaving for a long time.”

When Chu Shao Bai’s name was mentioned, her eyes turned a bit dark and she couldn’t help secretly letting out a sigh.

She had once been touched by Xiao Bai’s innocence.  If Xiao Bai did not suddenly leave and not return for a long time, perhaps there would have been a different ending.

“You did that on purpose, right?”  She bit her lips and looked at him.

Mo Chuan’s brows jumped up, “Yes.”

Chen Ning was a bit stunned.  She never thought that he would directly admit it.


“Do you not know why?”  His dark eyes looked at her, revealing a tender look at the bottom of his eyes.

Her face turned red and she looked down, avoiding his pa.s.sionate

his pa.s.sionate gaze.

Did he already like her back then?  So he was jealous of Xiao Bai?

He raised her chin and continued looking in her eyes, “Not just the last time, even this time, it was all on purpose.  I didn’t want him staying by your side, wildly staring at you like a fool. That brat makes me feel uneasy, humph!”

Chen Ning’s face turned red again and she couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Bai is so good to me and he has never bullied me before.  The one that makes me feel uneasy is you since you’re clearly the one bullying me. I didn’t want to drink the medicine, but you forced me to drink it.”

Remembering the way he force fed her, she was embarra.s.sed and angry.

Seeing the blush on her face, he revealed a faint revealed a faint smile.  Then he leaned in and whispered in her ear, “If you aren’t obedient next time, I will feed you medicine again.”

“Mo Chuan, I don’t……”

She did not get to finish her words before his head came down and kissed her lips.

Chen Ning’s eyes filled with shock.

This was in front of his subordinate!  Did he need to be this excessive!

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to kiss him, but she didn’t want to be like him, kissing wherever he wanted to kiss!

But it was good that he only gave a light kiss to her, quickly leaving her lips.  He used a finger to stroke her rosy red lips and said with a faint smile, “Next time, you’re not allowed to say no to me.”

He would kiss her every time she spoke.

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