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Chapter 263: Confused emperor

Mo Chuan grabbed her hand and his eyebrows tightly knit together.  It seemed like she really was drunk.

"Big grey wolf?  Little white rabbit?  I think you aren't a little white rabbit, but rather a cunning little fox!"  He curled his lips and revealed a gentleness that even he did not notice.  It was very different from his usual cold appearance.

"d.a.m.n emperor, I'll beat you to death!"  Chen Ning suddenly opened her drunken eyes and punched out at Mo Chuan beside her.

With Mo Chuan's skills, how could she hit him?  But he was stunned and could not move, letting the fist hit him in the nose.

It was a good thing that Chen Ning was drunk and her hands were weak.  His nose just hurt a bit and wasn't seriously injured.

"You're quite brave!"  He suddenly grabbed her hands, stopping her from moving.  A killing intent came from him once again.

"Xiao Hei, why is it you?"  Chen Ning shook her head and the vague figure in front of her turned clear.  She smiled and said, "I thought that that you were that b.a.s.t.a.r.d emperor.  If I see him, then I'll kill him with one punch!"

Mo Chuan's face couldn't help turning dark as he said in a deep voice, "How did the emperor offend you?"

"He just did offend me, he offended me in a big way!  He is a confused emperor!  He had nothing better to do than minding other people's matters, creating a large mess!  Tell me, isn't he an old fool?  Old and foolish!"

"Old fool?  I…..Is the emperor old?"  Mo Chuan found this ridiculous.

[TL Note: He is referring to himself in the beginning when he says I.]

Chen Ning's brain had turned to paste as she mumbled, "The emperors in plays were all old men with white beards, followed by old eunuchs with no teeth.  Wu, perhaps this emperor is not old, but he definitely is a confused b.a.s.t.a.r.d!  Otherwise, why would he give me to a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like Chu Shao Yang!"

"Old man with a white beard?"  Mo Chuan couldn't help rubbing his bare chin.  Thinking of Xiao Si, he almost gave a laugh, "Old eunuchs with no teeth?"

He grabbed onto Chen Ning's staggering body and then shook his head while saying, "You really are drunk.  Giving you to King Ding Yuan was not the emperor's idea, but rather your own idea!  It was your father, Grand General Chen, that came to the palace to discuss the imperial edict.  You even said that you would marry no one else other than King Ding Yuan.  The emperor was grateful to Grand General Chen for fighting for the country all these years and thus allowed it.  Now that your little sister is also married to King Ding Yuan, you're not blaming Chu Shao Yang, but rather blaming the emperor?  Isn't this wrongly blaming a good person?"

"He is not a good person because he is also surnamed Chu.  Those surnamed Chu are all snakes in rat's nests, not a good thing!"  Chen Ning said in a slurred voice.


Mo Chuan's face turned dark, "You know that offending the royal family means the death penalty, right!"

Chen Ning's head fell and she fell into his chest.  She muttered two words which he did not hear clearly and then she fell asleep.

Mo Chuan suddenly felt very silly.

He was actually trying to reason with a drunk woman.

"Forget it, let's send you back first."  He let out a sigh and held her as he jumped off the horse.  His body flashed and he appeared on the roof.

He knew that he could not allow anyone to see her current appearance or else her reputation would be ruined.

But why did she have to choose to wear such a light green set of clothes.  In the night, it was like a green flower blooming, making it very eye-catching.

Mo Chuan took off his outer clothing and draped it over her body.  Then in the dead of night, he silently entered the king's palace.

He avoided all the palace's guards.  Carrying Chen Ning to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, he pushed open the door and went in.

It was very quiet inside the room.  There was no candles or any sound.

But he could feel a killing intent coming from behind him.

There was an a.s.sa.s.sin!

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