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Chapter 1900 - Chapter 1900: You belong to me.

Chapter 1900: You belong to me.

Translator: 549690339

She wanted to prove to the woman opposite her that this man was hers, Yan Siyi’s, and no one was allowed to s.n.a.t.c.h him from her!

Shao Gubei looked at the little face that had suddenly enlarged in front of him in shock. His heart was instantly filled with happiness. The next moment, he closed his eyes, lowered his head, and deepened this awkward kiss once again, f * ck you! F * ck you! Cheng Xinxue stomped her feet in anger, but to no avail. Helplessly, she went out crying.

The two people in the hall seemed to be completely unaware of her departure, and they continued to kiss deeply.

It wasn’t until Siyi’s small body completely clung to his tall body that the two people’s breathing became a little rushed, and they moved their lips away.

Siyi’s breathing was rapid and disorderly, and he was a little breathless.

Shao Gubei lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers. He looked at the little woman in front of him with his ambiguous eyes, so, you can be so bold too?”

“All? I’m only defending what belongs to me! Hmph Hmph!” Siyi denied it while struggling to get out of his arms.

Shao Gubei laughed evilly. He reached out and grabbed her thigh that was wrapped around his waist tightly, not giving her any chance to escape. “Things? Who am 1 to you?” His voice brushed past her burning ears as he asked her teasingly.

this … 1 want to … 1 want to … Siyi replied guiltily, her little head avoiding his teasing.

say it, Yingluo. he didn’t give her a chance to Dodge at all. His white teeth bit her burning ear and asked her seductively.

“Say it, say it! What’s this? I’m going to give this to my husband! Does Yingluo count?” Siyi asked him carefully.

Shao Gubei smiled in satisfaction and nodded. Is there any more?”

there’s still Yingluo and Yingluo. Siyi looked at him deeply and smiled shyly. In the next moment, her small mouth moved close to his ear and whispered,” and there’s also the thing that I, Yingluo, Yan Siyi, love, Yingluo.

Shao Gubei’s lips curved into a smile, and his thin lips pecked Siyi’s pink lips, is this considered a confession?”

This was the first time this woman had confessed her love to him, right?

“Let’s just call it Yingluo!” Siyi nodded and lowered her eyes shyly.

Shao Gubei raised his eyebrows and pouted. He asked her in a charming voice,” Hey! Why isn’t it your favorite?”

“Wow, you’re so greedy, Yingluo!”

“The person you love the most is big sister?” You could say that he was stingy or stubborn, but in short, he was still very particular about the word ‘most’, it’s not Yingluo. Siyi shook his head and denied.

“Who is that?” If she dared to say that he was an ugly man, he didn’t mind biting this woman to death.

She looked at him thoughtfully, and in the next moment, she gently kissed his delicate thin lips. She moved closer to his ear and murmured,” the person Yiyi loves the most is my sister, and you, Huahua, and you! Not a single one of them can be missing Yingluo.”

Shao Gubei’s deep eyes narrowed. He narrowed his charming eyes and looked at her. Yan Siyi, you’re the greedy one, aren’t you? ”

Siyi chuckled. I’m a girl, you have to give in!!

Shao Gubei lifted his chin and pondered for a moment,” alright! I can barely accept it!”

Siyi pinched his nose with a smile, let’s go and buy some clothes! If you dawdle any longer, you won’t be able to go to the company in the afternoon.”

Hence, the two of them left the house together..

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