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Chapter 1898 - Chapter 1898: Small steamed bun

Chapter 1898: Small steamed bun

Translator: 549690339

If he had known earlier, he would not have tried to find out where the remote control went, and he would not have challenged little Beibei’s perverted personality!

Who was the most perverted person in the world? little Beibei was definitely the number one!

The result:

He had been busy the entire morning.

“Yueyue, you don’t even have to go to work, okay?”

“En, 1’11 go in the afternoon. I’ll go shopping with you in the morning!” Shao Gubei said as he calmly put on his clothes.

From the inside to the outside, every movement was completely calm and composed, and there was also an incredible elegance.

NND! When she was outstanding, even her underwear revealed her elegant and n.o.ble temperament. It really puzzled Siyi!

“Haven’t you seen enough?” Shao Gubei suddenly turned around to look at her. He pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows, do you still need me to take off my clothes and let you look all you want? ”

“No, there’s no need for that!” Siyi quickly waved her hand and swallowed with difficulty. She was really afraid that she would vomit blood and die if she looked at her again!

Shao Gubei laughed evilly. He randomly picked a dress from the closet and threw it to her on the bed. put on your clothes before you go out!

a »

Didn’t she know that she had to put on her clothes before going out?

However, when Siyi took the dress and was about to put it on, she was stunned.

“What’s wrong?” Shao Gubei looked at her in confusion.

eh? ” si Yi bit his finger awkwardly, little Beibei, do you want to go out first? ”

“Why?” Shao Gubei’s face was full of doubt. Suddenly, he glanced at her with an ambiguous look. Oh? ” He had a look of sudden realization.

Siyi heaved a sigh of relief, en en, let’s go out first! I’ll be done in a minute!”

Shao Gubei turned around and walked toward the door.

In the end-

Suddenly, she bent over and sat down on the sofa by the door.

Si Yi was completely embarra.s.sed!

“Yingluo, didn’t you go out?” F * ck! Why did he sit down?

“Wear it! I’m not looking!” Shao Gubei answered calmly.

Yingluo, you didn’t even look and chose the best seat, who are you trying to fool!!

Siyi bit the quilt and was conflicted!

In the end, the great president Shao spoke again.

“I say, Yiyi! Don’t put on an act, which part of the room have 1 not seen or touched? I can’t be bothered to look at that little w.a.n.g Zai mantou posture! Wear it, wear it!”

a »

F! ck! Little steamed bun?

Siyi lowered her head and miserably began to carefully size up her own ***** body.

you’re Yingluo, you’re lying through your teeth!! Siyi accused him in grief and indignation.

Shao Gubei raised his eyebrows and peeked his head out. He carefully sized up the small body that was exposed from under the blanket and could not help but let out a soft ‘ tsk’.

“Yup! It should be a small egg pancake with small steamed buns!”

This time, Siyi took a huge blow and cried.

This Yingluo was simply a personal attack!

After the two of them had breakfast, Shao Gubei pulled Siyi over and was about to leave.


Ding Dong, Ding Dong … the doorbell rang urgently.

Shao Gubei was stunned for a moment. He looked at Siyi suspiciously, then went to open the door.

Cheng jinxue was standing outside the door.

Kubei! the moment the door opened, Cheng Xinxue’s soft and tender body pounced on his face, and she buried herself in his arms.

Siyi, who was in the hall, turned her eyes away and rubbed her small nose awkwardly with her small hand.

Hmph! This was the so-called Wolf-Tiger combination!

Shao Gubei was also shocked by the sudden appearance of Cheng qixue.

“Kubei, 1 heard you’re divorced, is that right? Isn’t it? 1 knew you would get a divorce. I knew ran ran,” Cheng jinxue said, and then cried in his arms..

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