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330 - Intermission Chapter. The Enemy of the World

The last few days have been most pleasing.

It was truly comfortable.

The days when I don’t have to be afraid of the Tyrant’s Miasma have finally returned.

At a glorious moment like today, I used my magic horse.

There’s no need to conserve them anymore.

What I really needed now was quick movement.

At the moment, I have returned back to Magnar.

It had indeed been a busy round trip.

After I had talked with Ayaka Sogou————-

A magical war pigeon arrived, bearing with it a letter.

“I have something to tell you about the Heart of our Emperor. Simply put, I want to negotiate.”

Immediately after, I had a magic horse prepared and departed from Alion.

Now then……

What is it that I have been doing until now?

After returning to Alion, I had been making preparations to locate the heart.

I went to retrieve the Detection Sacred Treasure.

However, it couldn’t really indicate the exact location of the heart and would only allow me to vaguely detect it.

Activating it also consumed the precious Prime Origin I had on hand.

The amount it consumes is remarkably different from that of the Sacred Treasure that determines the life or death of a Great Demon Emperor.

Above all, once this is activated, a message is being transmitted with the “upper world”.

If at all possible, I wouldn’t want any interference from the “upper world” before I had obtained the heart.

Just as I was slumped down on my couch, having second thoughts on activating the Sacred Treasure, wondering what to do…….

A letter came in from a Demon———- from a certain Confidant.

As I advanced through the wilderness, the Knight Wall gradually came into sight.

The strategic position that serves as the first line of defense when the Root of All Evil appears.

However, there are no humans around.

It merely looks like a giant structure bereaved of life.

Speaking of which, Magnar’s White Wolf Knights disappeared, didn’t they?

Kirihara must have annihilated them.

[I must commend Kirihara-san for keeping Nyantan safe.]

He can do as he pleases with the White Wolf Knights.

However, Nyantan must be overlooked.

That is what I had told Kirihara.

On my way to Magnar, I had actually met Nyantan.

If she was traveling by horseback, it would be easy to “predict” which road she would take.

As expected, I found Nyantan near the border of Magnar.

Regarding her, I just sent her on her way to Alion.

[It might be a good idea to make her a DemiG.o.d and have her be my attendant in the future……]

It’s not that I’m completely satisfied with her.

Looking back, I have no complaints about the way she worked.

At least, when you compare her to the incompetents around, that is.

What I want right now is a p.a.w.n who’s competent and obedient in their own right.

However, it’s also troublesome to build a relationship with a new p.a.w.n from scratch.

I want someone who’s considerably knowledgeable about my temperament.

It is when I lost so many p.a.w.ns———– is only when I instantly realized how valuable they are.

Installing the long-lived species like Elves in that position……

I should have thought about this positively sooner.

I originally thought of doing that with that Witch of Taboos.

That one can be used after all.

It’s just, that woman got c.o.c.ky, so I banished her.

Since then, I have become irritated with Elves.

They’re still lowly creatures who can only live long.

Even though their life span wasn’t as long as the G.o.ds, their longevity hadn’t made them any greater of a species.

I guess they really are just that different from the G.o.ds.

And yet, there were many who adored that witch.

Adored even more than a G.o.d.

I should have killed her instead.

Is that woman still alive somewhere?

Not like I want to know if she still was.

As long as I’m here, she wouldn’t have any place here on this continent.

It would be the best if she dies in obscurity.

Go choke on something.

Suffocate somewhere, all on her own.

[And so, Nyantan would be a potential attendant huh……]

She isn’t a sociable person, but she’s obedient.

When the situation with Takao Hijiri got messed up, this was something I had made sure of.

However, it looked as if there were no signs of her betraying me.


Seeing this changes the situation.

I suppose I will make reasonable arrangements so that she can see her sisters whenever she wants.

I will have her working like a carthorse from now on after all. Well, of course, only to the extent that she would collapse.

[The mercy of this G.o.ddess is just too deep……, ———Ara?]

The huge gate of the Knight Wall……

The portcullis has been raised.

Standing in front of that large gate is a lone Demon.

Golden eyes.

A purple body.


He’s one size larger than me.

Arriving at my destination, I dismounted from the magic horse, which was just about half consumed, and looked up to the Demon’s face.

[h.e.l.lo, it’s the G.o.ddess♪ I heard you wanted to talk to me about the heart…… but what is this about?]

I never thought that the day would come when I would be conversing with a Demon in this manner.

Moreover…… to a Confidant who had lost their Tyrant’s Miasma.

It’s a little surprising to feel its existence be this small.

[The Confidant that man had handed the heart to was me, and I’m watching over it.]

[Oh! My goodness!]

[That’s why…… I know where it was hidden.]

It was in this fortress huh.

Or perhaps……

Was it at the Root of All Evil’s Land?

I feel my heart beating unusually fast.

However———– I must not be hasty.

[However, why would you do such a thing as betraying your master…… Kirihara?—– is what I’d like to say, but is that something you’re capable of in that state…… No, I’m sure you can’t do actions that can be considered as rebellion……]

[It seems that the other Confidants and the monsters are like that. No, immediately after being subordinated, everyone tried to resist that man to the point of shedding tears of blood…… We were shaking with regret. However, as time pa.s.sed, the rebelliousness itself that we had seemed to fade…… In particular, compared to us Confidants, the monsters are quicker to do so.]

[What a terrifying power it was, wasn’t it…… To just extinguish the hatred so naturally. However…… From what you’ve said just now, it seemed that the rebelliousness of the Confidants should also have faded, right? Are you the only one different?]

[That’s right.]

After the Confidant introduced himself as Zohaku……

[After the death of the top three Oaths…… I am proud that I served the Emperor by his side more than anyone else, and that I cared for him more than anyone else……. Because this feeling I held was stronger than anyone else’s, it may be that, unlike others, I was able to maintain this resentment against that man……]

I almost burst into laughter.

Hearing a Demon say things like love and feelings sure is amusing.

However, I held it back.

[It’s just, I also feel that my hatred is gradually fading…… I’m scared of that. And so, while I still have this resentment……]

[And as a last bit of resistance…… you wanted to strike back at Kirihara?]

[That’s right. For that man, my Emperor’s heart is his trump card, isn’t it?]

[Is that alright? Giving me the heart of your beloved Great Demon Emperor, I mean?]

[Upon the death of my Emperor also comes the death of my emotions for him…… Even I can feel it fading…… That’s why, while I still held these emotions…… I’d like to fire one last arrow.]


Originally, after the death of the Great Demon Emperor, their kind should have lost their decent intelligence and gone out of control.

Apparently, Kirihara’s skill restrained the speed of their mental deterioration.

However, even though he was restraining it……

Their thoughts, their intelligence……

It seems that it would only be a matter of time before they lost them.

[I see…… I understand your thoughts. Thank you. Fufu…… This is the first time I’ve ever thanked my natural enemy, a Demon, from the bottom of my heart.]

Thank you very much.

I snickered so within my heart.

[Indeed———– This is the heart of the Root of All Evil……]

There’s no mistaking it, this was the real deal.

[It’s wonderful…… This is…… Oohhh…… the biggest I’ve ever…… F- For it to be this big…… I see, this would be the reason why…… they can bring out that much forces…… and that humongous living fortress……]

The heart was hidden inside the Knight Wall.

If they were going to hide it, one would normally think of hiding it in the Root of All Evil’s Land.

There was no way they would have left it in a “transit area” like this.

And so, he took advantage of this kind of thinking huh……

……Or perhaps, the Demon who had hidden it just wasn’t that smart.

[However, even just in this fortress…… I’m sure there should be lots of other hiding places. No, in a way, I suppose this would make it hard to find it. I hadn’t expected it would be in a place like this.]

The heart was in the fortress’ kitchen.

It was tucked away at the bottom of a box, stuffed alongside rotting grains.

Looking at it again though, I think that Demon who hid it really was just stupid.

[Speaking of which, where is the Demon that hid this?]

[I took care of them.]

[My, oh my♪…… Errr…… What about you?]

[I’d like you to promise me…… that you will kill Kirihara.]

[Yes, I will surely fulfill that promise. I swear that in the name of your original master.]

Hearing my words, Zohaku closed his eyes and spread his hands.

[Even though my feelings for my Emperor are fading away…… It seems like I can’t endure it anymore. I no longer feel that I exist———–]


I raised a knifehand with a smile on my face.

Before he could finish whatever he’s saying———– I ripped Zohaku in half.

The dead corpse, split to the left and to the right, fell to the dirty stone floor.

Still in the posture of raising my knifehand, I smiled.

[Yes, thank you very much♪]

Alion’s Royal Castle———— My private room.

Having used up the magic horse, I had returned to Alion.

Standing diagonally behind me was Nyantan Kikeepat, who had arrived at Alion earlier.

[You’ve done most of the miscellaneous ch.o.r.es I left behind♪ Hmmm, I’m very happy. Ahh, also…… About your sisters……]

[ ! ]

As I thought, she had a strong reaction to that.

[I was thinking of having you meet them and pa.s.s them to you.]

[……When would that be?]

Her voice was a little shaky.

How cute.

[Let’s see…… In the near future, I suppose. Or perhaps, would you prefer to do it tomorrow? ……Hmm? You look like you want to ask me something?]

[No, I was just wondering…… if there was something that changed your mind.]

[Change my mind———— change my mind huh. Fufu…… Well, it’s true that I feel the best I’ve had in years♪]

[……About the White Wolf Knights……]

[Ahhh, about them? You were in that place when it happened, right? I’m just glad you’re safe. Fufu, Kirihara wants to become Magnar’s King…… so the sacrifice of the White Wolf Knights was unavoidable. Sigurd-san’s sacrifice is a pain in terms of human resources…… Well, whatever♪ This was also necessary in order to obtain the heart of the Great Demon Emperor. Well, the one who gave him the permission was me…… but in the end, this matter happening is Kirihara-san’s will, isn’t it?]

[Was it really necessary…… for the White Wolf Knights to become that sacrifice?]

[Eh? You were there, weren’t you? ……Fufu, ahh, geez, I’m sorry, Nyantan♪ From now on, I won’t be able to treat you in such a harsh manner♪ Let’s get along a little better.]

[……What about from here on out? The war with Mira has taken a turn for the better thanks to the efforts of Ayaka Sogou.]

Hearing the words Nyantan said, I lightly groaned.

[It would be best if Touka Mimori killed Kirihara-san…… and Sogou-san killed Touka Mimori without realizing the true ident.i.ty of the Fly King…… In that case, what would Sogou-san do then?]

It was easy to convince Ayaka Sogou.

Unlike how I usually act, I had spoken to her earnestly.

This difference in way of speaking……

That seems to have worked quite well, giving weight and authenticity to my words.

I also used Brainwashing Techniques to persuade Ayaka to head west.

The Great Demon Emperor was already dead.

In that case, even if the worst happens, like her being broken, that’s all well and good.

Breaking people like her really is quite fun.

Especially if they’re people I don’t like.

Even if she dies for some random reason, that’s fine.

Having such a thought in mind, I checked a certain piece of paper and looked at it.

[What’s that?]

[Fufu, it looks like Hijiri-san entrusted her will to Sogou-san. Since it was that Hijiri-san we were talking about, I thought that she might have entrusted Sogou-san with instructions, so I secretly searched her room and found this…… She had hidden this really carefully———– something like this. Well, even if I say she had hidden it, it was just a hiding place that even a child could think of.]


[“If you firmly get a hold of yourself, you can definitely return to our original world with everyone”…… nonsense like that was written on it. Hijiri-san was already prepared for her own death when she was writing this huh…… Hmm, nothing but words of encouragement that are harmless, but pointless…… It doesn’t seem like there was any hidden message written with invisible ink either…… It’s just filled with their thoughts huh? How laughable.]

Crumpling up the piece of paper, I threw it away.

[This batch’s Heroes won’t be returning to their original world anyway, so I wonder if I should use them as “materials”…… Hmmm, deciding is rough.]



[What…… would your future plans be?]

[Fufu, that part is still….. one little secret♪———- but I’ll clearly explain it to you in time. You should be honored, Nyantan. For you have been chosen by the G.o.d that I am♪.]

I left the private office of the G.o.ddess and returned to my private room.

Making sure that “it” was still on my person, I deeply sighed.

Exhaling out air alongside the tension in my heart.


I ruminate in my mind about my earlier exchange with Hijiri Takao———– and the instructions I had received from her.

“Right now, Vysis must have a lot of trust in you. I understand that I’ve asked you for some favors before…… but I just want to remind you that “you are doing this to help the G.o.ddess”. That’s why, she wouldn’t be aware that “you were betraying the G.o.ddess”. Vysis must have misjudged it that way. She even prepared a burnt corpse disguised as you, Vysis came to probe me…… It’s alright, I should have gone through that without a problem. And perhaps, that should end Vysis’ distrust of you. This should clear up her suspicions that you and I might be collaborating with each other.”

Just like she did with Ayaka……

Hijiri also left a message for Nyantan.

“I will also leave another message for Sogou-san. However, she’s not so good at deceiving others…… I don’t think she can keep deceiving Vysis. Even if I left some important instructions, there’s a high chance that she will only have evidence on Sogou-san. And so, I had Sogou-san take over Vysis’ suspicions———- and I’d like you to be the one conducting the real plan, Nyantan Kikeepat.”


How far had she foreseen?

“Sogou-san’s weakness is our cla.s.smates who remained in Alion…… There’s also Zakurogi-sensei, I suppose. If the opportunity arises, I want to ask you to sneak them out of Alion’s royal castle. Of course, you can do it as long as there is a good opportunity to escape safely. There’s one more important thing I’d like to ask you…… If this succeeds, this may become a big trump card against the G.o.ddess in the future. The trump card that will awaken many people in this world.”

Nyantan looked at another piece of paper.

Compared to the previous one, this was smaller and had much fewer words.

“I’ve found where Vysis had been keeping your little sisters that she held hostage. They’re under lenient confinement at the location listed here. It wasn’t that far from Alion, so I confirmed it with my own eyes. You can consider this as collateral for your cooperation…… No, even if we weren’t cooperating with each other…… You can do as you please with this information. I hope you and your little sisters are reunited safely.”


Reading it once again, I stared at the device in my hand.

I operated it as I had been instructed before.

Reflected on its surface———— was the image of my little sisters.

As I felt a wave of relief with their image gently in my embrace…… emotions suddenly surged in my heart.


Please, I hope you are safe.

We had apparently lost contact with the Heroic Sword.

Then, is despairing for her safety the only thing I could do?


I must not give up.

I must believe that she’s alive.

As her big sister, I will track her down, investigate and get to her.

If I could, I would go looking for her right now.

However, doing that at the moment…… is really difficult.

Even so, what a curious item this is.

What kind of magic tool could this be?

This was hidden in the place Hijiri had indicated.

This flat rectangular device is called a “smartphone”……

What could the material used in this item be?

According to what Hijiri had written, this was something that normally can’t be activated.

However, it seems that her little sister had a skill that made it possible to use it.

There were various things she had written, like how this device apparently functions with something they referred to as “mobile battery”.

I operated the phone as instructed and waited.

“—————, ……so the sacrifice of the White Wolf Knights was unavoidable. Sigurd-san’s sacrifice is a pain in terms of human resources…… Well, whatever♪ This was also necessary in order to obtain the heart of the Great Demon Emperor. Well, the one who gave him the permission was me…… but in the end, this matter happening is Kirihara-san’s will, isn’t it?”

It came out of the smartphone…… 

The same voice as the G.o.ddess……

“—————, ……This batch’s Heroes won’t be returning to their original world anyway, so I wonder if I should use them as “materials”…… Hmmm, deciding is rough.”

This was———- apparently something called Voice Recorder app.

It was written that they had tampered with the smartphone, so it won’t make a sound that it apparently does when recording.

From what I heard though, this was apparently illegal back in their world.


I can do this because I can naturally be near the G.o.ddess, or so Hijiri wrote.

I looked down at a sentence in Hijiri’s letter.

What can happen by making use of this Voice Recorder app?

Answering that question was the sentence I’m currently looking at.

“Depending on how you use this Voice Recorder App————“

Taking a deep breath in———— I let it out with a nervous exhale.

“Vysis———– could become the enemy of everyone living in this world.”

Today, December 25th (Sunday), Volume 10 of the Light Novel and Volume 7 of the manga “I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything” went on sale.

To my surprise, this would be the first time that the Light Novel and the manga were released at the same time.

Volume 10 also includes additional newly written content, as well as a new overall description of the story.

[Touka brings sweets he got from his magic leather bag to Seras, Munin and Pigimaru, who have gathered at the stables to check on Slei.]

[Since Touka is usually tired, Munin suggested to Seras that the two of them could work together to give him a little thank you for his hard work, and at the recognition party the two held, Touka received their thank you (?)] + [After that party, Touka and Seras are alone in their room and exchanged some conversation (about Seras being his “sword”).]

[Chester Ord, the leader of Mira’s army, and his subordinates as they faced Sogou Ayaka.]

These are the main scenes.

The flirtatious (?) exchange between Seras and Munin in the Great Underground Treasury at the beginning is also a little different.

The description of whether or not Hijiri is aware of Touka’s true ident.i.ty is also a little different from the Web Novel.

Also, the Light Novel has less explanatory descriptions than the Web Novel. It has also been difficult to decide how much to explain things (partly because of the page number), but the Light Novel has more descriptions of Seras and Touka’s other comrades than those explanations, so it may be that the priority for the Light Novel is on adding scenes (the three Imperial Household-related descriptions are also slimmer in the Light Novel).

The Light Novel’s cover is a beautifully designed Seras in her Origin Regalia state, drawn by KWKM-sama.

The color ill.u.s.trations included in the Light Novel are also my personal favorites this time: the scene where Munin looking into the familiar, the image ill.u.s.tration of Seras’ Origin Regalia outfit, and a double-page spread of Seras in her evening dress designed by KWKM-sama. I especially liked her dress (It’s the scene where Touka wraps his arm around her waist. It’s an ill.u.s.tration from the point of view of one of the n.o.bles trying to talk to Seras).

The ill.u.s.trations also include Munin imagining Seras naked and wearing a necklace, Seras looking really happy as she ate sweets, an elaborate scene where Touka and Kirihara were confronting each other, and there was also the battle scene of Seras vs Kirihara…… I think this time’s ill.u.s.trations are enjoyable to the eyes.

We have finally reached the double-digit volume of 10, and it’s thanks to all of you that we have been able to acc.u.mulate so many volumes. Thank you for your purchase report in the comments section. Also, to those who wrote “I haven’t written anything in the comments section, but I’m buying the book”, thank you very much. It’s thanks to everyone that the series has reached a total of 1.4 million copies sold…… Since there are some hard subjects here and there, I was wondering if it will turn out into “those who like that type of content would like it”, but it seems that more people are reading the series than I expected…… It makes me think that I have to do my best. In any case, thank you very much to everyone who has purchased, including those volumes which had already been published.

And that would be it for my (long-winded) announcement.

Thank you very much for your continued support of “Failure Frame” (We will continue to do our best).

Please click Like and leave more comments to support and keep us alive.


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