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Chapter 635

Chapter 635: Four Thousand Female Clothing Big Brother vs. Thirty Thousand Cultivator Army

“!!!” Hu Yanzhuo’s breathing stopped.

Tilting his head, he looked at the ten-thousand-meter giant ice dragon!

It wasn’t just a 10,000 meter giant ice dragon condensed from the power of cold ice!

If it was just that, it wouldn’t have caused Hu Yanzhuo to be so appalled.

What was truly horrifying was that this was an ice dragon condensed by the joint efforts of a full four thousand or so cultivators who had attained the power of the Major Achievement Ice Intent!

Although the power of intent emanating from each cultivator was extremely weak!

However, when combined, it gave this ice dragon a huge and incomparable power of the Major Achievement Realm of Intent!

Ice Intent, Extreme Cold Domain!

“It actually succeeded!”

“Heavens, this, this is our power?”

“After giving up everything, we, finally, have gained the power to surpa.s.s everything!”

The Third-Test human players each had tears in their eyes.

At the same time, they secretly admonished themselves in their hearts.

Just this once!

After this battle is over, just completely hide everything that happened here as a secret and tell no one!

Let this battle be a secret hidden in a world that no one knows about!


“Hahahahaha! I told you so, everything, is as I, Pig Wolong, predicted!” However, in a gra.s.sy area, a voice resounded steeply.

It was none other than Pig Wolong who was on live mode.

Beside him, there was a group of staff players such as Times Have Changed.

“Worthy of being Brother Wolong, actually using the Bitter Flesh Trick!”

“Heavens, this move is too poisonous! These guys couldn’t have dreamed that the choice they made to give up everything was, in fact, all arranged by us!”

“Poor guys, they still don’t know that they’ve been live-streamed the entire time! Ai, too miserable!”

While shaking their heads and sighing, Pig Wolong, Times Have Changed and the others skillfully locked the live streaming camera on the Third-Test human players, and also specifically zoomed in, not letting go of every detail.

This scene, naturally, was seen by everyone else through the live broadcast.

Inside War Demon City…

“Hold the gra.s.s, these guys, they’re too crazy, right?”

“Oh my G.o.d, from now on, I won’t dare to underestimate them anymore!”

“Tart, too d.a.m.n tart!”

“In terms of perversion, I would call you guys the strongest!”

“My eyes, my eyes are blind!”

“What the h.e.l.l, I want it too!”


All of the Third Test Demon players crowded into the War Demon City’s main hall, staring in disbelief at the live broadcast screen of the more than 4,000 crossdressers.

The first and second test big brothers who had gone offline to eat were also watching the forum live stream at this time, and saw this amazing scene.


At that moment, quite a few of the first and second beta big brothers were dumbfounded, and they forgot to pick up their chopsticks when they fell on the ground.

“WTF?” However, the one who was the most shocked was First Iceman.

“My Ice Intent, Extreme Cold Domain?” First Iceman was truly confused.

Previously, Illusion had indeed approached him, saying that he needed his help to refine a batch of special implements.

So he helped out, and after exhausting himself to death, he finally managed to inject his Ice Intent power into more than 4,000 implements.

He almost emptied his body.

At that time, First Iceman didn’t think much about it.

After all, in Tianlong Island before, he himself had also injected the power of Ice Intent into the Ice Spirit Wine.

So First Iceman thought that Illusion had developed some new merchandise to take and sell!

Anyway, the power of intent lasted for about seven days at most, and then it would automatically dissipate, so First Iceman didn’t think much about it.


First Iceman did not even dream of his Ice Intent to actually be injected into this Barabara Little Magic Fairy transformation stick!

Then, these third-test budding newcomers, injecting their cultivation, could temporarily borrow the power of his Major Achievement Ice Intent!

Although the power that each third-test munchkin could exert was very limited, such as coalescing into an ice dragon that was only two and a half meters!


More than 4,000 third-test players combined power, two meters five times four thousand directly was 10,000 meters!

Isn’t that reasonable?

“Hahaha! This, is our invincible Ice Dragon. Brother Ice’s dragon was very long, but ours is ten times longer than Brother Ice!!!” More than four thousand Third-Test Human players chanted out in unison.


First Iceman directly spat a mouthful of blood.

You d.a.m.n sissy!

What do you mean old me was once very long?

I’ve always been very long, okay?

But at this time the most shocked were forum friends.

At this time, within Times Havh Changed and other people’s live broadcast room, the number of forum friends rapid surge!

And the pop-ups in the live broadcast room also exploded!

“Ah, my eyes are blind!”

“This d.a.m.n game is really toxic! I advise you all not to think about it, and don’t wait for the fourth test, so that no one will rob it from me! Beautiful!”

“Oh my G.o.d, this game can’t be done with just grinding, and kryptonite is not enough. d.a.m.n, there’s even a need to wear women’s clothing?”

“Mom asked me what I’m looking at, I said I’m looking at 4,000 women’s clothing big brother battle 30,000 cultivator army!”

“I always thought that the third-test human players were the weakest cla.s.s, but I was wrong! It turns out that the third-test human players are the strongest!”

“Don’t ask why I’m so obsessed! Women’s clothing compet.i.tion is high!”

The pop-ups exploded past, and countless forum users each looked dumbfounded.

Women’s clothing was not unseen!

The game of women’s clothing, also seen!


Holding a Barabara Little Magic Fairy Transformation Stick, in the world-famous cultivating game of the Heaven-Defying Demon Immortal, four thousand big men gather together to dress up as women.

This scene was amazing!

“Fake, definitely fake! I don’t believe it!!!” Hu Yanzhuo’s face was twisted, and his entire person was going crazy.

It was barely understandable that the opponent had tens of thousands of strong people with Sea Wheel Realm cultivation!

Perhaps, He Yiming had obtained some kind of heaven-defying chance.


You bring out more than 4,000 existences with Major Achievement Power of Intent?

Are you kidding me?

“Fire Grand Formation!!!! Attack!!!” Hu Yanzhuo waved his big hand and roared hideously!


In the next moment, close to 10,000 disciples of the Flame Sect, joined hands in unison, and they operated the huge and incomparable Fire Grand Formation!

Squeak squeak squeak!

Between breaths, a flaming phoenix with wings spread out to a full ten thousand meters emerged with a roar!

“This Fire Grand Formation is… Kill them all, I want all of these perverts to die!” Hu Yanzhuo originally also wanted to habitually explain a wave, bragging about the bull’s-eye of this Fire Grand Formation!

But at this moment, he was furious and waved his hand, and the flame phoenix of 10,000 meters swooped down on the Third-Test human players.

“Kill!!!” With a wave of their hands, the 10,000-meter Ice Dragon similarly let out a dragon’s roar and pounced directly at the Flame Phoenix!


The Ice Dragon and the Flame Phoenix instantly fought together, battling each other in a frantic and intense battle, indistinguishable from each other!

“Flame Sect disciples, burn blood essence!” Seeing that the flame phoenix couldn’t suppress the other party, Hu Yanzhuo roared!

“Blood Burning Technique!!!” And so the next moment, nearly ten thousand Flame Sect disciples roared in unison, burning their blood essence at the same time!

In an instant, the aura and cultivation of the Flame Sect disciples instantly skyrocketed!

The power of the Fire Grand Formation that the crowd had teamed up to execute naturally skyrocketed!

“!” The Flame Phoenix steeply spread its wings and grew in size to nearly 20,000 meters, instantly suppressing the Ice Dragon!

“Hahahahaha! Fighting us, how are you going to fight us!!!” Hu Yanzhuo couldn’t help but rejoice.

“c.r.a.p, it’s being suppressed! What to do? It seems like so many Third Test Human players haven’t learned second gear yet!”

“Is this going to be the end?”

“I didn’t expect this to be suppressed!”

At this moment, quite a few first and second test bigwigs spat blood while putting on their t.i.tanium alloy eye shields.

However, next, an even more shocking scene occurred!

“Brothers! You guys get it!”

“We get it!”

“Barabara Little Magic Fairy Second Change! Boing Boing!”

With the more than 4,000 female-clothing-clad hulks curling their fists in front of their bodies in unison, after opening their mouths in unison with a cute expression.


The 10,000 meter long ice dragon doubled in an instant, directly transforming into 20,000 meters!


First Iceman spat blood on the spot!

“Hold the gra.s.s!!!” All the players and water users watching the live streamer exploded!

There was still a second transformation?

“Quickly, quickly burn your vitality!!!” Hu Yanzhuo almost fainted from fear and hurriedly roared.

So the nearly ten thousand Li Fire Sect disciples roared out in unison, even burning on their vitality!

The Flame Phoenix grew one point larger once again, transforming into 30,000 meters!

It covered the sky and directly crushed the ice dragon!


“Barabara Little Magic Fairy Third Change! Adorable!”

“We are so cute today!”

The four thousand or so lady hunks sprung up in unison, and even threw a wink together toward the opposite side.


In the next moment, the 20,000 meter ice dragon broke 30,000 meters in seconds!

Everyone’s heads tilted.


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