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Chapter 585: Chaos Star Sea Ladder Arena opened early

The next morning…

“Everyone, don’t panic!!!” The third elder of Temple of Ten Thousand Fires waved his hand, as if he was the leader of the profiteering group of Tianlong Island.

After all, at this time, the third elder held great power and controlled the trading rights of high-level core spirit herbs and spirit materials.

“But, the gourmet street on that floating island is terrible! There are hundreds of demon bloodlines, and the stewed soup of Female Fire Dragon scale, all the guests of the demon race are attracted!”

“Yes, their ice spirit wine contains the power of Major-Achievement martial intent, which is equivalent to a a true Heavenly Pill Realm brewing wine for them, which of our restaurants is an opponent to that?”

“Yes, the worst thing is that many demon guests who came to Tianlong Island were all attracted away! They all ran to see the performance of the Golden Morissa Group, and they never came to the main island of Tianlong Island at all!”

However, the owners of the Treasure Halls, the restaurant owners, and many bosses who specialize in customers from the Demon Race and Beast Race all cried miserably at this time.

“Hahahaha, I’ve already said it, you guys, what alchemy pavilion, what forging hall, what restaurant, in the end, it’s not all over!

“At the critical moment, we still have to rely on our pillar industries!”

At that moment, a group of bosses shook their robes, got up together, and stood up gracefully.

It was the arena bosses of Tianlong Island.

“That’s right, at the critical moment, we are still needed!” Another group of bosses stood up, including the bosses of various brothels, slave trading markets, and vocal workshops.

“At any time, becoming stronger is the most important thing! And only being strong yourself is the most important thing!” Another group of bosses spoke domineeringly.

It was the bosses of various secret rooms, training places, and places that provide opportunities such as spiritual lands, cave heavens and blessed lands.

In the past, the disciples of the Yan Huang Sect, no matter whether they dumped a large number of third-rank demon bones or demon cores, or made b.l.o.o.d.y efforts to make pills, or opened a food street, etc.

It didn’t affect these bosses at all!

Especially seeing how miserable the other bosses were, these bosses were all laughing.

But right now.

“It’s not good!!!” A group of disciples ran in in a panic.

“What are you panicking about?” an arena boss smiled triumphantly.

“Boss, those Yan Huang Sect disciples…”

“What happened to them? Could it be that they opened an arena?”

“Yes, the boss knows? Ha, boss must have expected it!”

“What ? Did they really open an arena?”

The arena owners panicked and immediately asked how the arena’s guests were doing today.


“What? No guests?” These arena bosses were stunned for a moment.

Although most of the slaves were rescued by w.a.n.g Lufei before, these arena bosses did not dare to catch slaves at will any more in a short time.

However, they smashed a lot of spirit stones, captured a group of powerful sea monsters and hired some not-so-weak casual cultivators! In the arena, they fought fierce battles between the elite squad and the sea beasts!

Although they lost slaves, spent a lot, but the elite team’s battle against sea beasts was also good, and successfully stabilized many guests.

But how could there be no guests now?

“Impossible, this old man has hired a group of elite teams to fight against several rounds with sea monsters every day. How can there be no guests in such a wonderful battle?” The boss of this arena dared not believe it.

“Boss, those arenas of the Yan Huang Sect… are really too exciting!!”


So the profiteering group of Tianlong Island ran to the west area of ​​the second ring of Tianlong Island.

In the east area, there was a food street, a cold drink alley and a pedestrian street.

This time, Yan Huang Sect opened a large area of ​​brand-new buildings in the west!

The most attractive one was the Chaos Star Sea Ladder Arena!

As soon as the profiteering group of Tianlong Island arrived, they were shocked.

Domineering, luxurious!

Not to mention the huge arena, the surface was directly covered with a layer of gold tiles!

Yes, it was all gold, pure gold!

Although, in this world of cultivators, gold was not worth much at all, but it looked compelling!

“d.a.m.n it, these guys from the Yan Huang Sect really do a good job of saving face!” The bosses of the profiteering business group on Tianlong Island gritted their teeth, and then burst out laughing when they saw the ticket price of the arena.

“Hahaha, 10 spirit stones? Are you stupid?”

“These guys are so naive!”

“That’s right, the price of 10 spirit stones, isn’t that letting everyone in casually?” said

a group of profiteers from Tianlong Island.

Seeing the ticket price of the Luan Xinghai Ladder Arena, everyone laughed out loud.

“I need a thousand spirit stones to enter the old man’s arena, and there must be a recommender! With 10 spirit stones, anyone can enter? This also earns a hammer spirit stone!” The former leader of the arena boss Smile smugly.

However, as soon as the Tianlong Island profiteering group entered, they were shocked.

The arena in front of them was so big that it’s scary to say the least, and it’s actually full!

There were 100,000 spectators, almost full!

Not to mention that there are thousands of private boxes with distinct levels!

The ticket price alone had earned a million spirit stones!

But this was not the most shocking thing.

“Deep Sea King Grilled Skewers, Ice Spirit Wine, please hurry up!”

“Guest, why don’t you have a gla.s.s of Ice Spirit Wine? Isn’t it good to drink high-quality Ice Spirit Wine while watching the match? The price? The price will naturally increase. After all, this is the Chaos Star Sea Ladder Arena!

“Come, come, let’s go, the supreme hot pot ordered in Box 17 has arrived!”

The entire arena was packed, and almost half of the guests were drinking Ice Spirit Wine, eating Deep Sea King skewers, and all kinds of food.

In the luxurious private room, many guests were eating hot pot while watching the match. They were so happy!

And here, all the food and cold drinks were doubled in price!

However, there were still many cultivators who choose to purchase. After all, it was really so delicious!!!

Especially sitting on the seat and watching other cultivators eating Deep Sea King skewers and drinking ice spirit wine. How could this be tolerated?

”d.a.m.n it, it turns out that these guys rely on this to earn spirit stones… No wonder their tickets are so cheap!” The bosses of the profiteering business group on Tianlong Island almost exploded…


It’s so shameless!

It’s so despicable!

Think about it, everyone is sitting here watching the game, but they eat deep sea king skewers and drinking the ice spirit wine.

Aren’t you like a monkey?

Don’t you want to save face?

After a while, almost 10,000 cups of Ice Spirit Wine were sold in just one stick of incense worth of time!

This was a full one million spirit stones!

Wow, it’s too good to absorb spirit stones! This speed is simply heaven defying.

But then, the scene of the profiteering group on Tianlong Island happened that shocked them even more!

“Good morning everyone! Yes, it’s me! I’m Sea King, the man who can talk the best in Yan Huang Sect!

“The opening scene in the early morning. The half-step heavenly pill vs. half-step heavenly pill is really exciting, but that’s just an appetizer!

“The next thing is the real king’s decisive battle! It’s distinguished guests, who have spent their entire lives in those garbage arenas on Tianlong Island.

“On the left, please…

“The fifth-rank monster, the red-eyed black dragon…’s cousin is here!!!”

Following the roar of the player whose ID was Sea King, a huge black huge red-eyed black dragon suddenly appeared on the left side of the arena, emitting the aura of a majestic fifth-rank  monster!

It’s just that… this red-eyed black dragon was just over 100 meters tall, and its figure was only one-tenth the size of the original version.

The fifth-rank monster was exactly the same as the red-eyed black dragon!

“What the h.e.l.l!!!” All the profiteers on Tianlong Island were dumbfounded.

What the h.e.l.l, is the fifth-level monster really red-eyed black dragon? Although this head is not as big as some big Sea Wheel monster, it is indeed a fifth-rank monster! These guys from the Yan Huang Sect, where did they get it?

“On the right, He is nicknamed the Super Golden Deep Sea King!”

A powerful Golden Scale Sea Race that was exactly the same as the previous Patriarch of the Golden Scale Clan, Jin Rusalino, suddenly appeared.

It’s just that the aura it exudes was only around the mid-stage of Heavenly Pill, which was obviously dozens of times weaker than the original version of Jin Rusalino!

They were shocked again.

“d.a.m.n!!!” All the bosses of Tianlong Island Arena vomited blood.

This, how can I fight this?

My own arena is still a group of weak chickens in the Sea Wheel Realm pecking at each other!

They have already started the middle stage of the fifth-rank monster against Heavenly Pill!

“The gap between the two sides is so big that it scares people to death! That’s it, all of our arenas should join forces to use spirit stones and capture the big monsters of the Heavenly Pill Realm and the sea race, so we can fight them!” The leader of the arena boss gritted his teeth and decided to follow up.

Yan Huang Sect can do it, so why can’t we?

But what happened next shocked the profiteer bosses of Tianlong Island again, and made the arena bosses kneel down in unison, completely desperate!

Follow? Imitate?

Follow a fart, imitate an egg!!!

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