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“Akatsuki-san, wake up, it’s morning.”

This is a room I’m renting in the inn and pub called 【Lodging Tree Inn】. The Inn’s poster girl Katrina came to wake me up.

“Ahh, Katrina-chan. Good morning, and good night〜”

I am something like an (informal) employee of the 【Lodging Tree Inn】. For this girl, I’m probably a nice toy to play with.

“You can’t sleep anymore!”

Katrina started to shake me. Although I’m like this, I am recently working on the afternoon gathering materials, and work in the pub during the night time so I’m pretty tired. Well, all the gathering work would be done by the squirrels, so I would just go for a walk in the forest.

I was shaken, got excited, so I reached out to her well-developing bottom. It’s a good b.u.t.t with great elasticity. It is stunning for a 14-year-old to have such sensation. The cleavage on her chest is also dazzling. The deep cleavage is so radiant.

“Kyaa! Akatsuki-san you pervert!”

With the combo of shouting, hitting me, and rushing out of the room, Katrina finally left. My sleeping time is now secured. Although, my head hurts from being hit. d.a.m.n you, G.o.d, making a hole in the system that allows me to feel pain although my level’s already too high.

“Are you going to take a gathering quest today too?”

The owner called out to me when I was about to leave. His most streaking features are his bulging muscles and bald head. How fierce-looking.

“Yes, I’m about to go now.”

“Just know that the people are happy that you’re gathering them every day. Do your best alright.”

“Thank you very much.”

It’s a secret to the owner that I touched Katrina’s b.u.t.t. At least, I’ll never tell him myself. After all, I wouldn’t want to lower the favorability he has for me now.

Although Katrina is glaring at me, I didn’t mind it. It’s her fault for having such an attractive b.u.t.t. Adding that to the fact her chest is huge too. It’s all her fault, approaching me with such an attractive body.

“I’ll be going now. I’ll be back in the evening.”

I am out for work today as well. I need to earn my living.

“Welcome, Akatsuki-san.”

It’s the guild’s beautiful receptionist, Cathie. She looks graceful today too. It’s the city’s oasis.

“Hey you, uncle! You’re gathering today too?”

It’s the muscular young man Henry. Although he would always be sarcastic, he’s a funny guy. I think he likes Cathie.

“Hey, Henry stop that. Akatsuki-san is great you know, doing the gathering quests that no one wants to do. Don’t mess with him like that.”


I was praised by a beauty. It feels good. There’s no need to listen to some b.a.s.t.a.r.d men if it’s like this.

“Ahh, thank you Cathie-san. I’ll go for a gathering quest today too.”

“Thank you too Akatsuki-san. The monsters are increasing recently, so be careful.”

“Uncle, run with your life alright.”

I ignored the man.


“Yes, a dungeon might’ve appeared nearby. The Lord seems to be investigating about it as well.”

“Understood. I’ll be careful. Thanks for the information.”

I left the guild. Henry is trying to flirt with Cathie again. Start working bro.

Leaving that to the side, monsters, huh. I have ordered my summoned monsters not to approach humans, so it might be someone similar to me. Either way, that guy’s such a pain, harming the people in this city.

A Hound Dog appeared along my way to the forest. It’s a dog-type monster.


It surely sounds like it would attack. It’s not my summoned monster.

Hmm, what should I do? There’s a high possibility that it’s someone similar to me. In short, that someone might be looking at me through this pup’s eyes.

I unsheathed a sword I bought from the city. And, used my earth magic. I summoned earth walls in the pup’s four directions, and covered its top.

“Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Hound Dog-kun, sorry, it’s not like you’re bad or something.

I’m afraid being exposed to humans, but’s also troublesome dealing with the same kind. We should just do our bests in our own ways.

After I took some distance, I made the earth walls dissipate. The pup’s probably alive. I wonder if I would be exposed.

It would be great if that someone thinks that I’m an eccentric magician or something. I just hope he won’t approach me.

I probably won’t get along with the same kind who releases monsters near cities.

Heal Gra.s.s, Kiari Gra.s.s, Pinkle Gra.s.s, Harusho Gra.s.s, Tonic Gra.s.s. I gathered those gra.s.ses needed for the gathering quest. The ones gathering them is, of course, my own puppies. They’re so cute. Their eyes are so big, wagging their tails cheerfully, and intelligent too. I just wish they would live a good life, I’ll support them however I can. Well, I’m the one who’s being supported right now though. I gave them the walnuts I bought in the city. They ate them deliciously.

“Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!”

I patted them. What lovely puppies.

Harusho Gra.s.s has hallucination effects. It’s a mystery what the client would use it for. Tonic Gra.s.s has robust effects, probably used best to stay strong and standing during the night time. I really feel that my job’s helping other people.

Leaving that aside, it looks like people rarely enter this forest. Though it’s not like no one visits it at all. According to rumors, deep in the mountains alongside this forest, there exists the next of the Dark Dragon Medius, one of the three greatest dragons in this world. The neighboring countries only need to take a detour around the mountain, so people seldom come here. It is all thanks to the mighty Dark Dragon that my long life was at peace. My House is regularly praying thanks with gra.s.s. Though I’d eat the gra.s.s I offered for prayer myself.

“Welcome back, Akatsuki-san.”

It’s the beautiful, blonde-haired receptionist, Cathie. Although she’s slender, she is bulging where she needs to and thin where it should be. It’s quite impressive.

“I’m back, Cathie. These are for the quest today.”

I hand over the gra.s.ses that I collected.

“Oh my, so many! Akatsuki-san’s so amazing. You are the only adventurer that could gather this much!”

It feels good being praised by a beauty using the words “only”. It would directly resonate with my lower half.

“Hmph, you uncle. You should just become a farmer! It just suits you.”

It’s muscular Henry. One should go to adventurers as an adventurer, but he’s an adventurer who’s always in the guild without adventures.

“Please give me a land then.”


As usual, this guy ain’t giving me anything. What an irresponsible guy, asking me to become a farmer without preparing a good land to become one.

“Cut it out, Henry.”


He’s being scolded by Cathie again. Rather than finding trouble with me who’s working seriously, he should just go and work himself.

“Akatsuki-san, you are now promoted to an E-Rank Adventurer with this! Please continue to work hard.”

“Thanks, Cathie. I’ll try my best.”

She smiled at me and held my hands. It looks like I got promoted. Responsibilities and rewards are increased. If it’s for the sake of Cathie’s smile, I shall welcome whatever comes.

“I’m back〜!”

I’ve returned to 【Lodging Tree Inn】.

“Mu! Welcome back.”

Katrina came and welcomed me back. She’s putting her hands on her b.u.t.t as if to protect it.

I would not do something like touching her when her guard’s raised. The owner’s nearby too.

“Here’s my payment.”

Katrina took it without lowering her guard. As an (informal) employee, my rent’s cheaper than staying as a customer. What a good landlord.

“Here’s a present for you.”

I would often buy treats and toys in the city and give it to Katrina as presents.

“Mu, thank you very much.”

Her guard was destroyed. She possesses such outrageous body. Yes Lolita Soft Touch.

I returned to my room.

I cleaned myself and worked in the kitchen today as well.

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