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Chapter 1599 - 1599 You Have to Take Responsibility

1599 You Have to Take Responsibility

Chu Nan immediately froze.

He had been talking excitedly just now and actually told her many details of the Exterminating Heart Technique that Pamela had grasped.

It was impossible to know these details through a simple battle. It could only be that Pamela had told him herself.

This way, wasn’t it equivalent to admitting in front of His Majesty Gremayne that he had secretly learned the Exterminating Heart Technique from Pamela?

“There’s no need to be nervous.” Seeing the change in expression on Chu Nan’s face, His Majesty Gremayne smiled and waved his hand, “I’ve said it before. This matter is in the past and I won’t pursue your responsibility. However, you have to give me an explanation for Pamela.”

“What explanation?” Chu Nan was stunned.

“For example… how about marrying her?”


Chu Nan was shocked.

It was not easy for him to obtain good news from His Majesty Gremayne that he had hope of breaking off the engagement with Princess Viennelle peacefully. Now, he was getting him to marry Pamela?

If that was the case, wouldn’t all his previous efforts be in vain?

Looking at the shock on Chu Nan’s face, His Majesty Gremayne laughed, “I’m only joking. However, to be honest, I really hope this joke will come true. Look, only Pamela is left as a girl among the descendants of Prince Salimore. If not for your help, she might not have survived this Garden Hunting a.s.sembly. Now, with your help, her own problem has been solved and she has achieved her long-standing wish. If you let her marry you, she will definitely be very willing, but you can obtain all the inheritance left behind by Prince Salimore. You have to know that Prince Salimore is a very outstanding figure even in the history of the entire Declan royal family. His family inheritance is extremely huge and is much more generous than you can imagine.”

Chu Nan’s face darkened, “Your Majesty, this joke is not funny at all. If I turn around and marry Princess Pamela, what will Princess Viennelle think?”

“Therefore, this is really greed that only young people have. If it was any adult, they would definitely not make the same choice as you.” His Majesty Gremayne shook his head, “Although you don’t have to marry Pamela, you have to take responsibility for her.”

“Responsible? What responsibility?” Chu Nan was a little puzzled.

“You just said that the problem of Pamela’s cultivation method has not been completely resolved, and you’re the person who knows these problems the best. Since you helped her pa.s.s the first obstacle, you have the responsibility to continue helping her resolve the next problem. Otherwise, if she continues to cultivate her cultivation method and dies of another problem in a few years, won’t your previous efforts be in vain? This trial surrounding you and her, as well as these things that have happened these few days, have become even more of a joke. Do you want things to end up like this?”

“So that’s the case.” Chu Nan’s expression relaxed. He spread out his hands and smiled calmly, “Your Majesty, actually, my original plan was to always follow and be responsible for the cultivation method problem Princess Pamela encountered. However, because of this, I’m very worried that I won’t be able to continue interacting with her in the future, let alone discuss the Exterminating Heart Technique with her. I didn’t expect you to say this now. Then…”

“Your contact with her is your private friendship. No one will restrict it.” His Majesty Gremayne waved his hand and replied to Chu Nan’s question with a relaxed expression, “After this trial, no one will doubt that Pamela leaked the Exterminating Heart Technique to you. Do you understand what I mean?”

Chu Nan immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Although he did not know what was going on, since His Majesty Gremayne had said this, it proved that this matter had finally been resolved. The royal family of Declan would no longer pin the crime of secretly learning the Exterminating Heart Technique on him. He could even continue to discuss improving her Exterminating Heart Technique with Pamela. The engagement with Princess Viennelle seemed to have been resolved with a suitable method. Was there anything more perfect than this result?

He did not expect that his audience with His Majesty Gremayne would actually obtain such a good result that was even better than he had imagined. This could not help but make him look at him with grat.i.tude.

This great His Majesty clearly knew very well what was going on, but he chose to deal with it like this. Should he say that he especially favored Chu Nan?

Perhaps sensing the meaning in Chu Nan’s gaze, His Majesty Gremayne laughed, “There’s no need to thank me. If you want to be grateful, be grateful that your performance can always exceed my expectations. I’ll tell you the truth. I have other intentions in these arrangements, and it’s not only for you.”

Chu Nan said seriously, “No matter what your other intentions are, this is what I hope for. I’m still grateful to you.”

“If you’re really grateful to me, help Pamela well. If you can resolve her problem, you’ll be doing our entire Declan royal family a huge favor. Compared to this credit, these things are nothing,” His Majesty Gremayne said seriously.

“Yes, I’ll definitely do my best,” Chu Nan agreed loudly.

“Very good. I’m done talking. You can leave now. Don’t delay me from building a house.”

“Build a house?”

Chu Nan was stunned and discovered that His Majesty Gremayne was walking towards the huge rock pile at the side again. He shouted softly and raised the huge rock with his physical strength again. He immediately understood what he meant.

When he recalled His Majesty Gremayne’s previous actions, Chu Nan looked around strangely and looked at the various strange buildings in the royal palace of Declan on the peak of the glacier. When he recalled the rumors about the royal palace of the Declan Empire that he had heard in the media reports, the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch.

Alright, as the most honorable His Majesty of the number one empire in the Milky Way, he actually had to build his own house…

Chu Nan bowed deeply to His Majesty Gremayne and quietly retreated. The two maidservants who led him in followed and brought him to a small house outside the palace to settle down.

“Wait here. The people of the Elder Council will pick you up in a while.”

After an old maid instructed Chu Nan, the two of them left together, leaving him alone in the empty room.

Chu Nan was a little strange. Could it be that no one cared about him and was not afraid that he would run around?

However, on second thought, this was the royal palace of the Declan Empire, so the guards must be extremely tight. Moreover, according to the media, this royal palace of the Declan Empire was actually only a place with a symbolic meaning that was far greater than the actual meaning. There were no precious items in the royal palace and basically no one lived there. Even if Chu Nan ran around, he could not do anything, so there was naturally no need to be too wary of him.

However, this unguarded posture could not help but remind Chu Nan of something he originally wanted to do.

In the next moment, Chu Nan activated the Hidden Dragon Reconnaissance Technique and his figure disappeared into thin air.

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