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Chapter 1, Part 1:

The midsummer night's moon was bright and the stars few, the refreshing wind filled with the cicada's song. 

It was known as the "Aerial Courtyards", the top-level walk-in closet with first-cla.s.s scenery.

The European-styled, multi-layer display cabinets stood side by side. According to the designs and colors, the arrangement was filled with purses and shoes of well-known luxury brands.

Continuing to proceed inwards, were two-tiered wardrobes divided by season, their heights reaching the ceiling. 

The hanging crystal chandelier cast a dazzling and mesmerizing light, brightly illuminating the gla.s.s display cabinets. (Vitrine) The cabinets displayed various Hermes' bracelets and luxury watches displayed on a white silk velvet. The two gla.s.s cabinets at each side held  diamond jewellery and ornaments.

Glimmering with light and color, it was extremely luxurious. 

Tang Shumi stood in front of a full-length mirror embedded with diamonds. 

Dressed in a black, form fitting sequin crop top with the addition of dark grey, denim shorts, it outlined her flawless physique. 

Seaweed-like waves fell to her waist and sterling silver drop earrings further emphasized the fair-complexion of her delicate and exquisite face. 

When everything looked alright, she called Xu Mingzhu's phone.

"Little sister, are you going dancing? Ji Linchen will be home soon…"

Half an hour later.

A super car stops outside of Bulense bar.

This completely red Maserati GT flaunted an imposing air. Two giant, alien-shaped headlights let it shine a fierce light, creating an aggressive and ferocious aura.

"Ji Lin really wants to come back?" Xu Mingzhu opened the car door.

Tang Shumi circled around the car and walked forwards beside Mingzhu, her bright and charming face downcast, "Yes, he'll be back tomorrow night."

"Why is he suddenly bursting from his grave?"

Tang Shumi shook her head, "Who knows, maybe he wants to change his coffin."

"… …."

"It's good too if he returns, lest that chirping flock of sparrows say you are a deserted wife." Xu Mingzhu stopped walking, looking at Bulense's brilliant electric sign before her. 

Tang Shumi and Ji Linchen had been engaged for two years. Ji Linchen spent long periods of time in Europe and Tang Shumi stayed in their domestic country, the two had barely made any public appearances together.

Many people gossiped, saying that Ji Linchen was discontent with his engagement,  repulsed by Tang Shumi, and wouldn't even return to China on New Years' Eve.

Regarding the rumours that the two had a bad relationship, Tang Shumi just laughed elegantly at them.

Where is the affection in a plastic, unmarried couple? Not having a relationship, and also on bad terms? 

"Shumi, your phone is ringing." Xi Mingzhu pointed at her silver Birkin bag. 

"En." Shumi fished out her phone.

Once she saw the caller I.D, she stared blankly for a second.

An unfamiliar and familiar name.

She vaguely remembered the last call to this number was half a year ago.

Xu Mingzhu looked at Shumi's uncertain expression, asking, "Who is it?"

"Hush— —-" Shumi made a silent gesture, then sitting in a slightly quiet area where she could pick up the call.

A low and deep yet clear voice immediately came through the phone.

"Where are you?"

Tang Shumi, out of the corner of her eyes, swept her eyes over the brilliant, neon electric bulense sign, slightly pausing.

By her side, Xu Mingzhu saw how she looked and her eyes widened, wordlessly mouthing, "Ji Linchen?"

Tang Shumi nodded her head, using the area between her thumb and index finger to cover up the sound hole, reducing the sound, "I'm at home."

Thinking, she added another phrase, "At home obediently* sleeping."

(T/N: Please take some time to read a clarification of the word obedient in the t/n note at the end, it may clear up some confusion and bias <>


After an indifferent and monotone note, there was the "dududu" (beeping) of a hanging receiver. 

Seeing Shumi placing down her phone, Xi Mingzhu instantly raised her voice, "Has the sun rose from the west? Your Linchen's corpse has not only suddenly moved, but also checked up on his spouse?!"

Tang Shumi shrugged her shoulders.

Mingzhu curiously inquired, "What did he say?"

"He asked where I was."

"And then you said that you were obediently sleeping at home?!"  Xu Mingzhu's voice rose sharply again.

Tang Shumi raised an eyebrow, Ji Linchen was abroad, if she said she was obediently sleeping at home, then she was obediently sleeping at home.

Xu Mingzhu spun two times, her words suddenly taking a turn, "Anyways, are you sure Ji Linchen really has no feelings for you?"

Her tone was filled with doubt, after all, the last took a painting worth ten million dollars and Ji Linchen didn't even bat an eye. 

"You tell me?" Tang Shumi indifferently asked back, using an a.s.sertive tone.

Seeing that Shumi was no longer smiling,  Xu Mingzhu hurried to change the subject, "Let's stop talking about it! No more talking! Let's quickly go in, tonight we need to be Bulense's most unrestrained, young animals!" 

Tang Shumi raised her eyebrows, snapping her fingers, "Go!"

Stimulated by the heavy metal music, Tang Shumi took a goblet, gently circling it two times, faintly rippling the transparent and cool liquor, blurring the multi-colored lights shining through it.

 She took a sip.

This was Duncan Taylor's whisky, known as "Crown Jewel", selling at roughly 2,000 USD per bottle.

It was slightly bitter at first, but then a sweet fragrance blossomed on the tip of the tongue. 

Tang Shumi tucked away the black hair on her collarbones, squinting her catlike eyes—

In the centre of the lights, handsome men and beautiful women headbanged and bounced along to the beat of the music, among them were several familiar faces.

Bulsense was a high-cla.s.s, member-only bar, with a membership fee of 28, 241 USD. The upstairs guest not only needed to have money, but also power.

Of course, Tang Shumi depended on Ji Linchen, so she counted as a socialitie of society. 

A shame that she had a bad reputation in circles, as she also indulged in luxury, only knew to have fun, but was Ji Linchen's fiance that had been banished to the cold palace.*

*Cold Palace: In Chinese Historical dramas, the cold palace is often referred to as a place of banishment for an unfavoured concubine of the emperor. This also made the woman a social pariah of the palace. 

"Don't go over there! Tang Shimi is right there!"

"She also has the nerve to come party at bulense, not scared to embarra.s.s us-Jiang socialite's-face?" 

"Ah, she deserves to be called a socialite. She's only someone who had received a one in a million chance engagement into the Ji family, that's why she dares tries to flaunt and boast her power."

"Luckily Ji Linchan is disgusted by her. Already being engaged for two years with no signs of marriage on the horizon."

"Thinking about it makes me angry, Ji Linchen has ascended the list for Asia's youngest entrepreneurs, having tens of billions of dollars. Plus, his facial attractiveness trumps those of idol stars.”

Notes ‘n' Stuff:

h.e.l.lo everyone, new readers or old!

Firstly, thank you for choosing this novel, I hope you'll join me on this journey and enjoy the story.

Second, a clarification.
I have seen a lot of mix-ups or a.s.sumptions regarding the use of the word “obedience” in Chinese Novels, the word “obedient” that is used in this chapter is the word “乖乖”. The words denotation means obedient, but its connotation implicates a “cute” obedience. The best way I can describe this is like telling a child to go to bed and they reply in a cute manner, “Okay, I'll be good and go to bed.”. It's a “cutesy” term in Chinese culture, not something that implicates domination or submissiveness.

Comments and critiques are welcome, they help improve the translation quality!

koixchi ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ

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