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Chapter 1296 The Chu Family's Power

Jiang Yu realized that the matter had become even more complicated. Even the rice in her mouth tasted like wax.

After dinner, Jiang Yu returned to her room but could not fall asleep.

They stayed like this until dawn. Jiang Yu decided to go to the neighboring village to see the situation.

​ "Madam, let's go and check the situation first." The bodyguards said, "you can stay here and take care of Secretary Teng."

"That's good." Jiang Yu nodded. "Then you guys go and check the situation first. No matter how serious the situation is, don't act rashly. You must come back and tell me. If the situation is too serious, we'll think of a way to solve it together."

"Yes, Madam!"

The bodyguards asked the villagers for the way to the neighboring village. It was not far, about a ten-minute walk.

The bodyguards observed from a hidden spot and found that there were more guards in this village.

They were slightly closer and could still hear the contents of the conversation between the wardens.

"Big brother, what do you think they need so many ores for?"

"How should I know? They didn't tell me. As long as they are willing to pay us, isn't it the same no matter what we do? Why do you care what they want the ore for?"

"But this is illegal mining. They didn't even get permission to mine here. If they were found out, not only them, but we would also be in jail!"

"What are you afraid of? The neighboring village was still growing poppies. If something really happened, it would be that village that got into trouble first. Besides, if something were to happen to us, the Chu family wouldn't just stand by and watch. If they really don't care about us, we can just rat them out. We're not cyborgs, and we don't have chips in our brains."

"This ... Alright, big brother."

The conversation between the two men ended there. The bodyguards looked at each other with thoughtful expressions.

They returned to the village where Jiang Yu was and repeated what they had just heard to her.

Jiang Yu heard this and said thoughtfully, "Could this matter be related to the Chu family?"

"The way I see it, there's an 80% chance it's true. I clearly heard the words 'Chu family' when the two of them were talking."

"Ah! President Mo is still in the Chu family!" One of the bodyguards smacked his head, "President Mo is all alone there. Will something happen to him?"

After he said that, the other bodyguards started to worry.

"He should be fine." Jiang Yu said. Even though she was not very happy, this was an undeniable fact-as long as Chu Jie was in the Chu family, nothing would happen to Mo Long.

However, there was a more important matter at the moment, and that was the poppy cultivation, illegal mining, and the cyborgs. They were all related to the Chu family.

How powerful was the Chu family? It was actually able to cover the entire sky of the Qingcheng with one hand.

Before this coming of age ceremony, she and Mo Long had never even heard of this family. How did the Chu family manage to hide for more than ten years and not let outsiders know?

Moreover, he had partic.i.p.ated in the cyborgs 'experiments in such a low-key manner.

A family that suddenly rose up must have an even bigger family behind it. However, Jiang Yu did not know which family was supporting the Chu family.

After thinking for a long time, an idea flashed through her mind and she suddenly thought of a surname-Chi.

The Chi family was most likely related to the cyborg experiment, while the Chu family was 100% related to the cyborg experiment. If the two were combined, then there was a high probability that the Chi family was supporting the Chu family.

And everything that the Chu family had done was probably not to strengthen their own family, but to help the Chi family restore its former prosperity.

"I'll go get the police. You guys keep an eye on that group of people. Don't let them run away." Jiang Yu said.

"Yes, Madam!"

Since Chang Kai and the others had not left yet, Jiang Yu contacted him and told him about it. Then, he returned to the house and changed Teng Yi's medicine. He was worried about Mo Long's situation in the Chu family.

He was alone in the Chu family, and no one knew what he had found out. Jiang Yu looked at her phone, but there was no message from Mo Long.


She was lost in her thoughts when a head suddenly popped in from outside the door. It was the child from yesterday.

"Sister, can I come in?" He asked as he looked at Jiang Yu.

"Yes, come in." Jiang Yu smiled and waved at the child.

The child immediately ran in and took out the fruits from his pocket and placed them in Jiang Yu's palm.

"Sister, this is the fruit that my father and I picked from the mountains. It's very sweet. I brought it for you to try."

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