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Chapter 1294 - 1294 Saving The Child

1294 Saving The Child

“It’s okay, you don’t have to give us money.” The middle-aged woman said.

By the time Chang Kai came back with the medicine, the old village doctor had already sc.r.a.ped off all the rotten flesh from Teng Yi’s wound.

The old village doctor applied the ointment evenly on Teng Yi’s wound and wrapped it up with clean gauze.

“Alright, his wound has been treated.” The old village doctor said, “he will wake up in about three days.”

“Thank you,” she said. Jiang Yu expressed her heartfelt grat.i.tude once again.

“It’s okay. I’m a doctor. It’s my job to save people.” The old village doctor said.

The old village doctor and the middle-aged woman went back. Jiang Yu had been taking care of Teng Yi while the bodyguards had been patrolling around the village.


When it was time for dinner, the middle-aged woman came over to look for Jiang Yu and said, “It’s time to eat. You and your friends can come over and eat. We’ve made a lot for dinner, enough for you.”

“Okay, thank you.” As Jiang Yu spoke, she called the bodyguards back.

Even though they were going to have dinner together, the villagers still set up two tables, and the two tables were far apart. They were eating at one table while Jiang Yu and the bodyguards were eating at another table.

Even though Jiang Yu and her bodyguards saved the villagers and were their benefactors. However, the bodyguards looked too fierce, and the villagers were still afraid of them.

“I don’t think we’re that scary, right?” As the bodyguards ate, they peeked at the villagers. we’ve been patrolling around the village. “We’ve been their free bodyguards for such a long time. Don’t you even have a word of thanks? You’ve really wasted our good intentions.”

“Eat well.” Jiang Yu said, “who asked you to always dress up like a member of the underworld? It’s no wonder that people are afraid of you.”

She took the bowl and walked to the villagers ‘table. She asked with a smile, “May I have dinner with you?”

The villagers looked at her in horror and then at the burly men. They did not dare to refuse and could only nod in agreement.

Jiang Yu smiled and was about to continue eating when a child grabbed the corner of her clothes and asked her with wide eyes, “Sister, you guys aren’t bad people, right?”

This child was not old, only about seven or eight years old.

“Of course I’m not a bad person,” Jiang Yu smiled and said, “those who have been bullying you are the bad guys. My sister and uncles beat the bad guys away today, so we’re good people.”

Just as the child was about to speak, he was pulled over by a middle-aged man and quickly hid to the side. The man looked at Jiang Yu warily and lectured the child, “Didn’t I tell you? I told you not to talk to strangers.”

“But big sister is a good person.” The child said, “big sister and uncles chased away the bad guys, so they are good people.”

“What does it have to do with you whether they’re good or not?” The middle-aged man was a little angry. “You don’t take my words to heart at all!”

“Big sister is a good person too!” The child also lost his temper. “I remember everything you said, but sister saved us. We should say thank you to her!”

“You!” With the temperament of a middle-aged man, he raised his hand and was about to hit the child.

When the child saw this, he immediately ran away.

It was already dark outside. If the child ran out like this, he might encounter danger. No matter how angry the middle-aged man was, he would never leave his son outside.

Hence, he quickly chased after her, shouting as he chased, “Quickly come back! Daddy won’t hit you anymore!”

However, the child did not respond.

Jiang Yu said to the bodyguard who was eating, “You guys go and take a look. If anything happens, you must ensure the safety of the father and son.”

“Yes, Madam,”

A table full of bodyguards moved out in unison. In less than ten minutes, they returned with a child who was completely wet.

“This child can really run.” The bodyguard who was carrying him said, “he fell into the river just now. If we hadn’t arrived in time, the child would have drowned.”

The middle-aged man was following behind them.

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