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Chapter 1189 - 1189 Unprofessional

1189 Unprofessional

“Your method is still the best!” Dai Zhu could not help but give her a thumbs up.

Teng Yi led the group of people into the hotel and everyone asked for a room.

The hotel manager was naturally grinning from ear to ear and quickly asked the front desk to prepare the keys.

It was the first time the staff at the front desk had seen so many people, and her hands were trembling as she prepared the keys.


After getting the keys, Teng Yi took everyone to their respective rooms and then sent his room number to Jiang Yu.

After Jiang Yu received the news, she walked into the hotel and said to the hotel manager, “h.e.l.lo, I’m here to look for someone.”

The hotel manager had some impression of Jiang Yu and asked with a smile, “h.e.l.lo, may I know who you are looking for?”

Jiang Yu said the house number Teng Yi sent and said, “I’m looking for this person.”

“But we have a rule,” the hotel manager said. “If you want to go in, the person you’re looking for must come down to pick you up or call to prove it. Only then we can let you in.”

“Okay, I’ll give him a call and ask him to come down to pick me up.” Then, Jiang Yu called Teng Yi and asked him to come down to pick her up.

Dai Zhu mumbled in a strange tone, “As expected of a five-star hotel. They’re so careful. They even need personal proof to find a person.”

The hotel manager pretended not to hear her.

After Jiang Yu finished the call, Teng Yi came downstairs and said to the hotel manager, “She’s my sister. She’s looking for me.”

The hotel manager smiled in a flattering manner and said, “Then you guys can go in first.”

Then, he made way for Teng Yi and Jiang Yu.

He had never seen Teng Yi before and didn’t know the real relationship between him and Jiang Yu. He really thought that the two of them were brother and sister.

Jiang Yu followed Teng Yi into the room, took out her phone, turned on the lighting system, and checked the room. She found that there were no cameras in Teng Yi’s room.

“This room doesn’t have it.” Jiang Yu said, “Ask the others. see if they have it in their rooms.”

Teng Yi asked those people again and soon got some replies –Some of them found hidden pinhole cameras in their rooms, but those who didn’t know how to check didn’t know if they had them in their rooms.

But even so, it was enough to prove that the person was lying.

Therefore, Jiang Yu went to the hotel manager and explained the matter to him.

The hotel manager was shocked, “That’s impossible! Didn’t they already check the place that day? Didn’t they say that only that room had a camera? How can there be more in the other rooms?”

“If you don’t believe me, I can take you there now.” Jiang Yu said.

Her expression was very serious, and her tone was very determined. She didn’t look like she was joking at all. The hotel manager was also panicking at this time. He quickly found the room manager and asked him what was going on.

The room manager seemed to be very surprised by this and said, “That’s impossible. That person checked all the rooms and told me that only one room had a camera!”

“Did you get scammed?” the hotel manager asked with a frown.

The room manager’s att.i.tude was also very firm. “Impossible. I’ve known him for so long. How could he lie to me?” he said.

By saying this, he admitted that he had known that person for a long time.

Jiang Yu did not see any guilty expression on the room manager’s face. At that moment, it was difficult to judge whether he was in cahoots with someone else or if he had been deceived by someone as the hotel manager had guessed.

Therefore, Jiang Yu thought for a moment and said, “You’ve been deceived. The person you found isn’t a professional, right? If they were professionals, how could they not be found? You’ve known him for so many years. Don’t you know if he’s a professional in this field?”

The room manager was stumped by Jiang Yu’s words and only said after a long while, “He told me himself. He said that he’s learned some skills in the past few years, and it’s not difficult for him to check for cameras. That’s why I looked for him yesterday.”

“You believe everything he says. It seems like you two have a good relationship.” Jiang Yu narrowed her eyes and looked at the room manager. “But he did lie to you. What do you think of this?”

The room manager hesitated for a while before saying, “What else can I think? At most, I’ll just break off our friendship in the future. As for the cameras, I’ll get a few more professional inspectors to check it.”

The hotel manager glared at him and said, “Then hurry up and go!”

“Yes, yes! I know, I know!” The room manager left in a hurry.

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