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It was unclear who had noticed first, but one after the other, everyone present within Sky Cliff City were sent into an uproar as the talismans in their hands began to light up while countless dazzling runes light up the ground beneath their feet. 

Awestruck and slightly dazed at what was occurring, everyone stood speechless as a shimmering light engulfed them. 

Like a tidal way that washed away all that stood before it, the shimmering light filled every nook and cranny of Sky Cliff City, embracing every single living being within the city walls.

Elsewhere within the domain of the Aurora Empire, within a seemingly normal looking valley located near the “Dragon’s Lair”, a ma.s.sive spell formation could be seen lightning up the night sky. 

With runes that appeared pretty much identical to the ones that had flooded into Sky Cliff City, this ma.s.sive spell formation was soon engulfed within a tidal wave of light as well. 

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the thought of evacuating an entire city filled with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people could be viewed as an extremely daunting task, even when one took into consideration the teleportation gates that the Aurora Empire had access to. However thanks to the grand spell formation that the beauties had set up across the empire, as long as enough time was given for the formation to activate, evacuating an entire city could be viewed as a very simple matter. 

As the light that engulfed Sky Cliff City, a strange scene could be seen.

The tall city walls, century old buildings, newly constructed villas, and even the cobblestone laid roads that stretched from one end of the city to the other, everything and everyone that had stood within Sky Cliff City had disappeared without a trace. 

Within the tens of dozens of miles where Sky Cliff City had once stood, only the sight of hundreds of animals could be seen. Dogs, cats, mice and a dozen other different animals could be seen gazing about with confused expressions on their faces, besides these animals, everything else was gone.

Back within the nameless valley, a ma.s.sive city had appeared out from thin air, and along with it, hundreds of thousands of people.

Not only was the grand spell formation able to teleport every living being in possession of one of Yuyinh’s talismans, but it was also able to teleport every structure within Sky Cliff City as well.

Of course within someone as knowledgeable as Yuying to lay down the foundation and within something similar to the Dragon’s Vein to act as a power source, such a feat could only be considered impossible.

Alongside Sky Cliff City, were a dozen or so villages and smaller cities, all of whom

We're relocated from the northern frontier to the heart of the Aurora Empire.

“Now that's what you call a moving city! Unlike those gargantuan beasts the Ma Ren Empire employs.” A few lesser saints belonging to the Aurora Empire chuckled as they flew to the newly situated cities to a.s.sume command and explain what had just occurred.

Under the gaze of a different set of stars, and an unfamiliar climate, only now did the people of the northern frontier came to wonder about the true depths of power under the command of their empire.

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