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She walked to the large manor across the street but no one recognized her right away. Many things are very different about her now. She is determined rather than gloomy, she is confident rather than hesitant, and she is hiding her face no more. Alina was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with life and power.

"Ali… your eyes!" As soon as Bjorna saw Alina, she hid her face with her palms knowing the damage that can be done by one look from Alina's eyes.

Alina smiled and held Bjorna's arm away. The two met eye to eye and Bjorna gasped.

"You… your eyes are fine? There is no… G.o.ds!"

"It is true, I no longer need to hide my eyes." Alina said smiling.

"My G.o.d! Come here… you are so beautiful. I missed that face." Bjorna pulled Alina in a hug right away and invited her in.

Svidi came and greeted Alina who she couldn't recognize right away.

"Wulfur… how is he? He still doesn't want to come out?" Alina asked.

"He is drunk."

"Jorna, Svidi, I need him back on his feet in an hour. We are holding a meeting in the headquarters with the heads. We have an update on Jon and we need to plan. I am done sitting around and waiting."

"Truly, Alina? You found him?"

"No, but I have a solid lead. Wulfur controls most of the force and I need him to take action with me. We are going to get Jon no matter what."

"We have an hour? Fine, I'll manage." Bjorna said and ran in.

Alina was willing to take action no matter what the consequences. The elders in the Firemanes and the Moon blades told her to stay put but it has been 3 months already and no moving anything for 3 whole months was already a mistake.

Alina was willing to take action no matter what the consequences. The elders from the Firemane and the Moonblade clans told her to stay put and be patient but it has been three months already and every enemy of Jon and the company was already rejoicing in joy. Also, not moving for 3 months was already a mistake, the morale in Winterhold was low and everyone wanted to ensure the future.

Alina strode out of Wulfur's manor and has already made her mind. Her beautiful determined face started to attract a lot of attention in the street. Her style of dresses was what she was famous for in the city and those who saw her face for the first time could already tell that this is the Lady of House Dare.

She headed to the company's headquarters and started to ready the plans she made for the campaign. Jon's t.i.tle as a Thane gives him the privilege of commanding a force of 200 men outside his hold. No one said what kind of troops these will be so Alina decided to make the best of it and call out the Elites of the company. She also had one more card at her hand but she decided to wait for the right time.

The heads of the departments started to show up one after the other. Ongeim, Captain of the [Dare Fleet]; Elishka, head of the [Dare Trading]; Trudvar, Jon's housecarl and Acting Overseer of the [Dare Essentials]. Commander of the [Dare Corps] was Jon and now Alina was the Acting Commander. The one who was still late was Chief of the [Dare a.r.s.enal], Wulfur.

They all waited for Wulfur in a cold atmosphere but suddenly, Sev the secretary of Jon ran in an whispered something to Alina. Her face twisted immediately.

"Ships from the Imperial Legion have requested to enter the docks." Alina announced.

"What! We didn't expect any ship from them any time soon. What kind of ship?" Ongeim frowned.

"A diplomate ship and a ship carrying the banner of the East Empire Company."


None understood the reason for the sudden visit.

"We should receive them. I am going to the docks." Alina stood up and headed out.

The other heads naturally followed her.

Down the slope in the shade of the College of Winterhold, the people of the Dare Dragon Company gathered behind Alina. She, who was finally showing her face around, gathered all attention and stood out the most.

The two ships docked at the same time but the East Empire Company's docked faster and could be seen trying to cross the way of the other ship. Once it docked, a figure jumped down fast on a rope ladder, it was Vittoria Vici.

As her feet touched the pier, she turned towards Winterhold's people and strode right away until she saw Alina and paused for a second. Her head worked fast and she figured out Alina's ident.i.ty then walked towards her with an awkward face. Alina too didn't like Vittoria and kept looking haughtily at her.

"Miss Moonblade."

"Miss Vici."

The atmosphere was a bit tense but it seemed that Vittoria had something to say.

"I just heard some news from Solitude and came right away from the city of Blacklight. This is about Thane Jon's company and it is urgent…"

Vittoria approached Alina and whispered something to her. Alina's cool was disturbed and she was about to break into anger but she managed to hold it all in. She kept glaring at the other ship as if trying to sink it with her eyes which was not completely impossible for her.

Indeed, as people from the other ship landed, the atmosphere became way tenser than it already is. Even Vittoria stood beside the people of Winterhold and kept looking at the ones who came.

A few Imperial gentlemen came walked down from the ship staggering after a seemingly long journey and faced Alina and her people. They saw Alina and held their breath for some time before mustering the courage to walk forward and talk to the representatives of Winterhold.

And Elderly man took the lead of the envoys and spoke.

"h.e.l.lo, I presume you are from the [Dare Dragon Company]. I am Surus Loche, an officer from the [Imperial Guild of Commerce]. We are here to deliver the issued Licence for the Dare Dragon Company. The Chief Executive Officer of your Company has applied for a Licence and here it is. Will he please receive it or send a representative to receive it in his stead."

The man said taking out a large scroll of paper that has many words written on it and marked with many seals. This is indeed a legit Licence that all the traders would die to have, a Licence that transforms the company from a small ent.i.ty that operates in a limited s.p.a.ce to a large scale company that can operate all around the Empire.

Something like that was a thing Jon always sought after.

But Alina knew better.

This is a double-edged sword, it can broaden the limits of the company but it will put a certain limit that she could sniff coming. She looked at the man and spoke.

"I am the representative of the [Dare Dragon Company] and Thane Jon Dare of Winterhold. My beloved is absent at the moment and by the legal authorities he left for me, I wish that the company receives that license on a later date. Now if you excuse me." Alina said and turned around.

This was the right thing to do, not accepting the Licence.

"I am afraid that is not possible." A voice spoke and Alina stopped.

The accent was Nordic which was quite unusual for a Nord to keep company with the Imperials.

Alina looked at whoever spoke and her eyes narrowed, the man stepped forward but she didn't recognize him, however, others like Vittoria Vici and Elishka did recognize the man really well.

All those who recognized the man looked at him with hate and contempt.

Vittoria spoke his name so that Alina can hear it.


Just one word was enough to cause Alina to almost go berserk. She turned around and looked at the man who masterminded Jon's demise and anger swelled in her.

Opposite to her, Erikur looked at Alina with dirty eyes full of l.u.s.t. Around him, there was more a few Imperial Soldiers with a high ranking Legionnaire. This situation was already planned for, Erikur came with enough people to force his way in Winterhold.

Still, Alina was not the person who would care for such a thing, seeing Erikur's ugly mug was enough for her natural red eyes to be even redder and her Eye Powers to go out of control and a.s.sault Erikur.



The force that was released from her eyes was too overpowering that Erikur fell on his knees and started quivering in pain and screaming in agony. The pain was so great that blood started to come from his nose, ears and eyes and the vines of his neck were all stretching out and turning black.

No one needed a clue to understand what is going on, the glow of Alina's eyes was visible to everyone. The Legionnaire beside Erikur was the first to react and stood between Alina and Erikur. It was of no use though as Alina can see through things and Erikur can escape the torture.

"Stop, by the order of the Empire! You are a.s.saulting a member of an Imperial Envoy! You are under arrest." The Legionnaire whose rank was Captain took out his sword and pointed it at Alina but without an answer.

Alina was simply enjoying the agony she was inflicting on Erikur.

"I said, Stop." The Legionnaire was enraged and he stepped towards at Alina waving his sword.



In a split of a second, the sword fell from the hand of the Legionnaire Captain along with the arm that carried it.


The man couldn't withstand the pain and fell screaming. In front of him, was the object that cut his arm.

It was a hatchet. A mere old hatchet from descended on his arm and cleanly cut the arm down.

Only one man in Winterhold can do that.

Alina stopped what she was doing and looked at whoever threw it, it was indeed Wulfur.

He walked forward with a wrathful face and stood beside Alina.

"You okay, sister-in-law?"

Alina nodded.

He turned around and kicked the Imperial Captain away then walked to Erikur.

"Why is that weasel not in prison? Wasn't he supposed to be judged by the High King?" He asked.

"He has connections in the Imperial Guild of Commerce. He was bailed out by a plea from the Guild." Vittoria Vici replied.

"*Spat* Imperial dogs!"

Wulfur spat at Erikur and kicked his guts.

The Imperial Soldiers who were supposed to be protecting Erikur were all pushed back by the raw presence of Alina and Wulfur. The two were trained by Jon and were refined to the top state a human can reach. h.e.l.l, as a Level 3 Jade Skin stage and a Level 7 Jade Skin stage, both of them were already superhumans with a lifespan that may reach 500 years. The strongest two in Winterhold were already that angry.

Erikur was completely exposed to the wrath of those two but he could still resist fainting in the spot. Compared to them, Jon's pressure that he experienced was way scarier.

"... You can't… stop this… too late, hahaha! Even if you kill me… I already won, and you will be hunted as murderers."

Erikur was carrying a hint of madness in his eyes. He is so close to destroying Jon's Empire and he can't back down now even if Oblivion was the cost.

"Miss Vici, please explain to your friends. Mister Erikur is a guild officer." Officer Surus Loche.

Vittoria didn't want to get involved in this particular point. She was an ally to the Dare Dragon Company and has a lot of investments so she was wholeheartedly on the same boat as them. If the purpose of Erikur was achieved, it will cause her a big loss and her position in the East Empire Company will be threatened.

"Explain yourself." She replied.

"Very well." Surus Loche spoke. "The Dare Dragon Company is already registered in the Guild so we will, by all means, protect its interests."

"Protect?" Elishka questioned with a mocking face.

"Indeed, the Company's interests are the Guild's interests. The Company controls a ma.s.sive domain that can be said to monopolize one-ninth of Skyrim. This means that the company's worth is over 500'000 Septim. Any company with such a worth should have a proper manager such as Thane Jon Dare who has a t.i.tle equal to a Military Viscount. Now that Thane Jon is absent for more than two months, he is presumed dead. It is by Law that the Guild appoints an Acting Director to the Company with a n.o.ble t.i.tle to oversee the ins and outs of such an Organization. Thane Erikur volunteered to help the Dare Dragon Company and the Guild has agreed." Officer Surus Loche spoke while being wary. Still, there was no way to sugarcoat what he said just now.

The people gathered around turned pale.

Handing Jon's company to his enemies? This was a blunt declaration of war. The Empire was clearly trying to get back to Winterhold with all what it got.

Wulfur was enraged and was about to kill Erikur where he is but it was Alina who stopped him.

"I see. Very well." She spoke quietly and stepped up.

Everyone around her was in cold sweat, this may be the end of either the Peaceful Winterhold or the Prosperous Winterhold. It is either a clash with the Empire or submission. Now Alina was making that decision.

"I am already the Legal Agent and Representative of Thane Jon Dare, will this help my claim?"

She handed out something to Officer Surus. He looked at the Object with wide eyes and open mouth then nodded.

"Yes, yes it does, My Lady. Shall I record it?"

"By all means."

Something different was happening. Alina seemed to have used some sort of a trump card.

"Mister Surus, Mister, what is that? What is going on?" Erikur, who was kneeling on the ground under Wulfur's foot, felt that something was wrong.

Old man Surus looked at him and switched sides with Winterhold right away.

"Sorry, Mister Erikur. Your presence is no longer necessary." Surus Loche sold Erikur right away for his safety. Erikur was to blame after all.

Alina took the object back from Officer Surus. It was a metal badge made of Ebony Steel. Erikur's eyes were glued on it.

"Take that mongrel to the 'Black Room'." Alina said while pointing at Erikur.

Wulfur pulled him up from his hair and Alina came closer and put the badge in front of Erikur's face.

"See that? Jon was always a step ahead of everyone. With this, I will make you my b.i.t.c.h." Alina's vulgar words and cla.s.sy tone negated each other but her eyes were enough to express her rage.

Erikur's eyes were still glued on the badge. It had an inscription of Winterhold's coat of arms and a text under it that said: {Alina Moonblade - Thane of Winterhold}.



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