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I thought it was really the start of all but Genei rejected my wish.

"I'm  sorry but i can't  grant your wish even I want it. I will soon go and leave. "She said to me in a sad face.

I felt sad. It feels like i was rejected by a woman.

I am rich but i am alone.  I don't  have anyone to trust on and  to love.

"I will change my wish. Can i have someone or other person to be with me as i grow old. I mean a lifetime partner? "I said.

"Sorry, i can't  grant wish like that. I am more on material things and love is beyond my control. "She insisted.

"So, it is. I will live a lonely and boring life forever. " I said as i felt so disappointed.

I walked away decided to not look for Genei for 1 month.

My businesses runs smoothly. I had thousands of people that work for me.

This richness is no longer my dream.

I had 10 cooks and 100 maids in my mansion.

I am tired so i decided to not go out of my bed for 1 day.

All of the people in my house were worried except my mom who is very busy in beautifying herself by the money i had given.

I do not like this boring life so i decided to do suicide.

I swallow many sleeping pills then losts sight. When i started to taste the pills, Genei appeared and tapped hardly my back that  removes all of the pills that i had swallow.

"Don't  do that again!"She shouted to me as i started to cry.

"I had everything but i am honestly nothing. A man with nothing but material things."I said to her as i cries silently.

Genei hugged me and tapped my back while  saying some comforting words.

"You are wrong. You have us. G.o.d, Jesus,  Angels and Me. We unconditionally love you. You can't see them right now but all the time they can see you." She said to me.

She feels so cold but i can feel her body even if it is not a physical one. As i closed my eyes, i fell asleep.

I woke up seeing Genei sleeping too on my side.

Genei was a pretty ghost.  If she's a living human, probably i would fall for her.

As she opened her eyes, a feather fall between us. I can smell the rose scent once again.

"Why are yoy here? "I asked her.

"G.o.d and I were worrying. Your angel also called me to save you. Your angel was no longer besides you now, i asked G.o.d to have the permission to temporarily be with you." She said.

"Who are you?  You are not a ghost and not an angel. What are you? I asked in a low tone of voice.

"I already told you. I am your Genei."She said.

"You believe in G.o.d but Genei is not on the bible."I said to her that makes her stop talking.

I won't  ever say to her that she's an evil spirit because she doesn't look like that and she doesn't ask any exchange for my wishes.

We are really together. I was annoyed because she was everywhere.  Except on bathroom, i do not allow her to be there.

She felt bored too in my lifestyle so she requested that we could travel abroad.

She listed down all of the countries that she wishes to go with me.

1. j.a.pan 2. Paris 3. China 4. Canada 4 America 5 Philippines  6. Singapore 7 Australia

We travel together but honestly she was an invisible travel partner. I always reserve a VIP ticket for two for the seats. One for me and for her.

It was fun being with her.

When i sing, she sings too.

"When i was a kid i wish to be a famous singer. "I said to her.

She smiled and said then wish it right now to me.

"I wish to be an international famous singer. "I wished as we kiss each other.

On the other day.  I decided to open my recording  studio. People started to notice me and in one month, i became too famouse even in abroad.
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Genei was too happy about that.

I was requested to do a live concert.

I was afraid so i wished to Genei to gave me the confidence and perfection on my talent.

Everyone was shocked, i was amazing on stage  and been awarded by amy awards and other awards for amazing live concert that i had done for 7 months.

I was so lucky.

I have richness, fame and A genei that  stays on my side.

I have fans club too.

One day,  i saw Genei playing piano on my musical room.

She's crying on that day.

"Why are you crying? " I asked.

"I gave you everything but you almost forgot G.o.d.  You even forgot to pray for being blinded by greatness."She said.

I hugged her as i started to think that she was G.o.d's gift to me. Genei is a spirit from G.o.d that unconditionally loves me.

I think she was right so because of that i decided to go with her at the St. Teresita Church.

I was too famous, that's why many people took pictures of me. I can't  have peaceful time  with G.o.d because of that, so we decided to go to a hidden place that was recommended by Genei where we can silently pray to G.o.d.

"Church is a good place to send messages to G.o.d but we can still pray on other silent places." She said to me.

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