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Chapter 890: Court Trial

“Missy, rest a.s.sured. Second Young Mistress Huo isn’t in danger at the moment. A few photos can’t prove anything.”

“Why hasn’t Second Sister-in-law been released yet? Uwu~” Huo Qingyuan sniffling. “She has been away from me for eight hours and thirteen minutes!”

Zhang Guoquan also had a headache and he said, “The accident happened in the suburbs where there aren’t many surveillance cameras being installed.”

Things were tricky precisely because there were no surveillance cameras.

“Find the road that that b.a.s.t.a.r.d repaired!” Huo Zihang suddenly hollered. “Is there something wrong with him? He didn’t even install any surveillance cameras!”

Zhang Guoquan looked around and thought to himself, ‘There are very few surveillance cameras in every suburb. Besides, that place is so near the cemetery.’

The closed door of the room was suddenly pushed open and Huo Xishen walked out with a sullen expression. “There’ll be court session tomorrow. Zhang Guoquan, come with me.”

Huo Zihang and Huo Qingyuan looked at each other, surprised that the court session was happening so soon.

Her ident.i.ties as a famous actress and Second Young Mistress Huo were enough for her to receive attention from the world. Someone had leaked the news and reporters had long waited at the entrance for a long time.

Yan Jinyi was suspected of murder. Apart from some fans who were still waiting for the results, the rest had retreated and some even destroyed merchandise about Yan Jinyi in a live stream to gain popularity.

Inside the courtroom, Yan Jinyi was already seated in the defendant’s seat. Only Huo Zihang and Huo Qingyuan were present. Despite being her husband, Huo Xishen had never made an appearance.

At this moment, there was already a huge uproar in a few influencers’ livestreams.

“It seems that Yan Jinyi is really a murderer. Otherwise, why isn’t Mr. Huo here?”

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“Go watch the livestream of Beijing Daily. I heard that they’re the only news outlet that’s allowed to hold a livestream in the courtroom.”

“If Yan Jinyi had really killed her own grandmother, I’d be really shocked! She’s already Second Young Mistress Huo. It’s not too much for her to give her grandmother some living expenses. Women are so troublesome.”

All of a sudden, the crowd got into an uproar and Chen Yulian and her familiar got out of the car.

Madam Chen, is there going to be an important witness today? Can you win the case?”

“That ingrate Yan Jinyi killed her own grandmother. I believe the judge will stand on the side of justice and he will definitely help us.” Chen Yulian said to the camera, “I heard that Mr. Huo isn’t intending to appear in court. I’m sure he knows that there is no room for turning back now.”

Since the news broke yesterday, no one from the Huo family even came forth. Even Yan Jinyi’s media agency remained silent but her head fans were still claiming to believe in their idol.

Huo Zihang and Huo Qingyuan were seated in the first row and had never taken their eyes off of Yan Jinyi.

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She was still wearing the same set of clothes that she wore to the event yesterday. Perhaps because she hadn’t gotten enough rest last night, she looked rather fatigued.

“What has Second Brother gone to do? Why hasn’t he shown up yet?”

Huo Zihang glared at him and said, “What do you know? Second Brother must be busy.”

Soon, Chen Yulian was in the plaintiff’s seat and her expression immediately became menacing.

‘This ingrate has done a good job. The old woman’s house is definitely mine now.’

Yan Jinyi might be fined for killing her grandmother.

The judge suddenly said, “Get ready for court.”

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He first recapped the case before turning to look at Yan Jinyi with a sharp gaze. “Yan Jinyi, do you plead guilty?”

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