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TL’s Note:

This is the first chapter of the last arc, the Kingdom Building Arc. Enjoy~

Several days after a sad and not so eternal farewell with Aristo, I officially got the territory and recognized as the king.

"So, first, I need to decide a suitable name for my country…"

No, there's no way it gonna be the Dungeon Kingdom…

What if I named it after my name? Like Null Kingdom or something?

…But that would be just too embarra.s.sing.


"By your side."

She immediately appears as I called her.

Since it's impossible for me to come up with any good idea alone, I decide to ask Eins about it.

"Eins, what kind of name do you think will fit this country?"

"Isn't Null Kingdom is good already?"

That was quick!

"Rejected. Is there anything else?"

Eins looks quite stumped hearing that.

"What else could be better than Null Kingdom?"

I'm guessing she likes that name very much, huh?

"Well, using 'doll' from the word 'doll', we can name it as Doll Kingdom. What do you think?"

…Does it have to be Doll Kingdom?

"…Scratch that. How about the Puppet Kingdom instead?"

"That's a wonderful name."

Is it not bad? Somehow, the name sounds puppet-ish when you consider the naming sense of this world.

"From now on, this country will be known as the Puppet Kingdom."

Now then, since the name has already been decided, should I start the planning of the town now?

First thing first.


"By your side."

In a few moments, Zwei appeared beside Eins.

"I want you to bring all of your subordinates and turn the area around the exit of the dungeon into a plain."

"Should I decide the size of it?"

"If you don't mind, I'm thinking of it to be able to accommodate a huge farm. As for the rest, I let you decide on it."


Zwei bowed before he disappeared.

"Eins. As for you, order your subordinates to talk with the people residing in this territory."


Eins disappeared after she bowed.

Next is…

Should I increase the number of puppets which possess construction skill?

My current DP is 40013 and that's quite a lot.

I decided to summon 20 new puppets with the construction skill which cost me 2400 DP.

"After this is… Ah, that's right. I need civil servants. Eins seems to be fit for this job."

Since I couldn't come up with things to do, I decided to increase the numbers of automata.

Ten should be enough.

"Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier."

""""By your side.""""

Four figure appeared and kneel immediately.

"As of today, there will be new members under your wing. I want you to train them."

""""At will!""""

As I said so, I immediately summon them.

After handing the clothes to the newly summoned automata, Eins immediately left the place with her new subordinates.

Well, let's save the rest of the DP for the purpose of building the town.

『Intruders appeared in the dungeon. 』

Several hours after summoning Eins' subordinates, a system message appeared.

Checking out the window, it seems to be the villagers.

"An old man and a child?"

What's the matter?

Turn on the audio function.

『Grandpa, am I going to die? 』

Ask the little girl while looking up at the old man.

When he looks back at her, he can see her shedding tears.

『Please forgive me. This is the only way for our village to survive. 』

Their mood suddenly turns terribly dark.

Something must have happened.

『Grandpa! I'm happy! 』

Huh? What's wrong with this child?

Is she already a suicide volunteer at her young age?

『If it's for grandpa and the village, I'm more than willing to die. 』

She said that to the old man while laughing carelessly.

I think it's not easy to accept death just like that…

『Lina, Lina! 』

The old man, with tears flowing out from his eyes, hugs the child and said, 『Forgive me! 』

When I think about it, is it me who will be killing her?

Suddenly, it came to the best of me, I just realize this girl will be a sacrifice…

…to me.

Certainly, from the human standpoint of view, the dungeon master is definitely a terrible being.

Even if I say I don't want it, they still keep offering me sacrifice.

It's annoying to clearly explain it to them.

『Grandpa, let's go. 』

『That's right. Please forgive grandpa for being too weak. 』

Encourage by the little girl, they both continue walking.

『Intruders appeared in the dungeon. 』


When I take a look at them, the old person and the child are projected in the same way as the pair before.

This guy is not a sacrifice, is he?

『Grandma. What will become of me? 』

『You will be kill, sonny. 』

As I suspected, he's a sacrifice too!!

…Is this a coincidence?

Perhaps Eins said something to the villagers…


"By your side."

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