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~ Adventurer's life Day 7 (Sun) Afternoon ~ Comnes Town – Southeastern Gate

Once the pain subsided, I got up to see if I feel any different.

I shudder to think if I'll continue to experience this every time I level up, but perhaps the backlash will lessen every time for every level since the power difference won't be as large then.

In the end, I hunted about six sh.e.l.led rabbits around the  Rock Field before returning back to Comnes.

The day hasn't really ended, but even if I were to keep the more valued materials, I'm already unable to bring anymore with me.

This is probably a sign that the sh.e.l.led rabbits aren't something I should be going against anymore, but I'm still somewhat traumatised with the forest wolf.

However I looked around to see my new party members.

I summoned an additional two skeletons while hunting. Maybe with this, hunting them wouldn't be too bad.

Although I should been expending three times as much mana as before, it doesn't feel like it's concerning.

As expected, once I pa.s.sed through the southeastern gate, the guards there were all surprised and staring at me. Perhaps it would've been a good idea to have desummoned the two skeletons before arriving here. Then again I needed the manpower to carry all the luggage.

Surprisingly we got through the gate without any problems.

I looked to my group. I'm not really complaining about my current situation, it's actually pretty good in fact. It's just that  a little sad how I'm the only human here…

While walking, I try to sort some things currently in my head…

First of all, I wanna know more about this level up system, but I don't think it exists for anyone else, and it seems like a pain to explain it to them.

Next, I want to get some equipment for the new skeletons.

A while ago when I was hunting, the two where backing up the first skeleton against a sh.e.l.led rabbit, but they couldn't do anything but to punch and kick.

In the end, the armed skeleton dealt with most of the work, while the most the other two can do is to confuse the opponent to give an opening.

It's really not as helpful as it sounds…

Really, I'd like to test the limit of their strength.

Not really for combat, but mainly how much load they can carry while hunting.

It's not like I can't carry them myself, but since they're here I might as well just leave it to them.

While I'm still on the topic, from now on I plan on calling these guys A, B, and C respectively to their summoning order. Then I just add D, E etc whenever I get new ones.

Creative. I know.

~ Adventurer's life Day 7 (Sun) Afternoon ~ Comnes Town – Adventurer's Guild – Exchange Centre

"Please line up behind the other… Hii!?"

I brought my three skeletons along with me over to the counter so of course I would get this sort of reaction.

I feel that a lot of the other adventurers are staring this way as well.

Once it was my turn and showed the guild card, she had a "Ah, makes sense", look on her face.

She probably heard something about this from Doris huh…

She's already calmed down now, as expected of a pro.

I placed over the items and she went over to confirm them.

"The pelt's been pretty damaged…"

It's been struck by the axe a number of times, so of course the price had been dropped because of that.

No matter, I expected it to be like this anyways.

"Ooh. This is cool."

"This thing is your familiar right?"

"It won't attack now will it!?"

Once I've finished my business withe guild, I've been surrounded by adventurers all asking questions about the skeletons. Like the time with the guards, I managed to make my way through out of the crowd.

Once again, I head towards towards the usual weapons shop.

~ Adventurer's life Day 7 (Sun) Evening ~ Comnes Town – Weapons Workshop – [Adonnis' Blade]

"What! They've already increased! Wasn't it just one yesterday?"

"Yeah, well things happened and all…."

It's the usual short black haired Adonnis.

I feel that I'm coming to this place a lot recently.

I'm still concerned about the mana consumption of summoning and releasing summons, so I just brought them along with me.

I had a random kid cry along the way here…

"Well isn't that great for you. In any case, you're here for their equipment right?"

"Yeah, but I'm kinda strapped for cash…"

"Alright, I'll see what I can offer."

Since I came here the other day for skeleton A equipment, he probably has a pretty good gist on what my budget is like.

"…. So, how about a hatchet?"

"It'd match quite well with this guy's style of fighting. It's a simple downward swing after all. I'd like a cheap shield too."

"…. Hmm. Then would this one be fine."

And so he brought out two items, a wooden club and a round shield.

The club really just look like a wooden bat, while the round shield is different from the one I used. It doesn't seem to be reinforced with metal. It's simply a round wooden board used as a shield.

Right now, I need more equipment so it can't be helped.

If the quality was any higher, it'll be too expensive.

Let's just sort out the equipment now and upgrade it later.

"…. Mhm. This sure is a strange sight. You look more like soldiers than an actual party group."

Not really. B and C's equipment makes them look too poor for that, but I guess I'll see how well it fares tomorrow.

After that, I returned the skeletons back into their coins and start walking around the street stalls searching for something like a bag for the skeletons to use…

A wooden rack looks pretty useful, so I bought three of them.

They're made of wood so they're a little heavy, but I can still carry the three of them quite easily.

I later bought a rope to strap the three of them with.

… I spent quite a lot today. Buying this along with the equipment is putting quite a dent to my already low funds, but I can make it up tomorrow now that I can use all three of my skeletons effectively.

Instead of worrying about superficial things, I should focus more on tomorrow.

So I went back to the inn and did just that.

~ Adventurer's life Day 8 (Mon) Morning ~ Comnes Town – Southeast – [Beginner's Rock Field] – Outer Edge

Today again, I arrived at the rock fields to hunt.

I plan on using my three skeletons for the whole day to test out how long it takes until my mana depletes.

West of Comnes is an area where the enemies are more stronger.

I'm sure we're already more than capable to handle it there, but if I happen to have my mana suddenly depleted in such a place it would be a serious problem.

Because of that, I wanna see my limit in a much safer area.

I checked to see if my preparations are fine and had my three skeletons split into different directions. I plan for each to be fighting separately.

Skeleton A was equipped with the hatchet and had already defeated it's enemy, while the ones with the wooden clubs, skeleton B and C, managed to land a couple of hits, but hasn't defeated their enemy yet.

(The discrepancy sure is large here… )

Since skeleton A is free, I had it back up skeleton B, while I backed up C.

From this side, the sh.e.l.led rabbit is already starting to look exhausted so I went around to confuse it a little more. It seems to be on its last leg as it continues to take hits from the club without dodging…

Once I saw a chance, I went and dealt the final blow to it's neck.

(We already hunted three already. This is going way too quick. Not that I'm complaining.)

I looked to my side, and skeletons A and B have already finished with their end. We came over there to rest and kept a lookout.

I noticed it yesterday, but having a completely different strength from a level up is a really strange feeling.

I had them gather up the sh.e.l.led rabbits and bring them here for me to disa.s.semble.

At that time, a light shone under my feet and my body was covered by aura.

Oh c.r.a.p.


I'm getting a.s.saulted by the same pain once again…. Give me a break.

Not that I don't want to level up.

Once the pain subsided, I managed to get myself back up.

The feeling of relief once the pain is gone is actually kinda good… Ah no, let's not head that road.

(Hm. Thinking about it, what did I do to make myself level up?)

I've just levelled up my Necromancy a while ago so it shouldn't be that, and I've haven't done anything related to Alchemy recently so I don't think it would be that either… and so with the process of elimination, only Sculptor is left.

If that's the case, then why did sculptor levelled up? Was it the dismantling?… I'm not quite sure with this one so I'll just leave it off for next time.

I feel that I'm rushing with all this. But I suppose it's because I have a goal in mind for all this.

… Before it was even noon, we hunted eleven sh.e.l.led rabbits in total.

Honestly, all I've been doing this whole time is dismantling while the skeletons keep coming back with more rabbits.

From the beginning, I was working nonstop like a dismantling machine.

Doing this continuously though had me more efficient at it. I can feel myself going just a bit faster compared to before.

(Alright, all done.)

… I'm a little tired…

I returned my tools back into the bag.

Along the way back, I had each of the skeletons carry three carca.s.ses while I carry two. As expected, even the skeletons have trouble carrying three at once as they seem to have a slower pace than before. Not that I'm faring any better myself with just two.

I guess this is the limit of what my current party can do…

(Let's just head back.)

Arriving back to town, I had the sh.e.l.led rabbits exchanged there.

Should I head to eat some lunch? I feel mentally drained from doing the same work over and over again.

"Someone! Somebody please help!"


A young man came running over.

I can tell something serious is going on judging from his tone.

The surrounding adventurers also seem to be running away… From what exactly?


Behind the young man I can see a forest wolf.

… Another one huh… I seem to have a strange luck in encountering these.

Taking a better look, the forest wolf in the distance was staring menacingly at an adventurer on top of a boulder, then jumped.

It landed right on top of the adventurer.

"That kid's in trouble! Someone, help!"

In a flash, I began remembering the time when I encountered the wolf and his much I struggled against it, only managing to barely make it out alive.

"On my way!"

It's only been two days since then, but right now I feel this is going to be a cinch.

—- Nemo   Divine Protection and Skills —-

Necromancer level 2: ロBone weapon bonus; ロUndead Servant; Dark magic and resistance

Alchemist level 1: ロPotion making; ロExtraction; Metallurgy; ロThrow; ロGathering bonus

Sculptor level 2?: ロGathering bonus; Create sculpture; Specialised weapon – unknown

—- Summon Equipment —-

A: Hatchet, Kite shield (metal), Blood stained leather armor.

B: Club (Wood), Shabby round shield (wood).

C: Club (Wood), Shabby round shield (wood).

—- Equipment —-

Pig femur Bone dagger

Iron coated round shield (metal/wood)

Barbarian robe


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