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Chapter 770-END

770 Peace and Joy (The End)

When interrogated by the police, the attackers confessed quickly. However, the truth shocked everyone. The first lady hired a.s.sa.s.sins to kill the president? No one would believe this. The police chief was in cold sweat when he went to the president immediately and reported the findings. He also brought along video recording of the interrogation.

The president’s face was gloomy. Although his relationship with the first lady had been tense all these years, it wasn’t to this extent. He ordered people to fetch the first lady. He had to hear the truth from her, especially what happened back then. He’s now suspicious that he hadn’t done the things he had supposedly done back then.

While they were waiting, the president found out from Su Jin’s mother that over the years, the first lady had been relentlessly hunting her and Su Jin down. This included the last time Su Jin’s mother was attacked.


At this time, the first lady was brought over. The president’s eyes were filled with anger as he asked her coldly, “Why did you do all this?”

The first lady laughed ironically. Why did she do all this? Wasn’t it all because of the president? He had never treated her as his wife all these years. He had never loved her. He was always thinking about Su Jin’s mother. No woman would be able to tolerate that.

After her ironical laughter, the first lady replied coldly, “How can you even ask me why?”

“All these years, have you ever treated me as your wife?”

“When have you ever really looked at me?”

“We’ve been married for so many years. You’d rather sleep in the study or the office at night than in the same bed as me.”

The president did not care about any of the things the first lady said. He had always wanted to be with Su Jin’s mother. It was all because of the first lady that the two of them split up. The president made a vow back then that he would never sleep in the same bed with another woman other than Su Jin’s mother. A man must keep his word.

The president asked again coldly, “Why?”

The first lady’s smile became even more bitter. The man whom she had loved for decades was still so cold and heartless. Was she really that inferior compared to Su Jin’s mother? The first lady slowly explained everything that had happened back then. It turned out that the president had never slept with the her. He had only been drugged unconscious.

None of the first lady’s children were fathered by the president. She thought that she could win the president’s heart over time, but in the end, things turned out like this. The president didn’t get angrier when he heard this. He only felt relieved. He ordered his men to hand the first lady over to the authorities. He also ordered them to investigate the wrongdoings of Su Jiaojiao and the others over the years.

The president then turned and looked at Su Jin’s mother affectionately. It turned out that he had not betrayed the person he loved all these years. Everything was a misunderstanding. Someone had created trouble from within. Now that everything had been resolved, it was time to get the love of his life back.

The president walked up to Su Jin’s mother and said softly, “Did you hear that? I didn’t betray you.”

Su Jin’s mother’s eyes were filled with tears. Everything was a misunderstanding. If she had been more communicative back then, things might not have ended up like this and her children wouldn’t have suffered so much. Actually, Su Jin’s mother also suffered the pain of missing the love of her love all these years. She smiled and replied, “Yes, I heard that.”

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, a few years had pa.s.sed. Su Jin and Xi Chenxiao held a grand wedding. Their wedding shook the world and was termed wedding of the century by the media. Su Jin graduated from school as the top student. After graduation, she helped Xi Chenxiao manage their businesses. Their family grew when Su Jin gave birth to triplets.

It’s winter again and the new year was coming. Snow covered the land, burying the past. Every new year signaled a new beginning and everything in the past turned to dust. The manor was brightly lit as everyone gathered at Su Jin and Xi Chenxiao’s house. Su Jin’s parents held a baby each, their faces full of smiles.

Yu Haiyang held Pang Lili’s hand and announced to everyone that they were getting married soon. Hou Wan’er and the others also brought their partners to the gathering. Everyone made dumplings and had their New Year’s Eve dinner together.

When the clock struck at midnight, Su Jin said to everyone, “It’s time. Let’s take a family photo together. Happy New Year!”

(The End)

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