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In an isolated island of the world, one could see a young girl on an islet in the middle of a large lake. She sat cross-legged, her eyes closed. She seemed to meditate. She opened her eyes. These eyes had a light of light as if she had an illumination.

"With the power of Orpheus I can bewitch all things in the world even if I do not sing or play music, I just need to whistle a melody, the power of Hathor makes me stronger when I'm with Seth and I can all see through Ra's eye, the oracle of Amon predicts the destiny of people and the world, I wonder if I can combine this ability with the eye of Ra? I can also use the 'Thot laws' allowing me to manipulate time to a certain extent, to know all the languages as well as some old 'minor laws', "reflects Kaori.

"Now that I have confirmed my powers, I will start by learning the Haki Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki first and then continue with soru ... Seth told me that to practice the Haki Kenbunshoku I have to use my other senses other than the view. "

Kaori got up and went to get a big sheet that she tied with a small twig to serve as a makeshift banner. She swam in the clearing and the forest while dodging the trees and the few fruits thrown at her by the monkeys over the trees. She did it for two hours until noon. She went back to the lake and a.n.a.lyzed her experience.

"It seems like I have a very strong affinity with the Kenbunshoku Haki, I hope to have the same affinity with the other Hakis but I do not think ... Let's go to Busoshoku Haki"

She hissed and a big bear came out of the forest. He approached her and waited. She smiled at him.

"Can you help me train?" Kaori asked softly. The bear seemed to charm and accepted. They got into position and began to train. It lasted until the evening, but Kaori still could not use Busoshoku Haki. She looked at the bear thanking him and heading for the little house she had made with Seth last night after visiting the island.

On her way home, she thinks how to use her powers effectively because even a small power can be destructive if it is well used then, even more, when her powers are G.o.d powers of ancient Egypt and one of the myths of Greek myology.

She arrived at the house and found it empty, wondering when Seth would go home and start cooking. It was one of his little pleasures in his previous life so she cooked and cooked for her lover in this life. In addition, the people who have already tasted his kitchen are asking for so much his dishes are good. So she knows that she can win back Seth's heart just with her cooking. She smiles as she imagines Seth's reaction when he tastes her food.


Six hours ago

In a cave, a youth was unconscious on the floor. He seemed to wake up slowly as if he had slept for a very long time. He looked around and smiled.

"System, show me my status." Says Seth

"Here is host"

Name: Seth

Age: 5 years

Gender: Man

Lined: Precursor

Breed: Top Man (AN: tell me if you have a better name than this for his race)


Body: agility, strength, regeneration, body haki

Energy: magic, ki .....

Will: conquering haki, haki observation

Competence: manipulation of the Divine Ki. Dragon language

Forging. Precursory Knowledge (AN: I do not separate pa.s.sive skills from actives)

Gold: 1000

Quest: none

"System why can not I see my statistics?" Seth asked

"Because the status does not show as the RPG stats individually but as a set that must be improved to have a more powerful body. This is the same for the will.

"Understood, but my race to change no?"

"Yes because by integrating the Precursor lineage you are no longer a mere human you have transcended the boundaries of your race." answered the system

"Do you mean I've evolved?" Seth asked in a weird voice.



"Yes host" announced the system slowly

"DO YOU TAKE ME A POKEMON f.u.c.k?" Seth shouted.

Five minutes later, after calming down Seth exchanged the Twilight universe for the universe of 'Doctor Who'. He looked at some things he wanted but in front of the prices, he fell back disappointed.

He began practicing his manipulation of Ki and found that he must have been an angel in a previous life because he could master it well enough. Then he studied the dragon language but instead of having to absorb the knowledge of an external source as in 'Skyrim' it is enough to understand the language. The more he understands it the more his cries will be powerful.

"I'm in One Piece but I find myself doing Philosophy, my life sucks."

He got up and went to the house. When he came home he felt an enigmatic smell. He entered the house and was amazed by what he saw

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