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Naveen side hugged his woman and consoled her saying "Hey, it's okay. Don't worry."

He again added seeing her on the edge of breaking into tears "How about it, I will call my uncle to be your guardian or should I ask my friend to act as your brother ?".

She slapped on his chest and said "Princi, know my father and we can'tfool them".

Shriya scolded Naveen for giving such ideas to her friend "Stop giving her all ridiculous ideas."

She then turned towards her friend and said "Hey, I think it will not be much of a problem. Tell them that we were provoked by them and also about the promise they made about not disturbing us again if we win, I am sure they will understand."

Brahmini asked "What if my parents scold me or if we get some serious punishment ?"

Shriya said "If we have to get punishment for sure, then I will take responsibility. Afterall everything started because of me".

Sony and Brahmini said in unison "No" in a firm tone. Brahmini said "No, I am not asking you to take responsibility alone."

Sony chimed in "Yes, we all did this together and we will face it together. Atmost we will be suspended for a while or something like that. Chill".

Naveen chimed in with excitement saying "You have always been a good girl baby. Let's try this out too."

Naveen was all serious and cold like Kunal and Abhi. But his personality changed whenever he was with his woman. She becomes a bit sensitive all of a sidden and he will be patient with her.

Shriya said "I don't want to trouble Abhi, but if you are afraid of this we will ask him out for help".

Brahmini said after a moment of thought "Well, I guess it will be fine. I will try". With that she smiled and Naveen hugged them all again.

On the other hand, Raj and Garima went hit Abhi and his friend stayed back. They were discussing "We thought he will not hug his woman in public but see he is doing it."

Abhi said "Everyone changes man when they are in love. Didn't you melt friend before you used tobe unbreakable iceberg."

* * * * *

Almost all the crowd dispersed and Shriya got a text message "Tomorrow we will celebrate your victory. Inform your friends too."

She texted him "Okay" and then came his reply "Come, I am waiting for you and bring your friend along as her man is waiting for her".

Shriya nodded and dragged her friend along with her while Naveen decided to drop his woman off at her house.

He has been enjoying his days with his woman these past days with the excuse of dropping her off at home and got quality time for themselves.

Naveen dropped them off at the caravan and drove off after they got into the car successfully.

Shriya hugged her man and then Kunal and so did Sony. Kunal asked his woman "Will you be okay ? Will uncle scold you ? Should I be there for you tomorrow ?" and Abhi smiled hit his friend ignored him.

Sony shook her hands saying "No, don't come. Dad already know about this and I will be fine. Believe me. But it will be a problem if you will be here ?"

Abhi a.s.sured his friend "No worries man, I will be here tomorrow so don't worry".

Shriya asked with worry "But what about Bhai ?" Abhi said "I am sure he will be fine. Of not I think I have to handle this afterall he is my employee".

They chatted for some time and dropped Sony off at her house. After that Kunal also went to his car which is following the caravan all the while. Shriya didn't forget to remind them to make sure to keep their schedule free the next night.

As usual Shriya fell asleep but she woke up when her man carried her to the bathroom. She bathed and after dinner, she soon fell asleep again.

The next day Shriya wore a formal dress with a pair of blue jeans and a black dress shirt. Abhi also wore dark blue jeans with a white shirt.

Shriya came in her audi while Abhi followed in his Bentley. Naveen walked behind them and when they were about to enter the office premises they saw Sony and her father sitting in the waiting room.

Sony is also wearing formal clothes yellow top with full sleeves and black jeans. To the other side sat Brahmini and she was wearing a peach coloured knee length top over white leggings.

Beside her was her mother in a white chudidhar and she looked at Shriya, Naveen and Abhi with surprise. She then looked at her daughter who was calm and silent but didn't ask anything.

Abhi smiled at Brahmini and her mother which the girl returned the same while her mother sat shocked in her chair.

Abhi turned towards Mr. Pratap and said "h.e.l.lo uncle". Mr. Pratap smiled and said "Hii beta. Come sit." With that the trio sat beside them.

The man who scolded them and asked the girls to bring their guardians the last day came and said with a poker face and in an annoyed tone while looking into the papers in his hands "Mr. Sheren, Ms. Kaur and Ms. Brahmini Yadav and Mr. Naveen, please enter the room no 201 with your guardians."

With that he looked up and when he saw Abhi there he was shocked. But before he could react they all stood up and the man said to Abhi in a very pleasant and respective tone "Mr. Malhotra, do you need anything ? want to talk to the princ.i.p.al ?".

Abhi shook his head with a cold face and said in an indifferent tone "No thanks. Now I am here as a guardian".

With that he looked at both Naveen and Shriya and they all walked to the room 201.

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