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Mr. Pratap said in a deep thought trying to remember something regarding this but he couldn't find any such memories "I never heard of it."

Shriya replied to his question "That's because that happened just after the fire accident, only after a few weeks" and Sony said with a foul mood "and we were not in a position for those kind of matters then".

Mr. Pratap nodded but there was a little bit of sadness on his face. But soon he recovered from it and smiled at them.

She said "Then came Kunal. Though it was me who helped them when they met with an accident, it was again bhai who gave blood for Kunal when it was needed and helped in the treatment."

Sony was silent with a blank face on her face when Shriya spoke about Kunal when Mr. Pratap became a bit grumpy. Sony actually focused her concentration on the phone and started typing it as if she couldn't hear them anymore.

Shriya observed the change in atmosphere but she said as if she didn't see anything weird or wrong. She continued "He also knew about me from a very long time and he is a very gentleman and cares for me and I like him from the bottom of my heart."

Mr. Pratap nodded his head without much emotion but asked out of the blue "You spoke about everyone else expect your fiancee".

Shriya smiled and just before she could say something they heard the door bell ring. Sony dashed out of the room with full speed and Shriya followed her looking at Mr. Pratap with a smile.

Sony called out for her father to come out too. He followed them and just when they entered the living room, Sony opened the door and said to the man waiting outside and greeted "Hii, Come inside".

Shriya looked towards the door and saw her man who was smiling at her with love. Mr. Pratap saw Abhi and said "Come beta, have a seat."

Abhi walked in gracefully and greeted both the father and daughter duo with his mesmerizing smile.

He sat beside his woman while Mr.Pratap sat opposite to them with his daughter on his side. Sony walked inside to get a coffee and she brought it immediately making sure not to leave out any detail.

After exchanging the greetings Abhi asked his woman "Why did you ask me to come up ?" to which she gave a dumb look.

Sony said with a mischievous smile "Well, it's me who sent that text to you asking you to come up. I just wanted you to meet my father"

Shriya looked at her friend with surprise and the latter just shrugged her shoulders innocently.

Mr. Pratap said "I already met him before" and he asked "How are you beta ? and Abhi said with a smile "Fine uncle. How are you and aunt ?".

Mr. Pratap said to the man infront of him "We are fine . Well congratulations Abhi for your engagement."

Abhi looked at his woman and asked her "Come let's take uncle's blessings".

Not only Shriya but also everyone else was shocked. But soon she got back to her senses and stood up with her man.

Mr. Pratap was also in a daze but soon he too stood up. Sony giggled and took out her phone to capture the moment.

Shriya was still in her practice dress just like Sony who were too lazy to change. Abhi on the other hand was in a grey coloured knee length shorts with a black t shirt on.

They both bent down to touch Mr. Pratap's feet and their bowing was not something Mr. Pratap expected, especially from Abhi.

He just gave them blessings in a hurry and pulled them both by their shoulders. He hugged them and said "Shriya was also like a daughter just like Sony. Take good care of her."

Sony captured all this cute moments in her phone and they sat back down at their place.

Mr. Pratap said with an awkward smile "Well, I didn't get any gift for you guys. Sorry."

Abhi smiled and said "No, it's okay uncle. The gift that you gave us is the best." Shriya looked at him and he said "Your brother's picture I got it from uncle."

She looked at him with surprise and her eyes brimmed with tears. Abhi was worried and just then to change the topic Sony said "Taking blessings from elders is a great thing but with your dresses it looks d.a.m.n funny."

Both the lead people of the topic looked at their clothes and they couldn't help but laugh and join the duo.

Mr. Pratap asked to Abhi "I never knew you are into traditions beta ( son or daughter ). Abhi replied "Well, after our engagement we couldn't get blessings from elders."

He explained seeing his confusion "Both the marriage of Rahul and Gouthami, and our engagement was held in Dubai only with our friends, among ourselves.

I am the elder one among all of them except for Kunal who is only a few months older to me. So we couldn't get elder's blessings."

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