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A sigh of relief escaped Li Chao's lips when he heard Li Nuxie's voice. He increased his pace while Huang Wensheng can barely follow him.

Although the laser beams were already disabled, it was still dark in the tunnel with only the source of light coming from the area where Li Nuxie was standing.

At first, Li Chao thought that the tunnel was straight. With the aid of the light coming not far from them, they were able to discern that that it was slightly curving. As they turned left, they finally saw Li Nuxie.

"Run faster. This steel barriers are like guillotines," she should frantically.

There was a steel barrier coming from the ceiling of the tunnel and another one protruding from the floor. The only opening was in the middle of these steel bars.

The steel barriers were two meters apart from each other. Still, one can be able to jump over it. The steel barrier protruding from the floor reached Huang Wensheng's chest.

Huang Wensheng's eyes went wide. He was able to watch a movie about it. Unconsciously, he touched his neck while still running. Can't afford to lose his neck here, he thought. A shudder went through his spine.

When they reached Li Nuxie, they start jumping over the steel barriers except Huang Wensheng.

Li Chao was a tennis player so it was easy for him to jump. Li Nuxie used to subst.i.tute in the track and field team and with smaller body than her brother, it was easier for her to jump.

Huang Wensheng grew up in the slums. While he was not an athlete, he knew how to climb walls higher than this. Hence, while the Li siblings were jumping over it, he was scaling over it.

When they reached the end of the barrier, the three of them blew some air. Only to sucked it in again.

In front of them, there was a long plank of wood attached to a rusty chain. At the end of the plank of wood, there was a door. Li Nuxie took a step towards the edge of the wood, every step was carefully done.

She sucked in her breath as she took a glance below.

"It's corrosive poison!" She exclaimed.

Li Chao went to the plank of wood and put his foot on it, testing its reliability. The wood swayed unsteadily.

"I think that's dangerous," Huang Wensheng said while fidgeting.

Li Nuxie took a deep breath. "We need to cross now. Who knows after Ying lose control of the server, it would be more dangerous," she said before grasping the rusty chain.

Her hands were shaking. If she fell, she would be a ghost with no intact body. Can't afford to fall, she thought.

"I'll go first. Huang Wensheng should follow. Elder brother, you're last," she instructed them.

Li Chao just nodded. "Be careful."

Li Nuxie remained silent as her feet landed on the wood, making it sway. Both her hands were raised on the side, leveling with her shoulders to keep her balance. She blew air before taking another step.

A layer of sweat was visible on her forehead as her eyes were trained on the door.

Little by little, she took another step, then another step. As she reached the middle part of the wood, her legs suddenly went numb.

She stopped, triggering another batch of swaying.

"No, no, no. Xiexie, keep going. You cannot stop!" Li Chao shouted.

Li Nuxie closed her eyes as she swallowed an imaginary lump in her throat.

"I can't. I think I'm having cramps," she said. Her voice was already hoa.r.s.e.

"You need to endure it. Just a little bit more. Come on!" He encouraged his sister.

Li Nuxie just nodded before opening her eyes again. She took another step. Then another.

Her eyes went red already but she kept walking. Li Nuxie groaned. Just another two steps, she thought. Pushing herself further.

Li Chao clenched his fists as he watched Li Nuxie took heavy steps forward. He can see the slight trembling of her legs and feet but she cannot stop or else, she would fall.

As Li Nuxie took a final step, she collapsed on the floor, her breathing was heavy. Her right hand pinched the lower part of her legs. She groaned while her eyes were tightly shut.

"You go now," Li Chao ordered Huang Wensheng.

"Okay." Huang Wensheng imitated Li Nuxie's action. He was able to get past of the plank of wood because he grew up doing it with the children in the slum area.

He went to the side of Li Nuxie and support her back while making her sit upright. "Are you alright, elder sister?"

"I'm fine. It's just cramps."

"Should I open the door?" Huang Wensheng asked then.

Li Nuxie shook her head. "Wait until elder brother cross the plank," she said. She was not crossing out the possibility that the mechanism of the door was connected to the plank of wood.

Crossing the plank of wood was much harder for Li Chao. His body was bulkier than Huang Wensheng and Li Nuxie so the plank kept swaying and swaying.

Sweat trickled beside his cheeks but he cannot even wipe it out.

Li Nuxie blinked her eyes. She noticed that the steam from the corrosive poison was rising up. "Elder brother, go faster," she said before turning to Huang Wensheng. "Help me up and cover your face," she said.

"My face?" Huang Wensheng's hand pressed the exposed portion of his face. Remember when it was damaged during the steel bars portion?

He grasped Li Nuxie's waist as she tried to stand up. Huang Wensheng winced. Who would have thought that Li Nuxie was heavy despite having a small stature? Li Nuxie was finally able to stand up.

Li Chao took steps faster but very carefully. When he took the last step, he too, almost collapsed.

Li Nuxie screamed when the corrosive poison started boiling. The gurgling sound was too distracting.

"Go, go, go! Elder brother, open the door now!"

Li Chao didn't even have the time to panic. He pulled the door but it didn't budge. When he tried pushing it, the result was the same.

"Just destroy it," Li Nuxie said.

Huang Wensheng pulled Li Nuxie away from the edge before releasing her. Suddenly, he felt hot.

"I said covered your face even with your hand!" You can die even if it was just steam!" Li Nuxie screamed at Huang Wensheng.
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With wide eyes, he just nodded.

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