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Credits to Chiffon_cake for the original story

Media files by: PinkMilk Subs
Phana's POV

I had a wonderful night with my Nong'Yo. Well, we just had our dinner just like what Wayo had requested before he did his performance on stage. I enjoyed watching him as much as how he enjoyed the sumptuous meal we ordered at this restaurant I handpicked especially for him.

After that, I helped him carry his things back into his room. The roses are still left inside the car trunk except for this big bunch of roses he's been carrying since the time we left the campus. He seems to like them a lot because these are the only things he holds in his arms allowing me to take the rest all by myself. The strangest part? I'm not complaining at all. Instead, I keep on smiling while looking at him hugging that bunch of roses like he never wants to let it go.

Of course, I was the one who gave those flowers so why wouldn't I be happy?

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"Oh my gosh!" On our way up to his room, we met a couple of freshmen girls. They seem so shocked to see us walking past them.

"Hey, you're that guy who played the piano, right?" One of them squealed which made Yo smile a bit.

"P'Pha, Wayo... You two live in this building?"


Both girls were almost screaming among themselves. Yo, being the shy guy he is, simply scratches his head while I gave them a nod before heading back to his room.

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"I understand these bunch of clothes, but I don't get it why were there stuffed animals and a few plush toys inside your bag." I've been curious since we left the compet.i.tion venue. There are about three or four of them, that's why I have to ask.

"Those're from my friends, seniors, faculty members, and..." Looks like he's trying to think of another one. "Err... I could no longer remember."

"Uhmm... d.a.m.n popular, huh?" I didn't mean to sound a bit sarcastic.

"Nah... They're nice people. Besides, they want to support me."

"These 99 roses should've been enough." I babbled, while Yo took his keys to unlock the door. He turned to smile at me a little before getting inside the room.

Yeah, the same room where I was last night. d.a.m.n! I want to sleep here again, not just walk him home.

"You can just leave them anywhere, khrub. I'll take care of them later."

He places the bouquet on top of his desk which I call the 'Phana Collection'. That's right! That one full of my photos on it. He seems to be so focused in arranging those flowers that he doesn't even pay attention at my presence standing right behind him. ?

"They'll wither in the next couple of days... You can just throw them away then."

"But I don't want to throw them away." His face telling he means it.

"It's okay, I don't mind." I've been very happy to give those to him and he being so happy about getting something like those is more than enough, so it should be fine.


"It'll spoil your room."

"Oh... Okay, I'll throw them away in a couple of days then."

Fair enough. "Whatever you want, khrub." I smile as I arranged the bags in a neat pile on the floor. I want to make sure he could easily find them.

That's it... I guess my work is done here for now. I sat on Yo's bed comfortably, tucked my shirt off my pants, unb.u.t.ton my shirt a bit, and relaxed myself like I'm resting inside my own room. I even checked on myself at the nearby mirror where I could see his reflection very clearly.

Looks like he's still busy with those flowers.

That skinny back moving around carelessly makes me want to tease him... And that gave me two seconds to start my plan.

I hugged him from behind... Oooh, this s.e.xy small, lightweight body... He's not really that short. (I'm only teasing him by calling him 'Shorty' out of adoration.) But I wonder why he feels so small under me that I can easily grab on him like this.

He didn't say anything but looks up at the mirror in front of him where he could see both our reflections. I look at us too. We're staring at each other in front of it.

"Hey, P'Pha. What the f.u.c.k are you doing?"

"You should pay more attention to the person who's right here. What are you doing with all these flowers?" I quirked an eyebrow at him.

"What do you think you're doing? Let me go." He threatens a ball of fist at me. Yeah, right... looks more adorable rather than scary.

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"Punch me then... Go on. Do it." I urged and he did so but it was very gentle. More like teasing me back.

"Let go. Don't you even feel warm?"

"Nope. I love us being like this..."

My little boy seems to have blushed again. Well, my heart is beating up fast too.

"Are you mad at me for doing something like this to you?"

"If I would have been mad, you think I'll let you do it to me?"

s.h.i.t!!! His answer made me feel so happy. I couldn't stop myself from stealing a kiss on his cheek before letting him go. And then, I decided to lay down rolling around Yo's bed comfortably. He looks at me wearing a bit of annoyance on his face.

"Seriously... Is this my room or yours?"

"I'm not going anywhere."

"You're shameless."


Yo twitched his lips at me to make a silent swear before he went unpacking the bags on the floor. He pulls out the sashes one by one and laid it on top of his bed right next to me so he can take a picture of them.

"You post it on your IG?"

"Nope... I'll be sending this to dad. He doesn't believe I won so many awards."

Maybe his dad still remembers him as his little boy back in high school, not the handsome adorable guy who just became the Science Moon.

To be honest, if I were one of the panel of judges, I would have picked Yo to be this year's Campus Moon. But... Now that I think more about it, I guess I'd rather not. He only took the Second Runner Up t.i.tle yet I'm already been this very possessive of him to the point I am itching to break anyone's neck who dares to approach him.

And right... The next semester is going to start in only about a few more days.

"Listen..." I told Yo.


"I'll stay with you a little late tonight."

"Uhmm... Sure." This little guy is having fun checking his gifts in those bags. "But don't you need to study tonight?"

"Nope... I'm waiting for something."

"Waiting for what?"

"Not telling you."

"Hey... Ai P'Pha..."

It's good that Nong'Yo doesn't suspect anything, but now I'm starting to get nervous. Actually, I still have another surprise for him, and it hasn't arrived yet.

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That moment I was inside the restaurant's bathroom where we had our dinner, I called Ai'Beam. He was really kind of angry at me after asking him for an immediate favor.

"They called me a few minutes ago telling me that my order has arrived."

"You a.s.shole Ai'Pha... you mother f.u.c.ker! Forget about your wedding gift. I won't give you both anything." He was really mad. Well, I know Ai'Beam. Eventually, he'll give me one anyway. He's mad because he has to drive thru the crazy traffic jam to the mall, pick my order up, and bring it back here for me instead of driving to get a drink without getting himself stuck in the middle of downtown Bangkok.

It'll be my surprise.

I was trying hard not to let Yo notice while texting Ai'Beam. I want to know where he is so I can get myself prepared for my long speech as well. He replies with a short message telling me he's about to arrive in which he's probably stuck in some traffic around somewhere. I was scratching my head getting a little bit upset at his response.

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While worried about my gift to arrive anytime soon, Yo disappears from the bag of gifts to check his pictures on Facebook with his iMac. I wanted to see his pictures too so I got up from bed to sit behind him as I rest my chin on top of his shoulder.

"Ming looks real good on this one." He murmurs. "Hahahah... Look at the comment. It says 'The Ladyboys' Darling'."

"Let's see your pictures na."

"Hey, take it easy... We're getting there." He pauses as he scrolls down to see one of my pictures in the news feed. "Whoa..."


"Nothing." He coughs out. "It's just my normal reaction whenever I stumble on your pictures. I forgot you're already sitting on top of me right now."

"You normally gasp like that whenever you see my pictures?" A smile curves at one corner of my lips.

"Even worse sometimes." Yo shrugs as his way of response which makes me want to make Ai'Beam rush his driving as fast as he could.

"It's too bad we don't have any picture of us on stage... Look, even in this Popular Award photo, Ai'Ming was standing right next to us." He whines.

"Take one then... Let's take one with only us both." I hand him my phone.

"It'll be different now."

Just in time when Beam calls in. YES! Finally!

"I'll be right back." I kiss him on his head (his hair still feels hard from those hair products) before storming out of Yo's room.

"Hey, where you going?"

"I'll be back in a jiffy."

Yo nods as he went on checking his Facebook profile page. As for me, I went running like h.e.l.l to see Ai'Beam downstairs at the parking lot.

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"f.u.c.k! Not this one." I yelled out loud after opening the box. "This is the wrong one."

"What? No way."

"Yes way... You got the wrong box. Are they still open?" I called the store right away.

"d.a.m.n, Ai'Pha... Does it really has to be today?"

"Of course." I replied fast. "It has to be today. I don't want to have any headaches later."

"Why is that?"

"A lot of guys will be approaching him soon. I need to block them out."

Beam makes a face like he's going to have a headache too. We're lucky the store picked up my call to let them know my friend brought me the wrong item. She began to apologize and promises to bring the right one outside the mall where Beam could meet her up since the mall will be closing soon.

I'm so upset. I'm not going to fail... Not today, not any minute. Then I notice Beam haven't turned his car's engine off yet.

"I'm going to the mall." I held my hand out for him to hand me over his car keys. "I'm driving and you're coming with me."

"What?! Again?" He complains.

"You have to make it up for your mistake."

"s.h.i.t! I swear I'm not giving you any red envelope on your wedding day."

[Note: Among most Thais, it is customary for close friends to offer the newly wedded couple with red envelopes which contain money inside as their way of wishing them good luck and prosperity for their future.]

"I'm fine with it, buddy. Now, let's go"

Beam walks his way reluctantly towards the pa.s.senger side of his car as I drove us off as fast as I could.

This'll take us a long drive back to the mall. Other than distance, it'll also be the same time for everyone to go home after a long day's work which will cause heavy traffic along the outskirts of downtown Bangkok.

I'm getting even more upset by the minute. I promised Yo I'll be away for only about ten minutes, now it's been more than an hour since I left his room. Even worse, I left my phone in his room before I hurried down to see Ai'Beam.

Yup. I am so Dead. Yo will kill me... ?

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About a week ago, I went to order this gift wile Nong'Yo was busy rehearsing that's why this is the second time I saw the store owner who seemed so happy to see me. We traded bags. This time, I double checked the item including the quality before driving back. No idea how long this'll take but it's already past midnight.

I guess I'll already have to sign my own will... It's been like what? Three hours?

"Thanks, buddy." I pat on Beam's shoulder before leaving his car.

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"Ai'Pha..." He calls back smiling as I am about to head for the stairs. "I'm sure he'll gonna say yes."

Will it be a yes or a no, we'll see, but this has to be done tonight. I ran upstairs as fast as I could like I was taking at least three or five strides at a time before finally reaching the front of his room. I tried knocking a few times but there was no answer and looks like the lights are already turned off.

P' deeply sorry, Nong'Yo. ?

Good thing his door wasn't locked. Phew!

He's already asleep the moment I got myself in. Right there, lying down peacefully on his bed facing the other side with his back at me. I laid myself down next to him hugging him loosely. He must have woken up with my movements as I felt his arm hitting mine.

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"Where have you been? Go away."

Like I have said... He's really mad at me. ?

"I went to get something."

Yo turns around to see my face amidst the dark. I'm sure he'd notice my eyes sparkling as they're illuminated by the light coming from the balcony outside. "Is it that important? What time is it now? And why didn't you bring your phone with you? You said you'll be right back so I waited and waited that you have no idea how worried I'd been."

No kidding. He's really mad that I have to hug him tighter. I know I've been so brave after that night where we were inside the car when Yo tried to kiss me on the cheek but ended up kissing me on the lips instead.

"I'm sorry." I whispered. He seems to have calmed down after I said that but he still hits me on the arm one more time. "Ouch!"

"Go back to your room now and get some sleep. You still have a cla.s.s tomorrow, haven't you?"

"Uhmm... In a few minutes."

"Why is that?"

"You don't want me to tell you where I disappeared to?"

I raised my hand to grab the tiny bag from the desk where I placed it a while ago. It has the same velvet box containing the bracelet Yo gave me.

Yup. It's the same bracelet only that it's White instead of the black one I'm wearing around my wrist. Same Brand, same design, same everything other than the color. This product has already been discontinued that's why I have to make a special order with its price higher than the regular ones.

I put it on his wrist, the same side where mine was placed. It looks so perfect on him even in the dark.

"Hey, P'Pha... How did you manage to get this? They already discontinued this model."

"Of course, I'm a G.o.d. [Yes P'G.o.dt, we know ?] That's why." Yo raises his arm up to compare his bracelet with mine. "Do you know what I'm, gonna say next?"

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"You gave me loads of stuff today, P'..."

"But this'll be the most important thing I'm giving you. It'll be important to your life... Mine... and the future."

"What is it?" He asks in a whisper which made me d.a.m.n nervous. I turned him so that our faces will be facing each other.


Those big bright eyes of his are looking right at me. "Huh?" It looks like he's kind'a nervous too.

d.a.m.n! My heart is beating so fast. What feeling is this?

I have to let this out before it kills me.

Someone deserves to be taken, right? Specially a cute and popular little guy like Nong'Yo.



"We've been in love with each other for quite too long now..."

Yo blinks. "Yeah?"

"Nong'Yo likes me and I like you too..."


"No... I mean I love you too..."

He's getting a little bit shaky now. I can feel his nervousness out of his hands gripping tightly against the blanket.

Yeah, of course... So do I. I'm f.u.c.king nervous. This feeling is far worse than that day when we're waiting for the admission result letter from the University Medical School.

"From now on..."


"Let me take care of Nong'Yo... As your boyfriend na khrub."

Yo looked so shocked.

"Will you be my boyfriend?"

One of his teardrops fell from those shaky eyes.


Ouch! I got a big hit on the chest. Yo wipes his tears pretending he wasn't crying at all.

"f.u.c.k you, P'Pha."

"Is that a yes?"

"Do you still need to ask?"

I hug my little boy tightly.

"Well, I'm not sure."

"Do you really need me to kick your a.s.s? My room is filled with your pictures and stuff yet you're saying you aren't sure about my answer, huh?"

I hug him a bit more tight. Everything that happened these days are the best days of my life. So many good things have happened and I want everything to remain like this in every single day of my life with Nong'Yo.

"So... You're my boyfriend now."

He nods.

"From now on, if somebody asks for your phone number, tell them you're already taken. Okay?"

Yo hits me again. "Look who's talking. You should tell that to yourself."

I showed him a grin.

So many things are happening now between me and Yo.

And today will be the first day of our new journey as boyfriends.

Trust me when I say this isn't going to be an easy journey.

But I believe... We both will be able to get through with it.

"P' Love you na 'Yo." Oops! This image does not follow our content guidelines. To continue publishing, please remove it or upload a different image.

------------*- End Of Book 1 -*--------------

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