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Chapter 972 Guardians Of A City

Humanity faced the biggest crisis to date.

The abyssals had never been so driven as today. With a single, unrelenting intention, they moved forward.

Even if their blood dried up and their flesh was torn apart, they marched to the future they desired.

A future of victory.

They paid the bare minimum care to themselves, even though it might cause future complications, and just fought.

When the first news of battle came in, the Military HQ wanted to send reinforcements to the planetoid that was suddenly attacked.

The reinforcements hurried to the s.p.a.ceships and were about to take off when news of attacks in other planetoids came in. Then, as if a dam was broken, more news flooded the HQ.

A military alert was declared and just after over three months since the b.l.o.o.d.y war, the federation announced the start of another.


*** *** ***

Unlike the inner planets which only had to look after their planetoids, Ura.n.u.s had another headache.

s.p.a.ce Cities.

Between Ura.n.u.s and Neptune, these s.p.a.ce city cl.u.s.ters acted as the teleportation centers that'd allow for quick movement of reinforcements in case of crisis.

So, when the war began and troops scurried to Neptune, they had to enter these cities and teleport to Neptune.

In the past few months, these cities underwent a complete shift. Thanks to the destruction of the gangs and the black market by the Shadow Order, people finally breathed in liberty.

After the last war, the army stationed here was mostly transferred to the planetoids while the protection of the city was given to the paramilitary.

People flocked to it when the cities turned free. After all, it was the most obvious path to getting out of poverty.

But as the city grew more prosperous, they realized they could come out of poverty without risky jobs. As a result, most quit the paramilitary and joined some other field.

However, some stayed. Because they found their work meaningful. But also because they viewed it as a responsibility they couldn't shake off.

Why did cities like Valos fall into such dire straits and got controlled by gangs? Because there was no one to stand up for the cities and fight these gangs.

The army was too busy with its own work, the civilian government was corrupt. In the end, it's the common people that suffered.

After decades of such suffering, that very common people now had a chance to protect their city.

Even if anything bad happens in the future, they'd stand up against evil. And more importantly, they'd never allow anyone to push their city into darkness again.

"—and this beloved city, the place where we are born and lived all our lives is now under an existential threat! After the last war, the troops were transferred out to the planetoids to fill up the vacancy.

Why were they relieved to go? Because we are here! They trusted us to protect this city in their absence!"

In the military field where hundreds of thousands of soldiers stood in attention, a middle-aged woman with fierce eyes said with her hands behind her back.

"This city is the transit station between two planets. It is the reason why Neptune can be safe. This is our great city! The abyssals are coming for it. To tear down our homes and to make this city a thing of the past."

The soldiers' emotions grew agitated as the looming abyss threat was announced. But more than fear, there was anger in their eyes.

How dare they….those invaders…to invade their homeland.

Even though the abyssals were a strong and well-trained force, even though they were just a paramilitary months old, even then they wouldn't back down.

"We'll all die once. Some will die a natural death in old age. Some will succ.u.mb to internal injuries. Others will go in an accident." The woman's calm voice suddenly rose, just like her arms that pointed at them. "But few have the honor to die for their birthplace. Few have the honor to die protecting something.

We might be ill-equipped to deal with threats of this caliber, but we aren't ill-prepared to give our lives to do what's right! If our city falls, then Neptune will fall! And if Neptune falls, the whole of humanity will eventually fall!

We are the wall stopping that destruction! We are the shield that is protecting our race! We are the guardians humanity needs!"

Following her words, silence remained in the air for a second before the loud cheers of conviction shook the earth.

"We are the warriors!"

"We kill to protect!"

"We die to protect!"

"My life belongs to this land!"

"My death is for this land!"

Watching the unswerving patriotism of the people who were just rogue adventurers and common citizens a few months ago, the female commander felt genuine joy and relief.

She's one of the few personnel from the military left in the city and she knew that if the army couldn't even send reinforcements to fight off the abyssals that were coming for the city, then the situation couldn't just be bad. It must be terrible.

Under such circ.u.mstances, if the cl.u.s.ter cities were destroyed and the support to and from Neptune was gone, then there's a very, very real possibility that humanity might perish.

Thankfully, the Valos city she's in, like all other cities in the region developed in the past months and was heavily invested so that the defense infrastructure got an upgrade.

But more than any machinery, the people were ready to defend their homes with their blood and flesh.

If this war happened a few months ago, then they'd be sitting ducks waiting to be slaughtered.

Now they had a chance.

She pointed her sword at the glittering dots that appeared far in outer s.p.a.ce.

The abyssal were here.


The paramilitary got into the s.p.a.ceships and flew into the dark, deep s.p.a.ce as they began a standoff against the abyssals.

Every one of them had just one thought.

'I must win.'

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