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Chapter 1256 The Curtains Rise

"N-No, I wasn't trying to leak anything. I swea—arghhh!"

Varian indifferently stared at the man erased away and focused on his a.s.similator power.

As the man was devoured, his aura was also absorbed in. A typical a.s.similator would take in the foreign aura before throwing it out.

Varian did something different.

His a.s.similator power continued to act, devouring the physical aspect of the man to improve his own strength.

But his spirit power also started working, breaking down the man's soul, expelling any parts with ego and using it to nourish his own soul.

This much was still understandable.

However, his sliver powers also pulsed through the man's aura and broke down his powers to the most fundamental form.

The man's accomplishments—his understanding in his Rank 2 Mystic path—were like an open book in front of Varian.

As a peak rank 4 Adept, he didn't gain anything remarkable from the comprehensions of a rank 2 Mystic.

But it gave him perspective.

And verified something he had been itching to test out for a while.

"So I can really…" The corner of Varian's lips curled into a dangerous smile as his eyes narrowed, glinting with a predatory light.

Now it's not just fighting, he could also 'devour' an awakener to gain insight into their corresponding path.

Even though the efficiency of the method was still unclear, it was a way forward.

'It breaks common sense but if I use this properly, I can go from rank 4 to rank 6 faster than rank 1 to rank 3.'

Varian exhaled and asked in an eager tone. "Boo, are there any more visitors?"

Boo was floating in the sleek white room, swimming backstroke when Varian's words jolted it out of its peace.

Pouting at him for his inconsiderate timing, Boo checked if there were any new s.p.a.ce pirates and spies near the solar system recently.

Ever since Azalea's death, their civilization got a lot more spotlight than Varian liked.

Before the princes could arrive, the Pala kingdom announced a census. Even before the census, there were people from nearby provinces and duchies trying to sneak around.

They all ended up becoming fertilizers for a greedy plant named Varian.

"I can understand provinces sending rank 2s, but Duchies sending rank 3s and rank 4s? Seriously? Send rank 5s at least!"

Varian's figure blurred as he exited the laboratory and strolled down the garden, the time flow around him too distorted that it appeared as if he was teleporting or even appearing in two places at the same time.

"Master, do you have any shame asking rank 5s from duchies?" Boo crossed its arm and sat on top of Varian's shoulder.

"Shame? You can sell that?" Varian dismissed the provocative question and headed to the meeting.

The census officials would be here soon.

It'd be safe to presume everyone and their grandma's details would be grilled. He had to prepare in advance to ensure everything went smoothly.

The princes would still come.

But they better come for Azalea's death and not for a mysterious civilization that somehow had connections to an extinct primordial tribe.

Varian had a plan for the former situation and it might just work. But the latter? The entire alliance would chase him down and he'd have to abandon the human race for a chance of survival.

— — — — —

Baldur's clone, which was created from the gift of Miss Calamity had been performing its duties as the regent for the last week.

No one suspected anything so far. But the situation was getting worse.

Even though everything seemed stable, it was a house of cards. One poke and it'd all come crashing down.

The poke came in the form of the officials that came uninvited.

"Officers Edison, Finar, and Ashley request a formal meeting with the Prince of Pala Kingdom appointed Regent of Centaurus, His Highness Baldur.

We are here to conduct a census of the newly discovered civilization. Before we leave, we are here to seek your guidance."

The census was supposed to be held by the Centaurus Duchy. But Azalea's death escalated everything.

When she killed the bratty princess, Isadora gave it little thought. In her opinion, she'd leave this place after killing Varian anyway. The consequences were never on her mind.

Now, her actions pushed Varian into unwanted trouble.

Pala kingdom sending its own officers was merely a prelude to the arrival of the crown prince candidates.

"The regent is busy in comprehending his path. Please return on a later date."

In front of the Duke Quarters, the loyal servant bowed to the guests in authoritative yet fancy clothes and announced.

"I'm sorry?" A tall man with two sharp ears on each side stepped forward and pointed his ears towards the servant.

"The rege—"

"Not that, you old dog." The tall man slapped the old servant and sent him flying across the front yard.

The old servant crashed into the st.u.r.dy wall before sliding down, coughing blood and breathing hard.

In a few seconds, the old man who had served the duchy for decades would breathe his last.

The other two officials with him looked on with impa.s.sive gazes.

"This is the standard protocol for any duchy. It doesn't matter who is the duke or regent, they have to meet the officials or risk being booked for obstructing the king's orders." The tall man spoke out loud, his target was obviously the man inside the duke's quarters.

"If the protocol isn't met after three proper warnings, then the duke could be questioned for rebelling and be brought to the capital for investigation."

A deep sigh leaked out of the quarters and the huge double doors opened with a creak.

An emaciated 'Baldur' stepped on the lush green gra.s.s and looked at the officials with an exhausted gaze.

"A clone…" Ashley, a woman with a short tail, sneered in contempt and muttered under her breath. 'As the princess suspected...'

"Where is the main body?" Fina, the tall man asked.

Baldur's clone looked at them with gritted teeth and chose not to lie. That could be another criminal charge. But it couldn't tell them the truth either. That'd put Baldur in a lot more trouble.

So, it chose the only option it had.

It imploded.

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