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Volume 11 - Yamata no Orochi: Chapter 53 – Oborozuki

This scabbard, entirely black with silver inscriptions, seemed to glow with a golden halo under the light, creating an aura of mystique and power. The sheathed blade, extending over four feet in length, glided through the sky as if the very air itself was parting to avoid the cold sword intent emanating from within.

Lily leaped up, reaching for the blade in a fluid motion. However, a ma.s.sive tail swung towards her with daunting speed. With no time to spare, Lily dodged sideways as swiftly as she could, abandoning her attempt to catch the blade. Remarkably, despite never having touched this blade before, it seemed to resonate with her, altering its flight path to land in Lily’s hand.

The moment Lily’s hand clasped the scabbard, she felt an overwhelming sense of compatibility. The blade’s energy fluctuations penetrated deep into her being, intertwining with her spirit energy in a seamless fusion, as if she and the blade were one ent.i.ty.

Lily’s heart raced with excitement. Without even unsheathing the long sword, she knew this weapon was extraordinary. “What is this feeling? This sense of unity feels as if it originates from the depths of my very soul, from a distant past…”

The blade was drawn with a swift movement, releasing a hazy pulse that spread through the heavens and earth. This subtle yet pervasive power, unstoppable like moisture in the air, parted the large dark clouds, unveiling a luminous full moon in the night sky.

Holding the beautiful blade, Lily marveled at its weightlessness, akin to an extension of her own arm. The blade moved effortlessly through the air, its pa.s.sage marked by a soft sound, slicing through the very atmosphere. Despite its apparent lightness, the long sword was significantly heavy, its form slightly longer and thinner than Dojigiri Yasutsuna, with a thicker back edge, gleaming under the moonlight.

Lily trembled with excitement. “Is this the legendary blade used by celestial battle maidens to vanquish demons? The strongest blade under the heavens?” she wondered aloud. “Oborozuki Muramasa!”

As Lily became momentarily captivated by the beauty of Oborozuki, she missed the terrifying flame Yamata no Orochi spat towards her. “Lily, be careful!” a voice called out in warning. Without a moment’s hesitation, she swung the blade. The blade beam, a hazy streak of light, effortlessly split the flames, leaving trails of scorching air on either side as it continued its trajectory

1 towards one of Yamata no Orochi’s heads. The casual swing inflicted a deeper wound than her previous full-powered attacks, eliciting a scream of pain from the serpent as black blood gushed forth.

Surprised by the effectiveness of her casual swing, Lily felt a surge in her speed with Oborozuki Muramasa in hand. She appeared instantaneously beneath one of the serpent’s necks, delivering a powerful horizontal slash. Black blood sprayed into the air, marking the sky, as she inflicted a colossal gash across Yamata no Orochi’s neck, the depth of which was unfathomable. The movement of Yamata no Orochi’s heads abruptly stopped.

The others were astounded by the power of the blade, recognizing an unprecedented threat to Yamata no Orochi. Only Princess Asuka, who had landed on a nearby mountain, remained unsurprised. As a prodigious sword forger of the Asuka clan, she had invested her utmost skill and rare materials into creating Oborozuki. Her confidence in the sword was unwavering; it was a masterpiece transcending the Heian era, verging on the realm of spirit treasures, perhaps mirroring the ancient blades forged for celestial battle maidens over a thousand years ago.

For Lily, the most profound aspect wasn’t just its unmatched power or sharpness but the unique energy fluctuations it emitted with each swing. It felt as if the blade had been connected to her for eons, offering new insights into the way of the sword. The silver-white lunar inscriptions along Oborozuki’s blade shimmered under the moonlight, reflecting both the lunar light and the shadows of Lily’s soul world. Oborozuki Muramasa, inherently imbued with lunar energy, was a perfect match for Lily’s celestial maiden physique, merging sword and wielder.

For Lily, the embodiment of seductive intent was fully captured in the cursed blade’s soul pattern, offering an enchanting and complete interpretation. This blade not only stretched the boundaries of a high-level spirit weapon but also resonated with Lily in an unprecedented manner, enabling it to unleash exceptional power.

Yet, Lily felt this was still insufficient. When she wielded Oborozuki, she sensed the fluctuations of lunar energy and the misty moonlight scattered by the unique dragon tamahagane. These phenomena hinted at deeper mysteries and secrets of supreme power within the blade.

Yamata no Orochi, sensing the danger posed by Oborozuki Muramasa, reacted with fear and unleashed its power in a frenzy. The creature, now fully enraged, focused all its attention on Lily, intending to eliminate the significant threat she posed.

Streams of eight-colored flame targeted Lily, who now, enhanced by Oborozuki, evaded with increased speed, perceiving the world, herself, and the moon in new ways.

The others, momentarily ceasing their attacks, watched in awe as Lily, illuminated by the moonlight, seemed to be using the battle as a moment for enlightenment and training. Michizane, witnessing this, couldn’t hide his astonishment. “Kagami Lily…that woman…she’s practicing at a time like this!?” he exclaimed, noting her use of Yamata no Orochi’s onslaught for her own growth.

Lily’s strength and speed surged as she dodged, a thin layer of hazy moonlight enveloping her, her understanding of lunar true intent deepening with every movement.

Even Yoritomo, typically composed, stepped back in disbelief. “Kagami Lily…that woman, why is she so inconceivable? Everything and everyone follows my plans, the world is guided by my plans, only you, time and time again, exceed my expectations…” he mused, unable to fathom Lily’s ability to grow stronger in the face of mortal danger.

As Lily maneuvered through the air, her understanding of the original lunar energy deepened, revealing new insights. She realized that fully grasping the true lunar intent required surpa.s.sing a significant bottleneck. Despite her comprehensive knowledge of the Twelve Moon Phase Instrument, advancing to the next level proved elusive.

The essence of the moon, inherently hazy and illusory, holds supreme power. The deeper one explores, the easier it becomes to lose one’s way, making complete comprehension challenging. Lily learned to release all emotions and thoughts, immersing herself in the moonlight, allowing the illuminating glow to envelop both her body and blade. This profound sensation, emerging from the depths of her being, signified her alignment with the true lunar path.

Elevated by this realization, Lily ascended gracefully, her figure ethereal against the backdrop of the bright moon. In her soul world, the moon underwent its cycles, eventually aligning perfectly with the actual full moon in the sky. The convergence of the real and the ethereal moon bathed the surroundings in a hazy brilliance, reminiscent of the…

“Hazy moon…that, that’s the Oborozuki!” Mita, observing the overlapping moons in awe, then turned his gaze to Lily, radiant in the moonlight. His pale beard quivered, and his stance faltered. Memories of a distant past, of a time when he was but a simple awakened racc.o.o.n, flooded back. He had witnessed this hazy moon before, during an epoch-defining battle against demons.

Under the dim, hazy moonlight, Lily’s comprehension of lunar energy evolved. Yamata no Orochi, sensing the hazy moon’s presence, felt a primal fear. This ancient dread, buried deep within its memories, signaled a threat to its very existence, driving it into a frenzy.

The beast unleashed chaos, overturning rivers and seas, as tsunamis and earthquakes ravaged the land. The sky darkened with an eight-colored rain, intensifying the apocalyptic scene. All of Yamata no Orochi’s heads fixated on Lily, their gaze filled with unparalleled hatred.

With a forceful surge, three ma.s.sive heads lunged at Lily with increased velocity. Her descent from the sky was serene and majestic, akin to a deity coming forth to vanquish demons. Bathed in hazy white moonlight, her presence was as surreal as a mirage.

Standing at the cusp of understanding the true lunar intent, Lily was nearly in touch with the celestial lunar path. This path, vast yet indistinct, promised supremacy in the mortal realm even with the most basic grasp of its essence.

Amidst this celestial confrontation, a new beam of moonlight

2, emanating from Lily’s blade, sliced through the night. One of Yamata no Orochi’s heads was severed by a sweeping silver arc, momentarily bringing tranquility to the chaotic scene.

The onlookers, including Yoritomo, the Heavenly Kings, and various demon generals, along with allies like Kimiko, Ayaka, Shizuka Gozen, Tokiwa, and Michizane, were left in disbelief. The severed head plummeted from the sky, creating a ma.s.sive tidal wave upon impact with the sea.

Lily, pa.s.sing by with Oborozuki Muramasa in hand, looked on with a mix of disbelief and newfound hope at the remaining seven heads of Yamata no Orochi.

From afar, Rei observed Lily with a blend of relief and admiration. At that moment, the ancient blade she held vibrated ominously.

“Lily! Careful!” Rei’s warning echoed as she sensed imminent danger.

Caught off guard, Lily was struck by a powerful tail, propelling her into distant mountains with a devastating impact.

Yamata no Orochi, now ablaze with a dark, ancient power, seemed to reignite the embers of purgatory itself. As the severed neck was enveloped in a black mist, a new head emerged, signaling the continuation of the battle.


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