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Chapter 1820: I’m sorry, sister-in-law

Translator: 549690339

Then let’s hear what they’re talking about.

“It seems like Gu Nian has broken up with her boyfriend who has a powerful family background,” Sun Fei replied.

‘Hmm,’ Gu Nian thought as she crossed her arms and frowned.’Why are they so happy about my breakup?’

Ding Yan: ” she’s quite capable. I’ve seen her boyfriend once. He’s tall, handsome, and comes from an influential family. Gu Nian broke up with him just like that. I wonder if she can find such an outstanding boyfriend in the future.

Well, I’ve really troubled you.

He Yun: ” that’s great. No one will support her. We don’t have to be at her beck and call anymore.

Eh? Did she give them any face?

She suddenly opened the door, catching the three of them off guard. The girls were obviously fl.u.s.tered.

Gu Nian placed a bag of medicine on the table and said coldly, ” I’ll be honest with you guys. I, Gu Nian, am someone who will not attack unless I’m attacked. However, if you guys really attack me, I won’t let you guys off easily. I can turn a blind eye to the three of you surrounding me and saying bad things about me. However, if there are any bad rumors about me in the cla.s.s or in the school, I will not tolerate it.

The three of them were intimidated by her again.

Sun Fei quickly came back to her senses. you’re quite good at making threats.

“If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.” Gu Nian smiled at her.

In this school, if you wanted to study quietly, you didn’t have to hide your ident.i.ty. If you had no power, no status, and no background, there would be countless people like sun Feifei who would step on you.

On the contrary, they wanted to curry favor with people like Jian Xia. However, as long as they were cold enough, they wouldn’t dare to come forward to curry favor.

Therefore, as long as Sun Feifei dared to play any tricks behind her back, she didn’t mind revealing her ident.i.ty.

She was not afraid of competing with her father.

Sun Fei really wouldn’t give up until she reached the end of the river.

At the Shen family’s house, as soon as Shen Zhaozheng returned home, Zhou Yueru came up to him and looked at him with hope. “How did it go? did you tell niannian? What did she say to you?”

“I’m sorry, sister-in-law. My words don’t mean anything,” Shen Zhaozheng said.

“Did vou talk to her DroDerlv? Isn’t that child alwavs afraid of vou?”

Shen Zhaoming frowned. even if she’s afraid of me, I can’t threaten her. She has her own thoughts. No matter what she thinks, I think you should respect her.

Zhou Yueru’s face was ashen. She had no other choice. She had invited everyone she could. Han Zhi really had to go to the Northwest border.

Shen Zhaozheng returned to the backyard. Zhou Yueru looked up and saw Li Hua standing at the door.

Li Hua walked over and asked anxiously, “Auntie, how’s ran ran?” How’s the situation?”

Zhou Yueru sighed. Xiaohua, Qianqian, this child. I’m afraid that Qianqian won’t marry you.

Li Hua couldn’t help but tremble. What should I do if he doesn’t marry me? What about the child in my stomach?”

Zhou Yueru had nothing to say. She could only say, ” Han Zhi said he wanted to go to the Northwest.

Li Hua couldn’t believe it, ‘what? He would rather go to the border than marry me?”

Zhou Yueru sighed.

Li Hua turned around and walked towards the backyard. She didn’t believe it. She didn’t believe that Shen hanzhi was such a cruel person. He had put everything on the line and left this place, leaving her all alone.. What was she going to do? What was she going to do with the child in her stomach?

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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 1820: I'm sorry, sister-in-law summary

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