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"Mason," she sobbed, stranded on the brink.

Frantically, she opened her eyes and found Mason staring down at her with such naked emotion she couldn't look away. Tears blinded her and she cupped Mason's cheek and drew her into a kiss so profound her body convulsed. Mason stroked her hair and kissed her forehead with deep tenderness, then moved down her body, and everything seemed to zero in at her core.

Sweet tension rose in steadily building waves as Mason's thumb inched delicately around her c.l.i.t. Every tiny slithering stroke, every feather-light caress, made Vienna whimper for more. She tilted her hips as she felt the warm, slow glide of a tongue. Mason lapped and sucked far too gently, making her nerves scream and carrying her close to o.r.g.a.s.m, only to ease off just as she felt herself nearing the crest.

Vienna moaned in frustration, and this time Mason drifted away, breaking contact entirely, before returning to the slippery gateway of flesh and slowly pushing several fingers inside, stretching Vienna and then easing back until she was invited deeper. Carefully, by degrees, she rotated her hand until Vienna gave herself completely. In return Mason stayed perfectly still, allowing her to control depth and rhythm.

Time slowed and they watched each other as Vienna's responses gathered intensity. Her face was wet with sweat and tears. She could feel a deep pulse at her center, but couldn't tell if it was entirely her own. All she knew was that the pulse was getting more powerful, opening and consuming her, spasming out like a living thing until it bloomed through her entire body. Vienna could only give herself in complete sensuous abandon; shuddering and heaving, she was taken over.

When the reverberations finally subsided, peace stole over her and she drifted in a daze of bliss. She didn't have the strength to move and barely protested when she felt Mason slowly withdraw. They lay sprawled in wordless aftermath, Vienna on her back, Mason on her side, her arm over Vienna's waist. For a long while, they were silent, then Mason's lips found hers, bestowing a kiss of such sweetness and delicacy, Vienna felt something squeeze her heart.

"I love you, Mason," she whispered. "And I want your body... very soon."

Mason laughed. "We have all night."

Vienna rolled over to face her. "Mason, I'm sorry for-"

"Don't." Mason's arms enfolded her. "Everything I have is yours."

Vienna curled in close. "I have all I want. You, my love."

They kissed again and Mason said, "We can take down the fence. Blakes and Cavenders on one estate. More room for horses."

"Is it okay if I live here, at Laudes Absalom?"

"I'd like that. And I have a feeling our ghost will, too."

"What about Mrs. Danville."

"Er...let's break it to her gently."

"Speaking of gently," Vienna teased, "where do you want my mouth?"

Mason grinned. "Temptress."

Vienna tilted her head back and stared into Mason's eyes. "You belong to me."

"Yes," Mason said. "Always."


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