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Looking at the eagerly running away Little Pudding who wouldn't even look back when called for, Mother Lu had an aggrieved expression: "Thinking about the time when I took the tiny you home, you were timid and feared strangers, and you would only hide in my embrace, whining and trembling. And now? Your heart and eyes are only filled with that smelly kid. Are you still the dog I raised?"

The young maid on the side pursed her lips as she laughed and didn't speak. Little Pudding was certainly carried home by Madam, but it was also certainly personally raised by the young master, so there were no problems with it sticking to young master like this.

Zuo Ning naturally couldn't stay over at Mother Lu's. Even if he was staying home alone, he needed to sleep on Lu Chenghe's bed. Sleeping with his mother-in-law, just thinking about something like this made him feel horrified, okay? Besides, men and women were different, even if he was now a male puppy, there were some things he still needed to pay attention to!

However, when Zuo Ning had washed his face and brushed his teeth under the steward’s service, well-behavedly lying on the bed and preparing to watch a movie, he felt that there was something different about this room overall. It seemed as if there was inevitably a feeling of being peeped at.

When the housekeeper went out, he deliberately turned the light on. Probably afraid that something would happen if he climbed up, the doors and windows were all closed. There shouldn't be any other living being in the room aside from him, but he always felt that he was being stared at by someone.

For Lu Chenghe, who was far away on the other side of the world, it was still around five in the afternoon. He'd just finished dinner and was flipping through some doc.u.ments. On his desk, he'd laid out a laptop and a tablet. On the laptop was a page for his work and on the tablet was a view of his own bedroom.

Originally, his bedroom didn't have this kind of thing, but before boarding the plane today, he suddenly felt like taking a look at what Little Pudding did when he wasn't at home, so he had the steward get one installed. Now, back in the country, it was nearly □□ in the evening. Lu Chenghe had just watched the steward finish giving Little Pudding a scrub before that little guy just had fun by himself in the room.

Over and over again, without finding it too troublesome, he threw all of the stuffed animals in his kennel onto the bed. Then, he skillfully had the housekeeper place the computer on his bed and dragged it to the middle of the bed. Leaning against the stuffed animal, he even knew that he should get into the quilt. Covered by the quilt and watching his TV show, his head was even resting against the stomach of a furry stuffed animal, how comfortable was that?

Seeing that little thing finish being busy doing all this, Lu Chenghe couldn’t help but smile. This Little Pudding really knew how to live it up.

However, he only saw that guy be quiet for a while before he started to look in all directions and get up. Lu Chenghe's eyebrows were slightly raised. This shouldn't be the little guy looking for him, right? With his mind thinking like this, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but hook up into a smile. However, after a few minutes, he saw the guy jump off the bed, then run over to the balcony and look at it. He got into the curtain and looked at the window. He didn’t know what he was doing.

He moved around the whole room, and seeming somewhat at a loss, he sat down on the carpet. Then, he suddenly fixed his attention in the direction of the surveillance camera hidden in the bookcase and couldn't help but bark twice.

In the room without a soul in sight, there was a sort of feeling of being spied on. He'd heard that dogs can see things that ordinary people can't see. After being a dog for this long, Zuo Ning had never seen anything weird, so he'd only treated that as a kind of legend. But today, it felt completely strange, which made him have no choice but to go towards thinking about it in a supernatural way.

Lu Chenghe wasn't there. The room that was big enough to frighten people seemed to be even more empty. Zuo Ning blankly sat on the carpet for a while with his ears standing up to listen and didn't hear any sounds of activity in the room. However, the sound of the wind blowing outside the window made this night seem even scarier. In the end, Zuo Ning still didn't intend to catch any ghosts. After a short while, he jumped back onto the bed and buried himself in the quilt.

Lu Chenghe saw Little Pudding barking in the direction of the camera and thought it had been discovered by him. He didn’t expect the little thing to go back onto the bed again. In addition, he only exposed his nose and eyes, glanced around left and right from time to time, and then hid away again.

Seeing that cowardly appearance, Lu Chenghe couldn’t help but chuckle.

In this way, Lu Chenghe worked while looking at the screen from time to time, witnessing the various sleeping postures of that dango.

Originally well-behavedly lying on the bed and sleeping, the result was that somehow, he slept on his back with the quilt covering everything below his neck. Sleeping like a person, he'd toss and turn and kick the quilt in many ways and from the bedhead, he'd moved until he slept by the tail-end of the bed. If it weren't for seeing this now, he wouldn't know that when sleeping, Little Pudding could toss and turn like this.

When he slept with him, he was wrapped around him like an octopus. At night, he slept next to him, and in the morning when he awoke, he'd be pressing down on his  body. Apart from this, he hadn't seen him turning over like this before.

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