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Lu Chenghe picked up Little Pudding who was running toward him and hugged him. During the day, Little Pudding's running was a bouncing style and energetic like a bouncing ball. But seeing Little Pudding running toward him now, his posture was clearly somewhat abnormal. It seemed that he'd suffered something that obstructed and restricted his posture, and he ran unusually carefully.

Upon seeing this appearance, Lu Chenghe's heart immediately sunk. While listening to his mother talk about the situation from beginning to end, he carefully touched Little Pudding all over starting from his head. When he touched his stomach, he clearly felt him carefully breathing and in a flash, his entire person had a cold air to it.

Qi Zhi saw Lu Chenghe which made his heart somewhat alarmed. This person wasn't as old as him but the imposing manner of his entire body really made people quite cautious. However, he still insisted on greeting him: “Mr. Lu, maybe the perfume I sprayed today made your dog unhappy. It's all a misunderstanding.”

Lu Chenghe carefully hugged Little Pudding into his embrace. Seeing him rubbing against his own body as if he'd been wronged, he reached out and petted his head appeasingly. He coldly looked toward Qi Zhi: "Mr. Qi really feels that it was a misunderstanding?"

Although the family of that girl who had been fooling around with Qi Zhi wasn't as ill.u.s.trious as the Lu family, her background wasn't that of an ordinary little family so she still recognized Lu Chenghe. Although she was unclear on what Qi Zhi had actually done, seeing Lu Chenghe's manner at present, she knew that today's matter really wasn't good. As a result, she subconsciously retreated back two steps and drew a clear line between herself and Qi Zhi.

This Qi Zhi also seemed to not be too bad. Relying on his own capabilities, he established a company that isn't small in scale. He could be considered both ambitious and very motivated. Compared to those white pants in the circle who were born into n.o.bility and only knew how to depend on their parents, Qi Zhi really had some advantages to him which attracted people. Thus, she agreed to try going out with him when he pursued her. But now, it seemed that in the end, family status was somewhat important. At the very least, they wouldn't do stupid things when their mind is unclear.

Seeing the girl's actions, Qi Zhi's eyes couldn't help but become more gloomy and cold by a bit but he still smiled and said: "Mr. Lu, what do you mean? If not the smell on my body, I really do not know what would cause your family's dog to bark out like this."

Lu Chenghe also didn't wish to dispute with him so he lightly stroked Little Pudding who was in his embrace. He coldly shot a glance at him: "Since you said it was a misunderstanding, then let it be a misunderstanding. Mother, have you finished picking out clothes yet? When you're done picking, let's go back."

Zuo Ning, who'd originally thought that he'd definitely get face back if Lu Chenghe came, saw Lu Chenghe seeming to let it go this easily and was immediately unwilling and barked out. Facing that Qi Zhi, he bared his teeth as a show of force before whining like he'd been wronged in Lu Chenghe's embrace again.

This appearance, even the salesclerks who were watching from the side could see it. This was clearly a behaviour of having been wronged and wanting revenge to be given. Nowadays, even dogs were intelligent to this level.

Lu Chenghe used one hand to protect his belly and hold him in his embrace while he used the other to rub his ear. He pacifyingly said in a low voice: "Be good, I'll get revenge for you."

Only after hearing these words did Zuo Ning quiet down. Until he'd been carried out of the store by Lu Chenghe, he hadn't even barked once more. So long as he's avenged, it's fine. Making that guy regretful to death would be the best. He dared to kick him so what's wrong with him as a dog using his owner's power to threaten others!

Lu Chenghe saw off his mother as she got onto the car, and only after seeing her leave did he get onto his own car. Toward the driver, he said: "Go over to Doctor Wen's place."

Zuo Ning lifted his head to look toward Lu Chenghe: "Awoo…" Don't need to go, it'll be fine once I go home and sleep for a bit.

Lu Chenghe bowed his head and held a hand out to lightly touch his belly: "Does it hurt?"

Zuo Ning, who originally wasn't in much pain at all, suddenly felt that it really hurt so he aggrievedly held onto Lu Chenghe's hand: "Ying…" He'd even been hit by someone and really wanted a kiss kiss.

Lu Chenghe, who failed the dog language, pressed his paws: “Don’t move around. We're going to go have Doctor Wen check if you have any internal injuries.”

Zuo Ning whimpered and turned his head. No kiss given, poor review!

When Wen Ting received the call, he felt it was somewhat unexpected. He serviced so many wealthy businessmen but Lu Chenghe should be the first to personally bring his dog over to his store. Upon seeing Lu Chenghe, Wen Ting who originally wanted to exchange a few greetings immediately got into the problem. He'd met Lu Chenghe many times but this was still the first time seeing him emitting a low pressure like this. But seeing that little guy with quick-witted eyes held in his embrace,  it didn't seem like a very serious situation had occurred.

Lu Chenghe saw Wen Ting hold his hands out and carefully handed Little Pudding over to him: "Give him an examination, especially his stomach area, and check if there are any internal injuries."

Wen Ting also didn't dare to ask too much as he feared asking something that he shouldn't ask. Holding Little Pudding, he walked over to the examination room.

Lu Chenghe saw Little Pudding turn his head around to look at himself and simply walked forward to stroke his head: "Be good, I'll be outside waiting for you."

Hearing these words, Little Pudding became obedient right away. Wen Ting smiled from the side: "Your little guy is really blessed to have such a dearly loving owner."

Zuo Ning humphed twice and was then obediently carried away.

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