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The Conclusion After Kicking the Dog (2)

Lu Chenghe didn't find those cats and dogs in the store to be too noisy. He casually found a place to sit down and while waiting for the outcome of the examination, he flipped through a few guidebooks on how to raise pets. From time to time, girls who were holding cats and dogs and came to see the vet threw looks toward him. Such a high quality guy who didn't lose to those male idols on the Internet, it was rare to meet one in real life. Meeting by chance now, they naturally wanted to enjoy taking a few more looks.

The speed of the examination was extremely quick. Making sure that there were no problems with his bones and taking an X-ray took more or less twenty minutes. Seeing that there were also no problems with the X-ray, Wen Ting then let out a sigh of relief. Although he didn't know why there would be injuries on this little guy's body, it would be troublesome if there were really internal injuries.

"There are no major problems with Little Pudding. The swelling on his body should have been caused by something hitting him, but luckily, his head wasn't injured. His body might be sore for the next few days, but it won't affect his everyday activity and taking care of him as per usual is fine."

Lu Chenghe heard the results of the examination and his heart was relieved. He didn't feel that it was a burden at all to pick up Little Pudding who was already tens of pounds heavy: "Many thanks, we've troubled you, Doctor."

Wen Ting smiled: "It wasn't troublesome." After speaking, he sent Lu Chenghe off to the doorway and watched his car depart before returning to the store.

His younger sister who was delivering a meal to him saw him beaming and approached to ask: “Who is this person, isn't he too handsome?”

Wen Ting picked up his chopsticks and tapped her head: "Even if he were more handsome, that's not something you should think of. Let your love-struck heart take a break, okay."

Wen Ting's younger sister stuck her tongue out and pulled a face as she turned around and ran off.

Lu Chenghe returned home. Mother Lu was eager to welcome them back: "Is Little Pudding okay?"

Lu Chenghe carried Little Pudding out from inside of the car and placed him onto the ground: "He's fine. He has a few bruises on his body but after a few days, they'll go away."

As soon as Mother Lu heard this, she suddenly felt extremely distressed and crouched on the ground, petting the dog while she yelled at her beloved child: "How can there be such a person? Our Little Pudding didn't provoke him. Even if he doesn't like dogs, he should just ignore them. He actually hit him, just who is this person! Chenghe, you definitely can't let that person get away with this like that. Otherwise, wouldn't our family's Little Pudding have suffered in vain?"

Lu Chenghe didn't care about how distressed his mother was and simply walked into the home while taking off his jacket. With a slightly cold tone, he asked: "Why didn't you bring people when you went out today?"

Mother Lu knew that this was her son settling the scores once he had the opportunity and feeling slightly aggrieved, she said: "I also didn't expect that this kind of thing would happen. Originally, I just thought that I'd go to the store to pick some clothes and wouldn't go anywhere else before coming back. Bringing just Yong should have been enough. Who would have imagined that we'd run into that kind of person?"

Lu Chenghe handed over his jacket into the steward's hands and turned around to look at his mother: "Accidents are accidents for a reason.  They always happen unexpectedly. That Qi Zhi from today kept wanting to look for a collaboration with the Lu Family but was unsuccessful. Seeing that his own company was about to go bankrupt, what do you think could be done if he decided to risk everything?"

Mother Lu very rarely asked her son about company matters. Hearing her son speak like this, only now did she feel some lingering fear. Her heart hurt as she stroked Little Pudding who was obediently sitting on the sofa: "My poor little baby, you've suffered from this kind of absurd disaster. Tell me, how can that person be like this? Because he's not good at running a business himself, he'd actually hit our family's dog."

Zuo Ning also humphed a few times to say that it was his bad luck. So it turns out that there was actually this kind of inside information. He'd actually thought that the other party simply completely disliked animals. However, as Lu Chenghe said, it was fortunate for Mother Lu to come out like this with no problems. If by any chance that guy was at the end of his rope and really lost all reason, what could be done?

Seeing his Mother still taking care of him, Lu Chenghe looked at her with a cold face.

Mother Lu saw her son's appearance and knew that he was really angry. Thinking about this matter, it was also her mistake. For this kind of thing, it was indeed better to be safe than sorry. Mother Lu who knew that she was in the wrong had to acknowledge her mistakes: "Okay okay, in the future, I'll definitely bring at least two people. This kind of thing won't happen again. You also shouldn't be so fierce toward me, I'm still your mom!"

Lu Chenghe glanced at his mother and made sure that she was really aware of the severity of this matter before dropping the subject: "Little Pudding, come upstairs."

Zuo Ning used his head to rub against Mother Lu's hand and then jumped off the sofa to follow Lu Chenghe upstairs. Originally, he'd thought that since he'd suffered from this kind of absurd disaster, at the very least, he'd be able to be kissed and hugged tonight. In the end, Lu Chenghe directly took him to the bathroom, and he actually wanted to bathe him!

Previously, Lu Chenghe had bought a pet bathing machine; however, shutting the dog in there to be batched really didn't feel right. At that time, he was still small so placing him into the bathtub to be washed and then putting him into the pet bathing machine to dry off was fine. As he got bigger and bigger, Lu Chenghe straightforwardly set up a small bath in that room full of appliances. Usually, he was bathed inside of that room.

When he was placed into the tub and scrubbed, Zuo Ning had an expression of 'you've betrayed me' on his face. Although taking a bath was very comfortable and being washed until he was squeaky clean and nice-smelling was even more comfortable, that dryer wasn't comfortable at all! Unfortunately, he had too much fur and there was no way to dry it little by little with a hair dryer. Otherwise, the maid in the room using the hair dryer to blow-dry him would be fine.

Seeing Lu Chenghe roll up his sleeves and pick up the brush, Zuo Ning felt wronged and said: "Awoo!" I was only kicked by someone and rolled on the ground a bit and you're disliking me this much!

Lu Chenghe applied body wash to him and slightly scrubbed him a few times which made him covered with bubbles all over. Hearing his incessant barking, he coldly said: "Shut up."

Zuo Ning felt wronged and placed his head onto the edge of the bathtub with his sparkling black eyes looking at Lu Chenghe just like that. The script wasn't supposed to be like this, wasn't he supposed to give him hugs, stroke him, and hug him? In the afternoon, he even was distressed as he asked him whether he was in pain. The day hasn't even pa.s.sed before his att.i.tude changed this much, ying.

That kind of grievance holding appearance made Lu Chenghe who was looking at it unable to bear not pinching his ears and kneading them: "Aren't you usually very clever? When he was about to kick you, why did you foolishly not know to dodge?"

Zuo Ning drooped his ears down: "Awoo…" I did dodge, but the wall was behind me. I couldn't hide far away.

"In the future, you'll be training with Lang Ya every day. As a dog who is related to wolves, next time you're about to be attacked, bite back."

"Wu…" I can't casually bite people. If I bite someone to death, I'll be beaten to death.

"That night, was it because he provoked you first that you shouted at him from the balcony?"

Zuo Ning immediately became spirited: "Woof!" That's right! He also cursed at you!

Seeing this face full of complaints, Lu Chenghe wasn't able to stop himself from smiling: "Oh you, cowardly, gluttonous, and you also know how to complain. Tell me, what else do you know how to do?"

Zuo Ning discontentedly stuck out his little chest: "Woof!" I also know how to warm the bed!

"Little Pudding."

Zuo Ning restrained himself from swinging his furry ** and submerged himself into the water. He only showed his nose and looked at Lu Chenghe.

Lu Chenghe was silent for a moment and ultimately swallowed back the words he wanted to say. Scooping up a handful of water and pouring it over Little Pudding's head, he carried him out of the bath: "Done bathing. Get dried off and then eat."

After dinner, Lu Chenghe carried a fluffy ball of fur back into the bedroom before going to the bathroom to take a shower. He let the tepid water wash his body and Lu Chenghe started to relax himself completely. Today, his mood was somewhat out of control. He was worried for his mother's safety but moreover, he was unable to control his fury when he learned that Little Pudding was injured by a person with malice. When he became aware that his moodiness was a bit excessive, he suddenly realized that he seemed to care about Little Pudding excessively.

When Lu Chenghe came out of the shower, the room had already become quiet and there was a slight bulge on his bed. Turning off the lights in the room, Lu Chenghe slowly lied down on the bed.

Zuo Ning, who felt some movement, waited for Lu Chenghe to finish lying down and stop moving before slowly nuzzling into his embrace.  Opening his mouth, he let out a yawn. The entire dog squeezed into his embrace before he comfortably went to sleep.

Lu Chenghe lightly stroked the furry dango in his embrace. It was quiet during the night which seemed to magnify even the sound of breathing by a lot. Against the moonlight, he bowed his head so that he could look at that foolish sleeping posture. If he cares too much, then he'll just care too much. He'd lived for this long and it was rare for him to meet someone he liked. Since he was raising him, he could only pamper him well. With one hand around the dog, Lu Chenghe also slowly fell asleep in this habitual dependence and warmth.

After Lu Chenghe left without saying a word, Qi Zhi had a premonition that this might not be good, but he didn't expect that it would come so fast. Almost overnight, he seemed to have found himself utterly isolated already.

Originally, there were a few rich merchants he intended on working together with but they all changed their att.i.tude almost at the same time and they avoided him like the plague. Furthermore, a few of his close friends who'd agreed to help him delay the bank's urging for money also weren't heard from. The money in his bank account which was due next month was also fiercely urged for by the bank. Even the last bit of liquid capital in his account was frozen after they found reasons to do so.

Qi Zhi knew. These things couldn't have been acc.u.mulated and broken out in just one night. It could only be that Lu Chenghe had some something. He'd even started to regret. It was only a dog, why couldn't he restrain himself from having the urge to go provoke it?

A dog like his countryside grandfather's domestic dog would only hide from him and run away after being kicked by him. How could this dog raised by Lu Chenghe not be fearful at all and stare at him like he wanted to bite him? If it wasn't for that dog, how could he fall into the situation he's in today?

There's also that woman. On that day, she treated him like some tick and kicked him away. That high-up and aloof appearance made it seem like he was a powerless ant on the ground.

After Qi Zhi suffered from being given the cold-shoulder over and over again, he'd given up all hope and at a loss, he walked back to the doorway of his own company. In this golden district, it was an office building that occupied a whole two floors. He went from being a poor youngster with nothing at all and struggled until this degree. With great difficulty because of the att.i.tudes of the nouveau riche, he finally got into a layer of their social circle. How could he have fallen into the situation he's in now?

The nouveau riche Qi Zhi, who'd been thought highly of by quite a few people, had ambition and also had good vision. From a remote and desolate place, he'd struggled out, but because of the country's policy, he'd been hit until nothing remained the same. Although the situation wasn't exactly ideal, if he quickly turned the knife around, he could still protect a bit of his property and start afresh.

Unfortunately, his earlier success may have been too smooth and let his ego swell, so when a setback came, it was too sudden. He lost the propriety that one should have and suffered a defeat to the extent that he has nothing now and immediately vanished from Qingniao City without a trace.

The social circle had people say that because this Qi Zhi offended the dog of the Lu family, he was suppressed by Lu Chenghe. However, no one would ask for confirmation of this type of thing from Lu Chenghe, but since there was this kind of rumour going around, at the very least, it showed that Lu Chenghe had a dog and also extraordinarily doted on that dog.

Therefore, some young ladies of age started to raise dogs, merely hoping that they could have another common topic to talk about with Lu Chenghe.

That popular dog in the circle where there was always legends about him was just in the middle of holding a ball in his mouth with his four paws thudding as he ran over toward Lu Chenghe. In the end, he wasn't paying attention and fell into a pit in the ground. The dog stumbled, and the entire dog fell flat on his face because he ran too fast and wasn't able to stop in time.

Lu Chenghe sat in the pavilion of the backyard and he just indifferently watched Little Pudding tumble, grumble, and roll several times like this. He unkindly lifted his teacup up and lifted up the corners of his mouth, truly foolish.

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