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Little Pudding Who Exploded from Terror (2)

Just as Lu Chenghe was sinking into contemplation, at long last, he was done struggling to come out. However, he only managed to stick out his head in his struggle, and his four limbs were sealed in the quilt just as before. Zuo Ning, who was wrapped into a sushi roll, looked toward Lu Chenghe who was concentrated as he stared at the laptop. He didn't even glance at him, so he couldn't help but say: "Woof!"

Lu Chenghe turned his head and nearly smiled. He took a picture with his phone before reaching out to pull the quilt off and rescue that foolish thing by letting it out: "When you're clever, you are simply spiritual. When you're being stupid, however, you're stupid to no limits. Would you say that you're really foolish or fake foolish?"

After he finished speaking, he posted that photo on Weibo, and then asked the numerous Internet users for help: How can I judge whether a dog is spiritual?

Nowadays, the Weibo of Little Pudding who was already considered to be an Internet celebrity also had many Weibo followers. As soon as something was posted, many people eagerly liked it and left comments.

【The spirituality of dogs is very situational. For instance, they'll absolutely be foolish when you tell them to play, but when eating, in particular, if they think of every possible method to sneakily eat things, they've become spiritual for a long time already!】

【My dog became spiritual a long time ago. When I put it on a leash and say that we're going to go play, it'll take to its heels and run. When I put it on a leash and say that it's going to get groomed, it'll hide under the sofa and couldn't be dragged out no matter what.】

【Because she pilfered food, I scolded the brat a bit and then that girl gnawed on my Internet cable. This one should be spiritual, right?!】

【Blogger, you don't need to be skeptical. Your Little Pudding became spiritual a long time ago!】

After Lu Chenghe finished sending things on Weibo, he conveniently leaned against the bed and started reading.

Zuo Ning carefully looked at him many times and found that he wasn't different than usual. Those words spoken just now seemed to have been spoken casually? He tried to approach and seeing that Lu Chenghe didn't push him away but rather gathered him into his arms with one hand like in the past while using the other to flip the pages of his book, only then did he let out a sigh of relief. Opening his mouth, he let out an enormous yawn before closing his eyes as his drowsiness fermented.

Lu Chenghe looked down, calmly looking at him for half a day before the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up. Little idiot.

Zuo Ning, who, whether deliberately or unintentionally, exploded once, was simply pretending to be a low-key dog these days. He acted cleverly to get what he wanted by selling his good behaviour. Every day, once it was time, he would be by the doorway waiting for Lu Chenghe to return. He didn't even dare to take out and refuse to eat the carrots and spinach he hated the most.

The steward lamented, he proved himself to be a dog which had grown out of his baby teeth. After growing up, he'd become much more obedient.

Like this, he was this well-behaved for many days. When Lu Chenghe no longer looked at him from time to time with an especially deep-in-thought expression in his eyes, Zuo Ning finally felt the sense of alarm go away. Being too smart was also a kind of burden. On the cradle bed, he watched Lang Ya and Fu Na who were running and jumping all over the place at the moment. Zuo Ning only felt that the language barrier between species wasn't without benefits.

The cool breeze was blowing and the sun which wasn't scorching was shining. Zuo Ning was lying on a cradle bed which was put in a shaded area, quietly and calmly reflecting on his dog life. Suddenly, a smell he was familiar with entered the tip of his nose and naturally, it was the **scent which Lu Chenghe usually used in the bath. However, that smell differed to some extent from the one on Lu Chenghe's body. Just when he was pondering over what smell it was, a strange yet not at all unfamiliar person walked over.

Lu Nianqi saw a dog comfortably laying in the cradle and carefully walked to its side. Not knowing whether he was afraid of frightening him, he even intentionally spoke in a low voice and asked: "May I sit here?"

Zuo Ning silently turned his head around. How was he supposed to reply? As soon as he replied, wouldn't that be showing that he's spiritual? Right now, Lu Chenghe seemed to be searching for the little things he wished to hide every day. He couldn't casually let the cat out of the bag.

Seeing that Little Pudding didn't reject him approaching too much, only then did Lu Nianqi carefully sit down. His feet were on the stone steps and both of his hands hugged his bent knees. With his head tilted, he looked at Little Pudding and smiled: "h.e.l.lo Little Pudding, my name is Lu Nianqi. Could we be good friends?"

Zuo Ning tilted his head to look toward this younger brother of Lu Chenghe. Just these looks, he indeed didn't look like Lu Chenghe and his brothers but he also wasn't ugly. He seemed to have a very sunny appearance and was also a very handsome young guy. However, his eyes carried a bit of melancholy.

Furthermore, saying that he wants to be friends with a dog like this, that wouldn't be much of a problem if it were a twenty-year-old girl, but changing it to a guy made it feel quite strange. He'd heard that this guy's parents had both pa.s.sed away. Only his sister-in-law remained. And he'd lived an independent life for many years already. Then, the question arose. A young man who had been independent for many years would be like a youngster who isn't well versed in the affairs of life and be just as naive?

Zuo Ning instantly thought of conspiracy theories and a mess of complicated thoughts. Seeing Lu Nianqi really only contently sitting on the side and not taking liberties with himself, his train of thought which had flown away only now returned to reality. Recently, he'd seen a few too many TV dramas about the rich and powerful so his line of thought would always leap from time to time.

Like this, Lu Nianqi just hugged both of his own knees as he looked into the distance at the two German shepherds who were receiving training at the time. He lightly sighed: "That's really good. Even if it's them, they can also find a place in this home."

Zuo Ning sat on his cradle bed and from time to time, his eyes stole a glance at him. It seemed that after unexpectedly becoming an aristocrat, this guy was very much at a loss, ah. However, if it were changed to him, he estimated that he'd also be very bewildered and also terrified. However, this kind of thing would definitely have greater benefits than harm. After all, from now on, he didn't need to struggle in life at all, how good is that?

Lu Nianqi tilted his head over to look at Little Pudding and whispering, he asked: "Tell me, what kind of person is your owner?"

Zuo Ning shook his ears. His eyes showed pride, and his tail even unconsciously wagged. His Lu Chenghe was naturally the best person: the world's best, the world's most handsome, the world's most intelligent, and he also had the world's cutest pet. Who could be better than him!

Seeing Little Pudding's swaying tail, Lu Nianqi couldn't help but faintly smile: "Hearing the word owner, you're this happy, ah. You must really like him. Actually, I also really like him. That excellent of a person used to be an existence I could only see in finance magazines. Suddenly, the real-life him showed up in my life and even let me live in his home. This happiness came too suddenly and like a rainbow bubble, I'm afraid that I'll puncture it without noticing."

Zuo Ning was immediately alarmed. This was a drama about the rich and powerful, not a drama about ethics! Two brothers being together wouldn't receive blessings!

Lu Nianqi even whispered everything that was on his mind: "Being able to live with him under the same roof and having such an outstanding person actually being my older brother. Every time I think of this, I feel that everything is too unreal. In order to not lose face for him, I work hard every day to learn the rules and learn everything in this circle. But those things are too difficult for me, and some of the things that come with life really can't just be learned through hard work."

Only now did Zuo Ning breathed a sigh of relief. It's good as you know that he's your brother. You just scared a dog to death.

However, Zuo Ning also knew that this pitiful child really wasn't easy. Every day, it was already seven or eight when he returned from cla.s.s. After that, there were also additional courses planned for the evening. In the evening when he was playing with Lu Chenghe in their bedroom, this pitiful baby was shut in a room attending cla.s.s. When he and Lu Chenghe had already lied down and gotten in bed, this guy was still in cla.s.s.

Because of this relationship between work and rest, even if he lived in this house, they ordinarily didn't really run into each other. If it wasn't for some night where Zuo Ning went to the toilet and not knowing whether it was because his attention was too focused, unexpectedly heard Lu Nianqi reciting words downstairs, he wouldn't even know that his own hearing was actually this awesome. He also didn't know that this baby who'd become aristocratic would actually suffer hardships in this way, simply even more diligent than people are for the college entrance exam.

"Actually, I really want to eat together with my older brother. I've been here for this many days but aside from seeing my brother's face every morning, there's almost no chance for me to be in contact with him."

As Lu Nianqi spoke, he looked enviously toward Little Pudding: "It's great that you are able to play together with older brother every day. Moreover, he actually likes you that much. I'd thought that that kind of person probably wouldn't like small animals, but he even got involved with your everyday diet. If we could have grown up together from childhood, our relationship would probably be much better, just like four loving brothers."

Although it was a little tear-jerking, he'd heard those brothers mention this younger brother who suddenly showed up a few times in the past, they really seemed to not have paid much attention to him. At most, they just treated him like someone of the Lu family and looked after him, but their relationship definitely wasn't as close as with their grandfathers and brothers.

If it were a person who was a bit more sensitive, maybe they'd split hairs because of this difference. But clearly, this Lu Nianqi was exactly someone who was sensitive and he didn't know if he'd already started to split hairs. Zuo Ning tilted his head and looked at him foolishly. It seemed that acting as a dog also had its advantages. For example, prying out some secrets.

Probably because he'd gotten a rare half-day vacation, Lu Nianqi sat in the backyard treated Little Pudding as a partner to say everything to. In all of the Lu family, it was probably only Little Pudding who was the most suitable.

After being treated as a garbage can for an afternoon, Zuo Ning didn't even hear any useful little secrets at all. At most, he just heard about how much he liked Lu Chenghe, this older brother, how much he envied Little Pudding, and so on. The listening Zuo Ning was itching to howl a sentence. Envy what? If you have the skill, us two can switch!

Lu Chenghe got off work and returned. Just like usual, he hugged Little Pudding who came and rushed toward him. However, today's Little Pudding didn't have an excitedly wagging tail at all. Rather, his head was placed on his shoulder, and he had an extremely exhausted appearance.

"What's this? Did you do bitter labour? You're this tired."

With a weary heart, Zuo Ning said: "Woof!" I was treated as a garbage can for your sensitive little brother's moodiness, he emptied out his entire soul.

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