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It was unknown whether it was because of having said everything that was on his mind on that afternoon, but Lu Nianqi treated Little Pudding like a comrade in-arms. Before, even if he saw that he was in the house frisking around, he would only take a quick look from a distance. Now, he would take the initiative to approach, even so much that after several times, he saw that Little Pudding didn't reject him and succeeded in stealthily petting him a few times.

Zuo Ning saw that this baby was truly pitiful in this home so as a result, with regards to his occasional approaches, he hadn't rejected him.

As for Lu Nianqi, he actually saw his awkward position in this home as truly somewhat pitiful. Towards him, the steward was always serious and when speaking, he always had a straight face without a thread of emotion. Though there were many servants at home, they were all always quiet and doing their own work, and when they weren't needed, they would almost never appear in front of their masters. In the entire house, from Lu Nianqi's point of view, there might not be single a person who spoke. It was to the extent that even a dog who didn't show rejection toward him was a friend he could talk to.

Regarding Lu Nianqi's actions, the steward was naturally observing, so it was unavoidable for him to mention them to Lu Chenghe. Lu Chenghe letting Lu Nianqi live here certainly wasn't to isolate him. So long as he didn't contain malice, approaching his pet naturally wasn't much. He only had the steward pay attention to Little Pudding's safety but didn't block Lu Nianqi's actions.

However, returning to the room afterwards, Lu Chenghe held Little Pudding's two paws and asked: "Do you like him? You even let him touch you, hm?"

Zuo Ning silently turned his head around. Just now, he had that kind of magnanimous appearance but was getting even with him now. Even if he was a male G.o.d, he turned out to be two-sided.

Seeing that unknown to everyone, his man was petty, Zuo Ning would slightly evade when Lu Nianqi wanted to pet him after this. Lu Nianqi seemed to have not taken offence to his movements and just as before, he would occasionally treat him as a garbage can for everything on his mind and to pour out his grievances, or as a nice surprise, he'd share some progress he'd gained. One person and one dog's exchanges could be seen as harmonious.

It was even so much that every once in a while when Lu Nianqi didn't have cla.s.s at school in the afternoon and was attending cla.s.s at home, Zuo Ning would listen and watch closely from the side. Looking at Lu Nianqi continuously and repeatedly practicing all kinds of meal etiquette, studying speaking techniques, a.n.a.lyzing the interpersonal relationships in the entire circle, and there was even also PPTs of every major family's history. Every time this happened, Zuo Ning would feel that regardless of whether he would be a little citizen, he felt that it was still better to be a pet dog than this person who seemed to be a winner in life.

This afternoon's lesson was the history of how the Lu family became prosperous, there was even so much that there was also the family history from a hundred years ago as well as the local status of the Lu family from a hundred years ago, the Lu family's rules at that time, and so on. This made Zuo Ning who was listening stare blankly.

It was no wonder that his Lu Chenghe was that outstanding then. If he traced back to the feudal period, he would even have a bit of blood relation to the imperial family.

When Lu Chenghe came back, he saw the little guy running toward him with jolting b.u.t.tocks right away. As soon as he was carried, the little thing's tail wagged like it was going to fall off. He then sighed: "If you keep growing, I really won't be able to carry you anymore."

Although his words said that he wouldn't be able to carry him, he, nevertheless, steadily carried him and went into the house. He casually asked the steward on the side: "Was he well-behaved at home today? Did he do anything bad?"

Zuo Ning spoke immediately: "Woof!" He'd certainly never done bad things. By no means was he a stupid dog without IQ!

The steward smilingly said: "In the afternoon, he followed along and listened to two lessons. Seeing that he likes to go over and be close to the teacher there, a doghouse was placed in the room for him. He was well-behaved, not noisy and not disturbing others, and he was listening quite attentively."

Lu Chenghe heard what was said and couldn't help but lightly laugh: "Even you attend cla.s.s, can you understand what was said?"

"Awoo…" Even if I understand, I can't let you know that!

Lu Nianqi, who had previously been accompanying Little Pudding on the sofa and watching TV, had just heard the sound of the car when Little Pudding who was by his side suddenly leapt up and went out like the wind. Knowing that Lu Chenghe had returned, he was just in the middle of being at a loss as to whether he should go out and greet him or just wait for him like this when Lu Chenghe carried Little Pudding and entered before he'd had the time to make a decision. Lu Nianqi immediately nervously stood up. His entire person seemed to be very awkward as he saluted him by calling out: "Second brother."

Lu Chenghe nodded toward him: "How are your cla.s.ses?"

It was probably the first time he'd been met with concern and asked about his cla.s.ses so aside from being nervous, Lu Nianqi also seemed to be somewhat at a loss and excited. His voice was slightly trembling: "The teacher said, said that my studies are acceptable."

Lu Chenghe made a sound of approval and his emotionless face seemed to be a bit harsh. In addition to the n.o.ble air coming from his body and so on, when he was serious, he would unconsciously make the people beside him nervous and fidgety.

Perhaps because his previous interactions with him during this time could be considered as harmonious, when Zuo Ning saw that Lu Nianqi's entire person was almost going to curl up, he consequently had no better option than to extend a paw and pat Lu Chenghe's face: "Awoo!"

Lu Chenghe helplessly kneaded and held his paw. Although his nails weren't long, if by any chance he was accidentally marred by this little thing, that wouldn't be good.

Seeing Lu Chenghe's helpless appearance, Zuo Ning proudly smiled: "Woof!" Everyone else is afraid of your cold face, only I'm not afraid!

Only after suppressing the little thing which was looking for trouble and up to mischief by laying him down on his leg did Lu Chenghe look toward Lu Nianqi and say: "Prepare over the next two days. Eldest uncle and third uncle have already received the news and are on the way back right now. After they've all arrived, a dinner party will be held at home. At that time, some branches of the Lu family will come over and your ident.i.ty will also be revealed at last."

Hearing these words, Lu Nianqi was more frightened than pleasantly surprised. His entire person was nervous and almost suffocating.

Seeing this look of his, Lu Chenghe thought of his living environment since childhood and opened his mouth to mention a few words which was rare for him: "Don't be nervous, they're all family members. At that time when the elders give you gifts, you just need to generously accept them. All of the brothers and sisters in the family aren't bad, and the Lu family doesn't have that many messy matters so you don't need to be anxious."

Lu Nianqi promptly nodded: "I know, second brother. I will behave properly." At the very least, he couldn't lose face for second brother. Otherwise, having studied at second brother's home for this long, if his behaviour was too poor, losing face for himself didn't matter but losing face for second brother would be a huge sin.

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