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Embarra.s.sing Monkey Face Phase (2)

Zuo Ning didn't intend on cooperating with that little three-way performance at all. Even if the food was already by his mouth, Zuo Ning only looked at that nearly thirty-year-old man who had a baby face and was acting cute, fresh, and pure with a cold gaze. Him accepting Chu Hang feeding him was naturally because he's the wife of the Lu family's eldest brother. If he were to eat the food fed to him by some person who came out of nowhere, where would the face of his family's men go!

In order to not lose face for Lu Chenghe, as long as he was with the cast and crew, he always carried an elegant and cold manner!

Not knowing whether it was because that person's skin was too thick or if he didn't perceive the discontent of the people beside him, seeing Zuo Ning not eating, he was simply going to stuff it into his mouth.

Zuo Ning naturally couldn't restrain himself and immediately lifted a paw to throw a slap toward the hand held up by that person. Almost at the exact same time, Chu Hang also wanted to prevent that person's actions but in the end, when that person's hand pulled back, he just happened to knock against Chu Hang's hand. Immediately afterwards, the person who was originally crouching on the ground fell over toward the side.

Never mind about this falling over from being 'too weak to stand up to the wind', what made even Zuo Ning flabbergasted was that person holding his hand that had been knocked against just now and turned somewhat red. With an innocent face, he looked toward Chu Hang with an expression that was utterly astonished in addition to pitiful: "Brother Chu Hang, I, I just like dogs and only wanted to feed it. If you don't like that, I won't do this in the future."

Zuo Ning's pair of dog eyes immediately opened wide. f.u.c.k, these acting skills. If they were used for filming, he wouldn't always be NGing. Could be that this man doesn't think that this act is too unnatural and too awkward? Is he really taking everyone as fools? Or is it that he'd read too much romance about little white flowers and thinks of himself as this world's protagonist?

It was a pity that he had a mouth but couldn't speak. If he could talk, he would definitely go back and share this with Lu Chenghe. Witnessing the fighting in the entertainment circle for the first time, the entire dog was excited and somewhat couldn't hold back from setting people up.

Chu Hang probably also hadn't expected to run into this kind of unique person and stared with a somewhat blank and stumped for words gaze. Staring blankly, he saw that after that person finished speaking those kinds of words, he immediately stood up. In addition, he also picked up the apple that had fallen on the side and threw it away into the nearby garbage can. Afterwards, facing Chu Hang, he stooped down and bowed to apologize before turning around and running away.

The steward who had witnessed the entire course of events from the side unexpectedly smiled and spoke up: "The emotional acting of the people in your circle is truly strong."

After Chu Hang stared blankly, contrary to what one might expect, he returned back to normal. Hearing the steward teasing him, he also followed up with a smile: "Their emotional acting really isn't bad." He just didn't know how noisy this matter will be. Could it be that the scene that occurred just now was schemed to defame him? That'd really be too foolish and ignorant.

What even Chu Hang didn't expect was for there to really be a person with such a distinctly strange brain.

The next day, the headline of the entertainment news was exactly about a promising young star fawning over the beloved pet dog of a big shot and getting bullied. Then, the GIF put up was of the new talent 'being bullied', who was originally crouched on the ground teasing the dog, but only, the dog was actually raising a paw toward that person. However, at this time, Chu Hang had already taken action against that promising new star and pushed that new talent down onto the ground.

Just a GIF lasting for a few seconds could reveal an episode of bullying in great detail. Even so much that media insiders exposed that the dog involved was certainly some very formidable CEO's beloved pet dog. The promising star Chu Hang, in order to curry favour with his boss, was constantly together with that dog to build a relationship and even refused to let others approach.

The point of view of the GIF was a sneak shot from a high point looking down, just able to film the dog's back and Chu Hang's profile as well as the front of the new talent being bullied. No other evidence was needed. Just the story told from the GIF together with the heading was a perfect fit.

It was only that when this piece of news was released, the person who had been bullied spoke out at once. He said that he was only particularly fond of dogs and on that day, he couldn't help but go over, wanting to tease the dog. Merely, the dog didn't want to get close to him at all, even to the point of raising a paw to scratch him. Only because he wanted to dodge the dog did he accidentally fall. Additionally, Chu Hang was trying to protect him at the time and furthermore, he expressed that Chu Hang was a very good person during filming. He also specially thanked Chu Hang for taking care of him.

Thus, what originally seemed like a premeditated villainous act, after the person involved immediately came out to clarify things, became a "you're good, I'm good, everyone's good" situation.

Zuo Ning only knew about this matter on the second day. After all, he was also one of the people involved. Even if he seemed to have completely become the background for those two people, immediately after seeing this article, the steward specially mentioned this to Lu Chenghe.

Lu Chenghe, who had already finished his breakfast and was waiting for Little Pudding to finish eating his meal at an exasperatingly slow pace, scrolled through this piece of news. Looking at that GIF, he touched Little Pudding's ear and with a somewhat displeased tone, he said: "Many people want to get close to Little Pudding?"

Hearing Lu Chenghe mention his own name, Zuo Ning looked up from his food toward Lu Chenghe. But seeing Lu Chenghe looking through the news, he then lowered his head and continued eating his own food again.

From the side, the steward spoke: "In the entertainment circle, this kind of matter occurring in that kind of area is naturally unavoidable. However, aside from Mr. Chu, I do not allow others to approach Little Pudding at all."

Lu Chenghe calmly and quietly looked at Little Pudding who had been happily eating for quite a while then asked: "Is he having fun on the film set?"

The steward said: "Little Pudding is very well behaved. He never runs around all over the film set. When it is his turn to film, he obediently makes all kinds of actions according to the director's requirements. When he's not filming, he lies down on his chair looking all around, not making a disturbance by foolishly playing around. However, I feel that Little Pudding is not rejecting the film set at all and seems to find observing other people quite interesting."

Hearing these words, Lu Chenghe laughed and kneaded Little Pudding's paws: "So you're actually observing people, hm? What have you observed?"

Zuo Ning raised his head: "Awoo!" That was naturally me making a lying-low appearance to give you a good reputation, okay? Who was observing people? He, himself, was precisely a person so what would he observe!

Although he couldn't understand dog speech, Lu Chenghe still cooperated with his own Little Pudding's performance as much as possible, and hearing this bark, he nodded his head: "Okay, it's fine as long as you're happy playing around."

Zuo Ning buried his face in his paws. What happened to the heart-to-heart communication they'd agreed upon? This was simply just a language barrier?

Seeing that Little Pudding was almost done eating, Lu Chenghe took out a warm towel from the side and wiped his mouth, cleaned his fur, and cleaned his paws. Looking at the little guy who seemed to have gotten even larger, Lu Chenghe picked him up to measure his weight: "He's grown up a lot again."

The steward smilingly said: "In a moment, it will have been four months. The director said that Little Pudding's behaviour is very good. For the sake of integrity, the shooting will be more intense during this time in an attempt to try to finish filming all of the movie before begins to shed fur. Fortunately, Little Pudding is very cooperative, and his natural sense for the camera is very good. He's often praised within the crew."

Lu Chenghe nodded. With this being the case, allowing Little Pudding to go and shoot a movie was naturally unlikely to stop because of timing issues. However, based on the bit of information he'd previously looked up, he looked at the little guy who looked just as refined and elegant as before. After carefully looking him over for a short period of time, he said: "I've heard that Samoyeds have a phase where they have a monkey face. Uncle Zhong, remember to take more photos and videos at that time. He'll only be ugly like that once in his lifetime and this opportunity can't be missed."

Zuo Ning was immediately terrified. What's this about a monkey face phase? What the h.e.l.l is that? Aren't Samoyeds known for being unbelievably attractive? Why would he become ugly?!

The author has something to say:

The monkey face period of Samos, I practically smile each time I look at it, hahahahahaha.

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