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Before heading out, Zuo Ning first ran off to shamelessly show off his good looks by looking in the mirror. In the mirror, his fur was just as bright and beautiful as before, spotlessly white and fluffy, contrasting with his small and pointy face. It wasn't necessary to say how good-looking he was. Swinging his tail from behind, he nodded in satisfaction. Today, he was just as good-looking as before. With his little b.u.t.t raised, he diligently walked over to the steward who was waiting by the doorway.

When Little Pudding, who was sitting in the car, pa.s.sed by Lang Ya and Fu Na, he waved his paw at them through the car window: "Woof!" I'm going out to make money, goodbye.

The German shepherd looked at the far-away car and responded: "Woof!" Goodbye! After calling out, it turned its head toward Fu Na and sniffed. A low whimper came from his throat: "Nowadays, young puppies start earning money at such a young age. They're much more awesome than us."

Fu Na, who was lazily lying down on the steps, snorted: "Indeed, he's better than you who eats your own salary every month.”

The German shepherd's mouth twitched as it coldly snorted toward his little partner who revealed its dark history. Afterwards, it ran to a tree that wasn't too far off and began to dig holes again. The new home only had this good point about it. No matter how many holes dug, n.o.body said anything about it. Digging and digging, the movement of its claws became slower and slower. In the end, it laid by the edge of the hole, extending its fingernail to scratch the dirt as its eyes became moister and moister. That person won't say anything about it anymore, never again.

Zuo Ning, who had arrived at the film set, found that the set's atmosphere was a little odd. Following the steward, he went inside and saw that the protagonist of the news article he'd just seen this morning had his head lowered as he held in his tears and continuously apologized toward the director. Although he was separated by a bit of a distance, he could still clearly hear the conversation over there.

Everything was his fault, something about how he shouldn't tease the puppy on the film set, it was all his fault. He requested the director to give him another chance.

Originally, Zuo Ning didn't understand what this person meant. Only when he was on his way over from home did he recall that this was a high-ranking hot search topic. He freeloaded a hot search topic off of Chu Hang and after sparking a bit of a fire, he immediately apologized. On the bright side, he didn't offend anyone, and he still tried his best to say good things about Chu Hang. Even if Chu Hang had a clear understanding of what was going on here, there was no way to go find faults with him.

This was simply being forced to eat from a bowl, which you know perfectly well has been crawled over by flies, but in the eyes of others, it was clean food and throwing it away would cause them to scold you for wasting congee. Eating from it made you feel sick but not eating it would worsen your reputation.

Zuo Ning walked over to his own chair and sat down, looking toward the director who was waving his hand with his brows furrowed. After that, that person walked away after expressing a thousand thanks. He couldn't help but sigh. In order to get to the top, these people were truly unscrupulous.

This film still hadn't finished shooting when this kind of disturbance was created. The director seemed very unhappy and only when he ruthlessly beat down the many actors did the cast and crew become peaceful again. Of course, Zuo Ning was watching from behind those people, and he actually witnessed some bullying that happened as a result of lacking in position. As the shooting continued to progress, some people's inherent nature became more or less exposed. As a result, Zuo Ning excitedly watched a large drama every day. Every day, he worked even harder than Lu Chenghe.

It was a pity that though he had a mouth, he couldn't speak; he couldn't share this gossip. This really choked a dog to death.

After the window of Lu Chenghe's bedroom was adorned with a row of small coloured gla.s.s cases, all of the filming that had to do with Zuo Ning was being rushed to be finished shooting. The director found the steward and said that there were many interesting tidbits about Little Pudding and that it was possible to expose him to the public. If Little Pudding could open his own Weibo, exposure through Weibo would also be good.

After that, Zuo Ning didn't expect that he would actually become an internet celebrity like this.

However, before he knew that he'd become an internet famous dog, he'd first received the pay for filming this movie, and it could be said that there was a bonus.

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