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The First Film of His Dog Life (2)

Lu Chenghe looked down at Little Pudding, who was persistently rubbing against his embrace like a spoiled child, and smiled: "Then we'll give it a try."

Although it was a movie about a dog, the breed of the dog hadn't been specified. Furthermore, it wasn't at all the typical story about a dog watching over people.

Lu Chenghan invested in building a team to film this movie. Of course, they were going for every major award. In addition, they'd also hired a very well-known director. As for the leading role, aside from the dog, naturally it was his lover, Chu Hang as the male lead.

The film was mainly about the male lead who got all of the inheritance from his foster father while his foster father's original children didn't get a cent of it because they lacked filial piety. Thus, out of envious hate as well as greed, his foster father's children started to act against the male lead in secret.

In addition, Zuo Ning would act as the other leading role in this film but he was only the pet that the male lead raised during his childhood. Every day, it would be by the side of his owner, the male lead, and would always be cleverly gazing at the male lead attentively. However, the male lead couldn't see it. Later on, when the antagonists acted against the male lead, the dog, which had always been following the male lead, hindered the antagonists and protected the male lead. Only when the villains had been captured and the male lead was getting married to his beloved woman did the dog, which had always been by the male lead's side, completely fade away.

Thus, Zuo Ning's role in the film was a puppy which had pa.s.sed away long ago.

Films about pets and children were always the hardest, but if they were filmed well, they were also the most touching to people's hearts. As a result, Lu Chenghan picked this script as the company's first film.

Though this was the Lu family's first time stepping into an entertainment company, just the Lu family name was enough for everyone to rush forward like ducks. Aside from Chu Hang who was included by Lu Chenghan's imperial order, the rest of the supporting roles were also top stars within the acting circle.

It was best to take this show's fame to the next level. Even if it didn't work, they also wished to build a relationship with the Lu family by working with them. After all, there were many luxurious brands under the Lu family which only international superstars were qualified to endorse. If they were able to get a shortcut to an opportunity like that, they would naturally grasp it and wouldn't let it slip by.

So on the first day of work, almost no one used their popularity to arrive late and one by one, they arrived early. Then, according to the film, they entered their respective dressing rooms. Although there was no lack of scheming and vying for positions in the entertainment circle, people capable of becoming this famous naturally weren't foolish. If it were another cast and crew, they would naturally have the type of people who were strong-willed and confident. However, the Lu family lacked in money the least and simply weren't afraid of actors making trouble and disturbing others. If they didn't do as they were told, the Lu family would immediately change the cast.

The director was already sitting on the director's chair and looking at the seemingly harmonious crew all smiling to his side, he directed them by saying: "As expected, our collaboration depends on the company. Where could you find a film invested in by a small company with as much peace of mind as this? However, this film is from the perspective of a dog, so I fear that there will be much time wasted."

The a.s.sistant director smiled as he said: "About this film, Chief Lu has already said that as we're going for popularity awards, you are allowed to waste time without hesitating. No matter what, things like funding will be sufficient."

These words could only be said by the Lu family as they were rich and overbearing like this. After all, shooting movies was precisely a matter of burning money. There were very few investors who dared to say that there'd be enough funding.

When all of the many actors were present, the director still hadn't begun the ceremony for beginning the film shooting. Somewhat curious, they looked around and found that all of the film's actors had arrived and now, they were still missing that dog. They also didn't know where the dog had come from for it to arrive late on the first day. This dog wasn't like people. Compared to switching people, switching dogs was much easier.

Right when there were people feeling apprehensive in their hearts, a completely unremarkable black car came over. The car's exterior didn't stand out at all. It was completely the type that couldn't be found in traffic with just a quick glance. However, the entertainment circle was full of luxury and it was already an instinct for them to look at what people brought.

Women looked at bags while men looked at cars. When that car came over, someone said in a quiet voice: "I rarely see this car in China. After all, this is too much like a cheap Xiao Sang. At first glance, even the license plate is more or less the same. If your eyesight wasn't good enough, you wouldn't be able to recognize the value of this car."

An actress to the side heard these words and inquisitively, she asked: "Is this car really expensive?"

The one who had just spoken said: "It's decent, about three hundred thousand RMB. It's only that the target audience of this model is small that they don't make many, After the value of it goes up, they will have already stopped manufacturing it. You know, sometimes the less there is of something, the more people will fight for it."

While they were whispering these phrases, the car had already driven in front of everyone. The car door opened, A middle-aged man in a fine suit first came down from the car, then turned around and took out a snow white Samoyed.

Even though everyone’s eyes were gathered, the steward still calmly held Little Pudding as he went forward and smiled as he said h.e.l.lo to the director: "h.e.l.lo Director Zhou. My surname is Zhong, and I am the steward of the Lu family's second young master. This is my master's dog, Little Pudding. My family's young master said to first try filming Little Pudding to get a feel for it. If it's not suitable, we can have other dogs come over to replace it at any time."

He had already been informed of this matter long ago. Otherwise, having to wait to start the shooting ceremony, he would have already acted out earlier. At last, he now saw the true master. Seeing that dog cleverly standing to the side, not being frantic because there were so many people, and not becoming overly excited in front of people, with its clear eyes looking at everyone strangely. In addition to its refined trimmed white fur, its exceedingly high attractiveness made people easily gain a good opinion of it so he simply smiled and nodded as he said: "Then we'll try it out first. Little Pudding, right? Come over. First, we'll have the male lead pull it along and take a shot of that. Today's part is relatively simple as we're looking for the right feeling first."

Chu Hang has already heard Lu Chenghan say that this Little Pudding was beloved pet of his second brother. Although it was the first time he'd seen it, loving someone extended to those around them, so he instinctively liked it in his heart right away. Thus, after he took the leash that the steward handed over, he first crouched down to stroke its head, calling out to it so that they could become familiar with each other. Only now did he go over to begin the shooting ceremony.

Lu Chenghe feared that Little Pudding would be afraid of strangers and was equally worried that when he wasn't being watched over well, someone would bully him. After all, even if Little Pudding was bullied, he wouldn't know how to complain to him, so he had the steward keep watch by the side. Aside from the steward, there was also the chauffeur who also held the t.i.tle of bodyguard. However, this bodyguard had only come to do bitter work. Little Pudding's food and water bowls needed to be brought over by people so as a result, Lu Chenghe simply a.s.signed a bodyguard to follow along because of this and just in case anything unexpected happened.

Like this, compared to those celebrities who had an a.s.sistant with them, this dog was clearly much more important than them.

The author has something to say:

My tears are falling… Thinking about the short lifespan of a dog, more than half of it is waiting for its owner to come home and they're simply abused.

Wu wu wu… I'm going to go cry for a while TVT….

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