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This Dog is Too Smart

Although the Lu family's business was large, the Lu family's people were never workaholics. The Lu’s business was founded by the family's son who was born during a turbulent time of war. Abandoning literature and going into business, the eldest son of the Lus left the intricate and deep courtyard, standing firm in the economy with his own ability. However, even after staying in that kind of environment for a while, the family habits that have been ingrained into his bones were hard to get rid of.

Enjoyment can be said to be their att.i.tude toward life. Each generation influences the next generation, so the children of the Lu family were very willful. From a young age, they were told about the lifestyles of their elders and that life is the foundation of all problems. Thus, even if work is busy, as long as it's not a large event like the sky collapsing, even if they earn less, they believed that they should spend some time with their family and eat a meal together.

It is because of this kind of style that the atmosphere of the Lu family was extremely harmonious and happy. Things like power struggles have almost never happened. In the eyes of outsiders, this was also a kind of inherited characteristic. Without a state of mind of that level, one really couldn't live that kind of near indifferent, free, and easy lifestyle.

Lu Chenghe, who now serves as the president of the Lus, was extremely busy with the chaotic state of his family after his father's unexpected death. Afterwards, he still adhered to the family's habits. At work, aside from overseeing some major projects, he also needed to make his own business decisions. If the work could be completed by his subordinates, then he would never meddle in it. Things like overtime work were only necessary when there were particularly large projects to work on, and every week, he would dedicate at least one full day every week to his own relaxation.

Compared to other presidents, Lu Chenghe was simply a different species. This was also because of the Lu family's innate ability, which was the skill of having a unique insight regarding people or other matters. Otherwise, how could the huge Lu family be so prosperous under the management of such a lazy president? Perhaps it would have fallen apart a long time ago.

Fine food was another indispensable part of their lives. Lu Chenghe has eaten those kinds of things from when he was small up until when he grew up. Top ingredients from all over the world were already part of the Lu family's everyday life and seeing the butler push a food trolley around was also very common.

But Zuo Ning, who had come to the dining hall for the first time, was foolishly looking around until the two maids lifted a huge shrimp and placed it on the table. Zuo Ning was sure that the shrimp was really big enough to take up half of the table, and this wasn't the result of him becoming smaller which had changed his line of sight.

The lobster he’d seen before that was bigger than a washbasin was already absurdly expensive, so looking at this kind of gigantic shrimp which was of an unknown species and took up over half of the table, at this moment, he even wondered if he had crossed into a different world.

In order to clearly see what was on the table, Zuo Ning ran a few steps away and crouched with his head tilted toward one side. He was only able to see a slightly fat man wearing a chef's outfit watching the maid place the huge shrimp down before picking up a knife and fork. He walked forward, cut a few pieces of shrimp meat, and placed them on the plate before bringing it to Lu Chenghe and nodding at the steward. The steward waved his hand: "Take it away."

Lu Chenghe didn't look at the giant shrimp which had a lot of meat left on it. Instead, he picked up his tableware and started eating the freshest and most tender shrimp meat cut by the chef. Zuo Ning, who was sitting on the side, wasn't so calm anymore. That large of a shrimp, yet you’re only eating one or two pieces of meat? Even if you have money, isn't this too wasteful?

Zuo Ning, who still didn't have a deep understanding of this family, didn't know that the rest of the ingredients would be the meals of all of the Lu family's servants. Although the Lu family is more luxurious in some aspects, they would never be arbitrarily wasteful. Therefore, even if you were a servant of the Lu family, you would be incomparably happy.

However, his body moved faster than his brain. When Zuo Ning was able to react, he was already holding onto Lu Chenghe's calf, trying to climb up onto the table.

Hearing the sound of whining and feeling something touch his calf, Lu Chenghe expressionlessly looked down and couldn't help but smile a bit when he saw the anxious appearance of the little thing that had been well-behaved all afternoon. He had actually thought that was naturally quiet and not lively, but it turns out that it didn't see anything of interest to it. At this time, was it unable to help itself once it smelled the fragrance of food?

Yet, this lively look was indeed much more pleasant to the eyes than its previous lifeless appearance. After looking at the shrimp to which no seasoning had been added, Lu Chenghe asked the steward: "Can it eat this?"

When Zuo Ning heard this, he thought it meant that he was given permission to eat. After blinking once, his eyes became extremely bright, even his tail started wagging uncontrollably. The dog's leg was lightly pushing on Lu Chenghe's calf as he still had a half-hearted restraint toward Lu Chenghe who was projecting a strong aura of rejection.

The butler was obviously unable to feel the eagerness of Zuo Ning who has been eating tasteless dog food for days. Like a pot of cold water splashing onto Zuo Ning, he said: "Most likely, it isn't able to as seafood allergies are common and puppies have weaker stomachs. Although it has been vaccinated, it might get sick if it eats something it isn't supposed to. If a dog this small gets a disease, the chance of getting cured is relatively low."

After hearing these words, Zuo Ning felt that they were like thunder on a sunny day and the dog's entire body went stiff against Lu Chenghe's body. Seeing Zuo Ning's reaction, Lu Chenghe was somewhat surprised: "He understood what you were saying?" Otherwise, how could this 'received a great blow' kind of reaction be explained?

It was definitely impossible for a puppy to understand such a long paragraph. Thus, the butler thought: "Maybe it understood the word no. There were a few times when it wanted to eat the madam's dessert. The madam said that no one could take away her dessert so maybe it learned a general understanding of the word no."

Often hearing that dogs have a high IQ and are smart, Lu Chenghe who has never raised a dog before did not understand how smart an animal could be and was somewhat convinced. Looking at the pitiful look of the little thing, Lu Chenghe heartlessly regained his unfeeling expression and started his own dinner. Though he didn't ask for someone to take the puppy away, he also didn't pay any more attention to the little thing hugging his calf.

Originally he wasn't the type of person to dote on others. Especially since it would affect the health of the puppy, naturally, he couldn't follow the puppy's wishes.

Zuo Ning knew that it was unlikely for him to eat meat today but he didn't give up. Sitting by Lu Chenghe's feet, he would pull on his trousers from time to time and grumble to show that he existed. However, was he really looking at the right person? This man wasn't one to be sympathetic. Up until when he left the dining hall after finishing his meal, he didn't let Zuo Ning eat a single bite of meat. He didn't even glance at him!

Even worse, after the shrimp, there was a steak. According to the steward, this was a cow that was just shipped from somewhere. It was dismembered just now and the freshest part was sent here, it really couldn't get more extravagant than this!

But just after this, Zuo Ning realized that Lu Chenghe didn't exclude him or kick him away. Zuo Ning had probably explored enough to find out the range of acceptable actions toward this man. After this, Zuo Ning no longer carefully kept his distance from him. Now that he has been reduced to a dog, he can only find a way to stay in this home. If you want to live well, you must know how to please people.

Lu Chenghe found that the puppy was obviously more lively at night than it was during the day. Maybe it was because it felt safer after its kennel and other items were moved into the room, or maybe after getting along for half a day, the puppy was already familiar with the smell of his body. At this time, Lu Chenghe was sitting in front of the desk in his room with the monitor showing various data charts, but his eyes kept looking toward the little puppy who was running around the room, seemingly marking the area.

The little puppy was likely around the size of two palms, and its fluffy white fur was like a flying cotton ball when it was running. Its black eyes especially stood out against the white, and looking closely, it actually had double eyelids. Its eyelashes were particularly long and its mouth which contained a small tongue held a particularly warm smile at all times.

Under the warm light of the bedroom, the small furball quietly ran around on the carpet. Although it didn’t make much noise, it made Lu Chenghe feel that the bedroom was much more lively tonight.

He didn't realize that Zuo Ning, who was being watched, was interested in inspecting the bedroom of this nouveau riche. Compared to the bedroom of the woman who only kept him for a few days, this man's was obviously much more minimalistic. A very clean bed, a very clean sofa, and a very clean bathroom with almost no decorations. He felt that the study room he previously visited was arranged more carefully than this bedroom.

Simple is simple but the extravagance was still clear. A single bathroom was bigger than his entire house, it was simply comparable to a swimming pool. There was also a cloakroom that could be used for hide and seek, showers, saunas, etc. When he was familiar with the entire room and the hall outside, he was so tired that he couldn't help but lie down on the carpet.

Lu Chenghe, who has been observing his actions, rested his hand on his chair as he leisurely sat and suddenly said: "Little Pudding."

Zuo Ning, who was sitting on the carpet beside the bed, heard the call and quickly stood up, moving toward the man's desk: "Wu~." Why did you call me? 

Lu Chenghe paused for a few moments. Originally he wanted to give this little thing a name. He just looked up the appearance of an adult Samoyed on the internet. If it grows well, its body size definitely won't be small. Calling such a large dog "Little Pudding" seemed a little tacky.

But since it has already recognized this name, never mind then. Anyway, when the dog grows to be that large, the one raising it would be his mom and the one calling its name wouldn't be him. After eliminating the idea of changing its name, Lu Chenghe turned his head and continued to look at the computer.

Zuo Ning waited for a while, looking at the man who called for him but didn't say anything afterward. He ran to the man’s leg and raised his paw to scratch his leg: “Ao…?” He called out to him but still didn't get a reply, was there any meaning to it?

Lu Chenghe lowered his head and glanced at the dog, pointing at the puppy's kennel that wasn't far from his large bed: "Go to sleep."

Zuo Ning, who thought that they could further deepen their relationship, suddenly didn't have a warm smile on his face. Although he doesn’t know what time it is, it is definitely not the time to sleep. He turned around and looked everywhere, except for the pile of toys stacked next to the kennel. There was nothing better to spend his time doing in this room so he might as well go to sleep.

Lu Chenghe, who originally raised his finger not expecting it to understand, didn't antic.i.p.ate that the little thing would raise its little tail, twist its little b.u.t.t, and obediently walk into its kennel. Are dogs this smart now? Does he need to bring this little guy to test his IQ? It wasn’t a spiritual being right?

The energy of a puppy was really limited. Zuo Ning, who originally expected that he wouldn't be able to sleep, unconsciously fell asleep in his custom made kennel that was even more comfortable than his previous bed. Zuo Ning who was sleeping did not know, and will never know, that he originally had the opportunity to change his milky name into a prestigious and domineering name but just missed it like this.

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