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The Murderer Was Found (2)

The steward to the side, contrary to what one might expect, didn't insist and instead said: "Since Mrs. Qiao is allergic to dog fur, the dogs won't go in. It would be better for Mr. Qiao in addition to a police officer to follow me in to take a look. We'll only take a look and absolutely won't fiddle with Mrs. Qiao's materials. My family's two dogs reacted toward your house so if we don't make things clear, there might be some misunderstandings with Mr. Qiao. I fear that wouldn't be too good, what do you think Mr. Qiao?"

Upon hearing this, one of the police officers had already walked over. Fortunately, the Lu family had appeared personally for this matter. Otherwise, in this region of wealthy people, this exact topic would by no means involve the law and could only be considered a matter of ethics. Their uniforms didn't really make much of a difference.

Qiao Bo naturally didn't want to have a dog abusing reputation in front of Lu Chenghe but seeing his own wife's reaction, he thought of something just now and he had a bad premonition in his heart. However, there might not be anything if they went in and looked, and not going in would look like he had a guilty conscience. If the person who came today wasn't the Lu family's steward, he could directly reject them without needing to worry about anything. However, of all people, the one who came was from the Lu family.

Ultimately, after weighing his options, Qiao Bo still nodded. With him nodding his head like this, Shu Wan who was standing by his side was simply scared to the point where her legs softened and she almost couldn't stand anymore. Seeing her appearance, Qiao Bo had already thought of the worst possibility.

The inside of the bas.e.m.e.nt was really filled with stacks of Shu Wan's books. However, on one of the walls, there was a transparent plastic sheet hung on the wall as well as two ropes. On those ropes, there were also a bit of white fur and the plastic sheet was stained with blood.

The entire scene wasn't as scary as one would imagine and no tools for abusing dogs were seen, but merely this side's plastic sheet set up on the wall together with the two ropes already explained the issue.

The steward deeply looked at Qiao Bo and slightly nodded: "We've troubled Mr. Qiao today." After speaking, he looked at the police officer who had come in together with them and then turned around to go out.

Qiao Bo looked toward that wall. Gnashing his teeth in anger, he bellowed with a deep and low voice: "Shu Wan!"

The steward didn't make this matter public and immediately went back to the manor with those two dogs. However, other people had already seen him lead those two dogs along and enter the Qiao's home. After leaving the Qiao's house, he didn't even turn his head back and left. Everyone had their own conjectures.

After returning, the steward informed Lu Chenghe of the outcome: "I believe that Qiao Bo seriously did not know what had been going on and simply didn't expect that his wife was actually that kind of awful person. In addition, having slept beside her every night, I don't know whether Mr. Qiao will have a psychological shadow toward women in the future."

At that time, Zuo Ning was being held by Lu Chenghe and was sitting on the sofa being fed half a peach as today's reward. He didn't think that after going out once, the steward would find the murderer. Simply, he didn't expect that it was actually a woman who was certainly too dreadful.

After informing him of the results, he sighed and spoke again: "Unfortunately, that dog didn't have an owner. Otherwise, it would be possible to carry out a lawsuit because of injury to another person's a.s.sets. We can only carry out ideological education and cannot impose any punishment."

Lu Chenghe didn't even raise his head from feeding Little Pudding and said: "Qiao Bo won't let her have an easy time. This also counts as retribution."

Indeed, having this kind of thing occur, although Qiao Bo didn't know what was going on, his reputation would also be implicated and suffer. In the future, there would definitely be an impact on interpersonal relationships. He had to divorce this woman. After divorce, if he was magnanimous, they would cleanly and completely break off relations. If he wasn't magnanimous enough, he would certainly retaliate. However, looking at that Qiao Bo, he likely wasn't a person with a gentleman's character.

At long last, having resolved this matter, Zuo Ning limply laid in Lu Chenghe's embrace. The entire dog was leaning against Lu Chenghe's abdomen and his four paws were spread out comfortably. When the cut up peach was fed to his mouth, his tongue then rolled up. Smacking his lips, he bit it until it was mushy and swallowed it into his stomach. There was no need to mention how comfortable his little expression looked.

Lu Chenghe still educated him from the side: "Outside, you can't eat things that strangers give you and you can't leave with strangers. Otherwise, your end will be just like that small and pitiful thing's."

Zuo Ning raised his head to look at Lu Chenghe: "Awoo." Threatening a dog this much, aren't you afraid of creating a shadow in my young heart?

Lu Chenghe bowed his head and glanced at him. Scratching his chin, he fed him another peach slice.

Zuo Ning was originally eating very cheerfully but suddenly, the entire dog was motionless.

Lu Chenghe looked at him strangely. Suddenly, he thought of something and extended his hand by Little Pudding's mouth: "Spit it out."

Zuo Ning looked at Lu Chenghe. Just spitting it out like this didn't feel too good. Urged by Lu Chenghe twice more who was about to dig it out from his mouth, Zuo Ning simply closed his eyes and directly spit the thing in his mouth out onto Lu Chenghe's hand.

Lu Chenghe pried apart the peach flesh in his hand that had been bitten into pieces. From the inside, he picked up a white little tooth. Lu Chenghe placed the tooth onto the table and used a napkin to wipe his hands. After that, he squeezed Little Pudding's mouth: "Open your mouth, let me take a look at your teeth."

Zuo Ning subconsciously dodged by moving back, but Lu Chenghe grabbed his paw. He simply pressed him into his embrace, regardless of his dog rights, and pried open his mouth to take a look at his growing teeth.


After inspection one tooth had indeed fallen out and none had been swallowed by mistake. Only now did Lu Chenghe let him go: "Every time I want to look at your teeth, you act like I want to take your life. In the future, if a tooth falls out, you're not allowed to swallow it. It has to be kept well and given to me, got it?"

Zuo Ning, who was missing a tooth, laid on the sofa and held his own paw, playing with it. He didn't know when this awkward period of growing permanent teeth would finally end.

Lu Chenghe was worried that he didn't understand and as a result, he picked up the tooth and placed it onto Little Pudding's paw. Afterwards, he took the tooth from his paw and placed it onto a piece of meat jerky. Doing this repeatedly, he hoped that Little Pudding would realize that this thing could be exchanged for snacks to eat.

Zuo Ning looked at Lu Chenghe very patiently demonstrating and suddenly, he somehow felt that he was very cute. After that, he couldn't endure anymore and all of a sudden, he pounced onto Lu Chenghe's body. Coming down from a high position, Zuo Ning pressed down on him and stuck out his tongue to lick his mouth.

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