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In Lu Chenghe's bedroom, ever since Zuo Ning had lost his first tooth, the tall window had one more thing on it. That was naturally a very refined and small case that was exquisite to the point of being like a bright diamond. There were countless cut facets shining sunshine onto the wall like multi-coloured starlight.

The very small case was made of multi-coloured gla.s.s, and the shape was of a tooth. It was roughly only about the size of half of a little finger and the inside contained the first baby tooth that Zuo Ning lost.

Whenever there was a breeze, the little thing hanging on the window would flutter about. In the first drawer of Lu Chenghe's desk, there was also twenty different sized cases that were similar in shape. They were rather small and there was no lack of those that looked like canine teeth.

According to what Lu Chenghe said, they were all prepared for his following teeth; every tooth had a case prepared. After all of his teeth had been changed, these exquisite and beautiful little cases could become an artwork when laid out.

This was also the reason why Lu Chenghe paid special attention to his replacement teeth, so much that he had the steward carefully look after him. Those baby teeth couldn't be lost and couldn't be swallowed either.

If it were an ordinary dog instead, it would truly be difficult for Lu Chenghe's wishes to be fulfilled. After all, even if the dog was being looked after more strictly, it wasn't possible to constantly pry open the dog's mouth to take a look. Who would know when a tooth had fallen out?

Although he felt that Lu Chenghe's preferences seemed to be different,  Zuo Ning still intended on magnanimously satisfying this kind of marvel wish. This was in spite of the fact that he felt that Lu Chenghe's collection hobby was a little strange.

It has been said that the small coloured gla.s.s boxes that had been prepared to store his teeth weren't cheap. Regardless of which handwork master made them, as of now, they were the only ones that existed in the entire world. They were custom-made models.

At that time, Zuo Ning was laying on the sofa watching television. After that, he saw a group of people dressed in a specially patterned black outfit carrying a safe. They very seriously handed it over to the family's steward after many kinds of signatures and taking many pictures. It was said that insurance was purchased for the transportation of the goods as this series was worth a considerable amount.

Although he didn't know why these things made of coloured gla.s.s were that expensive, he was also made a little foolish by this set. The set made him even feel embarra.s.sed and want to have his baby teeth fall out in secret.

At this time, Zuo Ning was foolishly staring at the expensive handiwork that was fluttering above his head. From the bottom of his heart, he sighed with emotion: Being poor had limited his imagination.

Zuo Ning, who had crawled out of the kennel in the bedroom, shook the fur on his body. Originally, he wanted to try to sleep in this quiet environment to see whether he could fall asleep. After all, he'd acquired this habit in the past. In the morning and in the afternoon, he needed to take naps but now, his mental state was extremely good every day. He wouldn't feel tired even if he didn't sleep for an entire day. To put it briefly, he had a little excess energy.

Zuo Ning looked up at the sky from a 45-degree angle. It seemed that he was already a qualified Samoyed. Just as he was sighing at the sadness of growing up, his pointed ears shook. He seemed to have heard the sound of a car on the first floor. He glanced at the time on the tablet. It was only three in the afternoon, Lu Chenghe still hadn't gotten off work. But being idle was being idle, he went down first to take a look at who came.

When Zuo Ning was standing and watching from the second floor, a man who looked four or five points similar to Lu Chenghe and looked slightly more robust came in from outside. Soon after, Lu Chenghe also followed after him and entered.

Zuo Ning saw this and immediately dashed down the stairs then pounced onto Lu Chenghe. He was jubilant and in high spirits as if they hadn't seen each other for a hundred years.

Seeing Lu Chenghe skillfully picking up and stroking the fur of the guy whose body was already not considered to be small, eldest brother Lu Chenghan suddenly chuckled: "It seems that what old fourth said wasn't fake. You've already evolved into a fur enthusiast."

Hearing this, Lu Chenghe's expression was completely unperturbed. He stroked and stroked Little Pudding who was endlessly excited to see him come back before putting him on the ground and letting him go play by himself. After having walked just two steps, he saw that his eldest brother was still looking at his own dog and then asked: "What's wrong?"

Lu Chenghan stroked his chin as he looked at that white dog which had been raised to be very beautiful with a serious expression. Suddenly, he crouched down and clapped his hands: "Come here."

Zuo Ning looked up toward Lu Chenghe and seeing that he wasn't saying anything, he crouched down and sat where he was, not budging. Although this person was Lu Chenghe's eldest brother, he wasn't someone who could be called by just anyone. If by any chance his own behaviour was too good and too lovable, what could he do if someone wanted to take him away?!

Lu Chenghan saw that Little Pudding remained unmoved and unexpectedly smiled: "You've raised this dog pretty well."

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