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TN Note: This chapter has descriptions of dog abuse in one paragraph toward the end…

A Cruel Event (2)

Not seeing anyone hurt, Zuo Ning used his paws to scratch Lang Ya: "Let's go back. I don't see anything strange."

Lang Ya roved around the fencing, seemingly based on his occupational instinct, and wasn't willing to leave. Pushing on Zuo Ning: "You go back first."

Zuo Ning was looking all over the place. Just as he was thinking about whether he should pull the steward over to take a look, he heard a rustling sound from the gra.s.s outside. Lang Ya who was patrolling with his tail hanging down instantly straightened his body. His two forelimbs were slightly bent, making an attacking posture.

Zuo Ning as a human soul naturally didn't have this kind of dog instinct. Seeing Lang Ya's appearance, even he was frightened. Just that kind of body build, even biting a person to death was something that would only take a minute. In addition, hearing the sound but not seeing any people, he became even more terrified and withdrew toward the back. Originally, he wasn't a dog, so he didn't feel like he really lost face from not being as good as a dog.

Shortly after, a small and furry head emerged from the pile of fallen leaves on the ground. A white puppy with pointed ears slowly crawled out. Zuo Ning, who didn't pay much attention regarding pets, wasn't able to distinguish what the breed was. However, it should be a small breed of dog or possibly a young dog. The white fur was already very dirty and also mixed with a dark red. Appearing to have smelt the odour of a large dog, it laid motionlessly and somewhat cowered.

Lang Ya wanted to get closer to take a look but was obstructed by the fence and couldn't go out. He extended his paw, apparently wanting to grab the little guy and pull him over: "Crawl over a bit more, I can't reach you."

Zuo Ning also wasn't terrified anymore. Sticking half of his face out, he barked: "What's wrong? Where did you come from? Are you injured?"

Unfortunately, that puppy only knew how to whine and yell in pain. It couldn't answer anything it was asked.

With his good eyesight, Zuo Ning saw that on the puppy's body were tufts of red. It should be injured. Thus, he turned his head around toward Lang Ya and said: "I'll go call someone over. Otherwise, this guy will die." After speaking, Zuo Ning ran like a gust of wind back to the house.

The steward was in the middle of testing dishes in the kitchen. Whenever the chef at home had a new dish, the steward would taste it first and only if he had no problems with the taste would it be added to the menu. Zuo Ning was unable to deal with that fragrance that simply made dogs crave it to death. Sniffing for the steward's scent, he found his way to the kitchen. He used his paws to lightly push on his trouser legs and right after, he struck a posture like he was going to run out: "Woof woof!" Hurry and go save its life, there's a dog that's dying.

Naturally, the steward was unable to understand Zuo Ning's intention and stooped down to stroke its head: "Be good and go out to play. The kitchen isn't a place you should be in." The kitchen had many ingredients, many people, and it was busy. If this little guy accidentally took away something and secretly ate it, it would be troublesome if it got sick from the food.

Zuo Ning was anxious and almost used his mouth to bite the steward's trouser leg. However, he still tried hard several times and fortunately, the steward wasn't slow-witted as he very quickly understood Zuo Ning's meaning. Seeing its appearance that seemed to want to guide him toward someplace, he then put down the things in his hands and curiously followed it.

After following Zuo Ning the entire way, they'd walked to the fence. Seeing that Lang Ya was also there, he entered to take a look. Unexpectedly, there was also a puppy at its last gasp. He was immediately alarmed. After all, it was a tiny life. The steward immediately had the security guards go out and bring in that little guy, and he also notified the veterinarian, Wen Ting.

Normally, Lang Ya wasn't one to go into the owner's residence. Seeing the steward carrying that small and pitiful one into the house, he returned to the gate to continue to guard his post. Zuo Ning followed after that puppy the entire way. Not knowing whether it was that its IQ wasn't high or if it was in too much pain, it could only yell in pain and regardless of what he asked it, it wouldn't reply to anything.

He'd thought that dogs could communicate with each other like how humans could. He could communicate with Lang Ya without the slightest bit of impediment. However, it seemed that the puppy apparently wasn't too good at that. He also didn't know whether he could properly communicate with it after it was cured and wasn't in pain anymore.

Wen Ting came very quickly and because the steward told him about the situation earlier, he also brought some surgical instruments. In addition to the bit that was here at Lu Chenghe's place, his equipment and facilities could be considered complete. Thus, he immediately went upstairs to operate on that puppy. After all, that dog's injury was too severe. If it was moved again to the hospital, he feared that it would die on the road.

The steward had only wanted to carry Zuo Ning and go out but seeing it consistently looking toward the inside of the room, he cut half of an apple and gave it to it to pacify it. Zuo Ning helpless laid on the sofa and waited as that puppy was in surgery.

In the afternoon, Wen Ting finally came out. However, he shook his head toward the steward: "I couldn't save it. Its injury was too severe."

Zuo Ning immediately froze and stared blankly as he listened to Wen Ting continue to speak: "72 steel b.a.l.l.s were taken out from inside its body and three ribs were broken. There wasn't even a little bit of digested food in its entire stomach, it was full of steel b.a.l.l.s. Even crueller, its entire esophagus was very severely scalded and within its body, its internal organs had also been struck critically."

From the corner of his eyes, the steward saw Zuo Ning blankly and foolishly looking toward Wen Ting and promptly stepped forward to cover its ears. Regardless of the fact that it couldn't understand even if it heard, it was still best to speak of these kinds of things less in front of dogs. He nodded toward Wen Ting: "You've worked hard. There's a monitoring system installed in this vicinity so we'll investigate the entire story behind this matter."

Wen Ting also sighed. Some people just liked to abuse this kind of small and weak animal. In this society, people who seemed to be normal on the surface but were in reality psychologically twisted were plentiful. No matter how they appeal to treat animals well, there will always be a few cruel people like that.

Seeing Little Pudding who was quietly resting in the steward's arms, Wen Ting stroked its head: "There are many bad people outside. By all means, you must not run around all over the place."

It was Zuo Ning's first time running into this kind of thing. Although he'd seen the news before, it was, nevertheless, his first time truly coming across it himself. Previously, there had been a disparity in race and he could just look at the news. But now, having accepted his new dog life and accepting those of the same kind, seeing this kind of thing at this time stirred the emotions in his heart more than just a little bit.

The author has something to say:

I just want to say that those cruel people will inevitably have cause and effect follow them in reincarnation to recompense.

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