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The Dog Wearing a Skirt (2)

After the electric toy car, Zuo Ning received a second gift that was shipped over by Mother Lu, a large box filled with clothing and little shoes. A panda costume, Superman costume, tiger costume, as well as little skirts. In total, there were roughly thirty to forty sets of clothing.

Those clothes were all brand new, even the tag hadn't been cut off yet. Zuo Ning's eyesight was excellent. He glanced at the hanging tag and saw that behind the number, there were four zeroes.

According to Zuo Ning's experience buying clothing off of TBao, the price on the tag is always very exaggerated as prices of four to five hundred were actually purchased for 19 RMB including shipping. Zuo Ning's thoughts were calm and collected, maybe foreign items were even more falsely priced than on TBao. But when he used his paws to feel the texture, the material was truly not bad and felt comfortable to the touch.

Lu Chenghe picked up a fluffy knitted skirt from the ground and looked at Little Pudding: "Do you like it?"

Zuo Ning glanced at it: "Woof woof woof!" He's a man, a boy! A manboy! How could he wear a skirt?!

Of course, the protest of Zuo Ning was ineffective in front of Lu Chenghe. He followed the instructions of his mother which were that he had to put on a beautiful, beautiful skirt and take a picture for her to keep and commemorate. She said that once a dog grows up, it won't be as soft, meng, and cute looking when wearing such clothes.

Zuo Ning whose protests were ineffective had to humiliatingly stretch his paws and legs under the instructions of Lu Chenghe, allowing himself to be put into that pettiskirt. On his feet, there were also four beautiful little leather shoes. At last, Zuo Ning knew the feeling of the road not taken. When he stepped onto the ground, he stood unsteadily and his four limbs fell onto the ground.

Lu Chenghe very unkindly videotaped this scene and waited for Zuo Ning to, with great difficulty, adapt to standing while wearing shoes before throwing a rubber ball for him to pick up. As a dog who had no choice but to bow his head under the eaves, Zuo Ning had to satisfy Lu Chenghe's evil interests by gladly and diligently dragging the pettiskirt on his body and picking up the ball, practically looking like a pretty little princess.

Lu Chenghe took a video of the entire thing and posted it on Little Pudding's Weibo. The t.i.tle was 'Little Princess Who Can't Tell Left and Right Apart'.

After taking videos of the three little skirts a.s.signed by Mother Lu with great difficulty, Zuo Ning laid down on the sofa, letting Lu Chenghe look at his b.u.t.t. No matter how he barked, he ignored it. Who wouldn't have a little bit of a temper?!

Probably realizing that he'd offended this little guy, Lu Chenghe did something he rarely did. After lunch, he had the steward serve a plate of cut up apples and tempted him on the side: "Sweet, sweet apples which you love to eat the most. Hurry over."

Zuo Ning thought to himself that by no means did he love eating them the most, but apart from fruits like that, his everyday food didn't have much flavour. As a result, the fruits he didn't like became something he liked to eat. However, a slice of apple obviously couldn't get the desired outcome from him. Zuo Ning remained completely unmoved.

Lu Chenghe reached out with his hand and pulled his tail: "Okay, you don't have to wear them anymore. Come here, be obedient."

Zuo Ning used his tail to pat the sofa and then dug deeper into the cushion. Burying himself deeper into the cushion, he was simply refusing.

Lu Chenghe ate the apple that was originally prepared for Little Pudding. Zuo Ning heard the crisp sounds and promptly stretched out his neck to see. He saw that Lu Chenghe was really eating it mouthful by mouthful and he could see that there were only a few left. He quickly climbed out and pounced onto Lu Chenghe's body while accusing him: "Woof woof! Woof woof woof!" These were for me, why did you just eat them? Where are your morals? What happened to being the male G.o.d we agreed upon you being?!

Lu Chenghe pinched his fat face: "Are you quarreling with me? You're really meek in public but a tyrant at home." After saying that, he still fed him a bit of apple. This time, the little thing wasn't in such a bad mood and ate the mouthful of apple.

Dogs could eat a bit of fruit every but they couldn't eat too much as having too much sugar wasn't good. Thus, the selection of fruits was relatively smaller and including things like apples and pears. Every day, Lu Chenghe would feed him a little bit. Every time this little thing ate fruit, it had a happy appearance. If he didn't know better, he'd believe that he was thirsty during the day.

Squeezing the pointy ears, Lu Chenghe saw that his eyes narrowed as he ate and smiled as he said: "Really a gluttonous little dog."

After eating a bite of apple, Zuo Ning licked his mouth and then looked at the bowl Lu Chenghe was holding. There were still a few slices inside. With his current appearance, likely no one would think that at his core was a person. Lu Chenghe saw that impatient appearance and scratched his chin. Feeding him another piece: "When I called you, you didn't come over. Only eating could make you come over. Is eating even more important than I am?"

Zuo Ning immediately placed his paws on Lu Chenghe's leg: "Awoo." I like you the most, I only like you.

Lu Chenghe thought that he was asking for food so as a result, he picked up an apple slice with his fork and continued to feed him: "Giving it to you, I'm giving it to you. I'm giving all of it to you, you gluttonous little dog."

A small bowl of apples, Lu Chenghe ate half and Zuo Ning ate four or five slices. Though he somewhat wished to continue eating, he had just finished eating dinner and felt that he was a bit full. As a result, he licked his mouth and sat on Lu Chenghe's body to aid digestion. His tail wagged back and forth again, looking particularly relaxed.

Lu Chenghe stroked that fluffy tail and unexpectedly said: "Tomorrow, you can go out and play."

Zuo Ning put his chin on Lu Chenghe's chest and looked up at him. He hadn't even left this large courtyard's doors before yet unexpectedly, he wanted to bring him out to play. However, the atmosphere was too good at the moment, good to the point where he didn't want to move. As a result, he wagged his tail to show that he was happy.

Lu Chenghe stroked the fur on his back: "When I take you out, you have to behave. You're not allowed to recklessly run around, and you can't randomly eat things."

Zuo Ning continued to lie down and replied: "Awoo~"

The noise he made seemed a bit like he was replying with an okay. Lu Chenghe lowered his head to look and laughed as he continued to speak: "You're also not allowed to randomly follow strangers. I've heard that once you let go of a Samoyed, they're gone. If you run, I won't chase after you and then you can be a stray dog with nothing to eat all day."

Hearing Lu Chenghe's frightening words meant to scare him, Zuo Ning was completely unperturbed: "Awoo~"

In the distance, the steward who was in the middle of tidying up the pile full of toys messed up by Little Pudding looked at the person at the appearance of the person and dog's 'you say a line, I respond with a line' and happily sighed. It was no wonder that everyone said dogs are a cure.The young master who didn't speak much met Little Pudding who can't speak and became someone who speaks more, how touching!

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