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The Conversation Between Dogs

Zuo Ning had a toy car which resembled a small handcart and was purchased for him as a gift from Mother Lu. When Zuo Ning had just been brought here, Mother Lu was quite fond of placing Zuo Ning inside of the cart and pushing it along as she walked. It was likely because of this that she later had the battery-powered toy car custom-made.

Now that Zuo Ning lives on Lu Chenghe's side, a servant had also brought the previous cart over from Mother Lu's side. However, it had already been buried deep within a pile of toys and hadn't been seen for a long time.

Across from Lu Chenghe's bed, there was a very large window. On the side was Zuo Ning's kennel which was against the wall. In addition, on the side of the kennel was a mountain of toys; half of the toys were given by Mother Lu and the other half was given by Lu Chenghe. At this moment, Zuo Ning stuck out his b.u.t.t and moved each toy one by one using his paws in an attempt to find the small cart buried deep within the toys.

After taking a bath, Lu Chenghe, who was working on the bed and reading a book, saw the little guy who was full of energy at night burying itself in the pile of toys. Not knowing how the pile of toys had provoked it, it was stubbornly spreading the toys apart one by one using its paws. In this short period of time, its effort had caused its entire bed to be full of scattered toys.

"Little Pudding."

Hearing the call, Zuo Ning twisted his body to look at Lu Chenghe: "Ao?"

Lu Chenghe swept his eyes over the complete mess on the ground and expressionlessly asked: "What are you doing?"

Zuo Ning promptly explained: "Ao! Ao! Ao!" I have to find my cart to give toys to those lovely retired military dogs!

Lu Chenghe who didn't understand dog language looked at Little Pudding's appearance which seemed to be replying to his question at the time and couldn't help but laugh. He rather helplessly leaned back and picked up his book: "You can continue."

After he finished speaking, Little Pudding, who had twisted his body to see him, turned his head again and set himself against that pile of toys. The entire course of events seemed like a smooth conversation. There was nothing out of sorts in the question and answer. It was a pity that Lu Chenghe couldn't understand what it said.

Like this, Lu Chenghe read while also paying attention to what Little Pudding was doing. Watching it toss things from side to side for a while, he ordered the maid to scatter all of the pile of well-organized toys. Only after the dog used its paws to reveal a small bright yellow cart did it stop.

That small cart wasn't actually that small, it could seat a seven or eight year old child without any problems. After Little Pudding got the small cart out, the dog's entire body stepped inside the vehicle. Afterwards, one hind leg was extended out and used strength as it stepped on the ground. Like this, the cart was slipped out of the pile with effort.

It seemed like it had discovered a new skill in amusing itself, that was how Lu Chenghe saw Little Pudding sitting in the cart and sliding around.

From the bedside cabinet to his side, Lu Chenghe picked out Little Pudding's dedicated cell phone. He filmed the entire scene and then posted it on Weibo with the heading as "A Spiritual Dog".

Zuo Ning tried to slide the cart with force and found that all four of the wheels had no problems. Thus, he pushed it to one side, planning on using this cart to transport the toys tomorrow. Zuo Ning, who felt that he was very awesome, gladly and diligently ran to the side of the bed. His two paws hung on the side of the bed as he looked toward Lu Chenghe: "Woof!" Please let me warm the bed!

Lu Chenghe extended a finger to poke Little Pudding's forehead using a little bit of strength: "Go to bed."

Zuo Ning who had been met with rejection was unwilling to give up and persisted. Placing his head on top of the border of the bed, he looked toward Lu Chenghe pitifully: "Ao~"

Lu Chenghe put his book down and sat up. Looking at him seriously: "Do you know that you've done something bad?"

Zuo Ning wasn't clear on that so his eyes were filled with doubt.

Lu Chenghe pointed toward the complete mess which was the ground: "Wasn't that your doing?"

Zuo Ning looked over toward his hand. Uh oh. The ground was full of toys and it was a mess. That was really his doing?

Lu Chenghe reached out to push it a bit: "If you tidy up the toys, I'll let you sleep on the bed tonight."

Zuo Ning understood these words but he still couldn't do as he said, ah! If he followed what Lu Chenghe wanted and went to go do it, he reckoned that he would be in a laboratory being examined by people as a live specimen tomorrow. Thus, he continued to pitifully look at Lu Chenghe in an attempt to sell meng and fool him.

Lu Chenghe really wasn't eating this set. Zuo Ning thought and thought before putting his paw up on Lu Chenghe's arm and repeatedly stroking it: "Wu…" A baby who can warm the bed and knows how to sell meng, you really don't want one?

Lu Chenghe held and kneaded the misbehaving paw. He lowered his head to see the small bit of emotion in Little Pudding's eyes directed toward himself. He helplessly pinched that fat little face, then he carried him up onto the bed: "When you were younger, you were so obedient. The more you grow up, the more naughty you become. You've already started to tear down the house. As expected, the cleverness of Samoyeds is a facade."

Minding his own business, Zuo Ning found a comfortable area on the bed and sticking to Lu Chenghe, he laid down his head onto Lu Chenghe's stomach. Hearing the heartbeat which had advantages for him, he squinted his eyes as he let out an enormous yawn. He'd already begun to become sleepy. As for Lu Chenghe's complaint against him, sorry, I didn't understand.

Lu Chenghe kneaded Little Pudding's ear while reading. The entire room was now completely quiet, the only sound remaining was the sound of him flipping through the book. In a short while, the little guy who had just been full of energy had already started to make small snoring noises. Lu Chenghe glanced down and saw him sleeping soundly. He put his book down to one side and turned off all of the lights aside from one bedside lamp.

Looking out through the window, the light in the garden could be seen. The early autumn nights were already a bit chilly. Lu Chenghe slowly laid down and softly hugged the little thing which insisted on sleeping in his embrace. In the quiet atmosphere, the warmth within his arms dispersed the slight chill. Lu Chenghe, who had already gradually become used to having a dog accompany him, slowly fell asleep.

Their pleasant breakfast ended with Zuo Ning successfully grabbing a slice of bread from Lu Chenghe's mouth. Poking the round and bulging belly, Lu Chenghe drank his coffee while also watching him eat with relish. This dog really changed every day, he felt that just yesterday, he was still that small but he had already grown up today. Before, it didn't even dare to climb the stairs, but now it could already run up and down the stairs at lightning speed.

After he saw that Little Pudding had finished eating, Lu Chenghe rubbed the dog's head and went off to work.

After following Lu Chenghe out with his eyes, Zuo Ning promptly ran back to the room upstairs. The figure of his tiny yet long legs was visible. Stepping and stepping, he climbed upstairs. He felt embarra.s.sed after pushing that small cart to the edge of the staircase as he couldn't carry it down and if he pushed it down and the quality wasn't good, it could fall apart.

Just when he was thinking of a solution, he saw a maid who was changing and washing the bedding walk over. He immediately used a paw to grab her skirt: "Woof woof!" Hurry and help me bring this down.

The steward had already decreed that it was prohibited for them to tease the young master's pet. Although Samoyeds weren't a particularly expensive breed, the social status of the young master's pet was different. If an accident occurred because of them teasing it, they really couldn't compensate for the loss.

As the little guy took the initiative to approach, the maid couldn't help but reach out and rub the dog's head: "What happened to you, little guy? Do you need someone to carry you down the stairs?"

Zuo Ning extended his paw to pat the small cart on the side: "Awoo!"

Perhaps the little guy's intention was too clear as the maid unexpectedly appeared to understand. As a result, she tried to push that small cart down the stairs and saw that Little Pudding was following behind her and that it was acting a bit foolish. Today's little pets had already evolved to become this intelligent?

Seeing that the little guy's objective had been reached, he pushed the small cart on the first floor and didn't run back. The maid who was thrown aside after being used was rather unsure whether she should laugh or cry.

Zuo Ning pulled the small cart by a rope attached to the front all the way to the side of the kennel in the hall. After that, he threw toys into the cart one by one. However, the ones thrown into the cart were all given by Mother Lu. Although he didn't play with the toys Lu Chenghe had purchased at all, he couldn't bear to part with them.

Only when the small cart was filled did Zuo Ning loop the rope onto his own body and pull it towards the outside of the door.

By chance, the steward who was pa.s.sing by saw this act. Finding it quite funny, he asked: "Little Pudding, are you going to run away from home?"

Zuo Ning's head did not turn back: "Woof!" I'm going to go make friends!

Seeing Little Pudding gladly and diligently running while pulling the cart filled with toys, the steward laughed and then went to do his own work. Before, it might have needed a person to watch over it, but now aside from those rooms with closed doors, even the young master's bedroom was free for it to go in and out as it wished. In any case, the entire courtyard was fenced so even if it ran away, it couldn't go out. He didn't need to be worried about it running all over the place and getting lost.

Zuo Ning pulled the cart from the main staircase and crossed the lane that was filled with pebbles with difficulty. The entire journey was smooth and without obstructions until he arrived in front of the big metal gateway.

  The Lu house had people patrolling for 24 hours a day and the two retired military dogs Lu Chenghe took in were also meant to protect and look after the courtyard. As a result, the retired military dogs were placed by the doorway of the security room. Though the luxuriousness of their kennels couldn't compare with the custom-made kennels that Mother Lu had specially made for Little Pudding, they were definitely not bad.

Before Little Pudding had arrived at the gate, the two retired military dogs had already heard the sound of the cart against the pebbles on the ground so they ran out and watched the doorway attentively.

As soon as Zuo Ning arrived at the gate, he saw the two door G.o.ds and promptly said: "Woof woof woof!" Brothers, I've come to give you some toys!

The relatively cordial German shepherd squatted down: "Woof!" Toys are what small animals like you are fond of, we've stopped playing with toys for a long time now.

Zuo Ning picked up a plush doll and went inside the building. This was actually his first time entering the doorway of the watchhouse. Inside, there was a man in a uniform sitting in front of a pile of computer monitors. Seeing Zuo Ning who was holding a toy in his mouth, he grinned as he laughed: "So this is the legendary Little Pudding? I didn't expect that you two would fool around with Mister's loved and pampered pet as soon as you arrived, you're really skilled!"

This person was the team leader of the security team and Zuo Ning had seen him before. However, he'd only seen him from far away while on morning runs with Lu Chenghe. Even if it was their first time meeting, Zuo Ning wasn't shy with strangers. He went around and placed the toy he had in his mouth inside of the huge kennel: "Woof woof!" I came specifically to give you guys gifts!

The relatively cordial German shepherd walked over, lowered its head to smell the toy's scent, and then used its paw to push the toy: "Wu." How do you play with this?

Zuo Ning tilted his head as he thought: "Awoo~" Use it as a pillow when sleeping, use your paws to scratch it, use your teeth to bite it, it's up to you.

The German shepherd seemed a little embarra.s.sed, but even as a child, they'd never played with toys so they were indeed somewhat envious. As a result, it awkwardly used its paw to fiddle with the toy: "Ao." The-then, thank you.

Zuo Ning stuck out his tongue in happiness: "Woof woof." You're welcome, we're friends!

The security team leader saw Little Pudding and Lang Ya call each other back and forth and found that it looked and sounded like chatting. Thus, he faced the other dog lying by the doorway and said: "Fu Na, you should also come over and become familiar with your new friend."

Zuo Ning was surprised and turned his head around to look at the security team leader and the other German shepherd. So it turns out that it was a female dog, ah, it was no wonder that it was so icily arrogant. The fact that he didn't know the name of the one in front of him came to mind so he then asked: "Wu?" I'm Zuo Ning, what's your name?

Lang Ya shot a glance at him: "Woof!" I know that you're called Little Pudding, they called you by those syllables many times so I remember. My name is Lang Ya.

Zuo Ning noticed that they mentioned syllables and couldn't help but ask: "Awoo?" You can understand human words?

Lang Ya looked at Zuo Ning strangely: "Ao? En?" Human words are so complicated, how could we understand them? But after listening to syllables they said many times, we can remember them. If we remember them, then just we follow their instructions again. Right now you're still young, once you're older you will understand.

Zuo Ning didn't know how he could hear this many spoken words from a simple bark, but he could be considered to have understood it. It turned out that dogs were really unable to understand human language. If they could really understand, wouldn't all dogs be spiritual?!

The author has something to say:

Us partners had our dogs get together, a poodle and a Bichon. They fought over a toy. The poodle lost, the toy was taken away by the Bichon. The poodle laid in my partner's embrace, barking and crying.

TN Note:

The names of the dogs can also be translated as Wolf Tooth (Lang Ya) and Elegant Lotus (Fu Na) and instead of female dog… b.i.t.c.h could be used (#゚ロ゚#)

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