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  Zuo Ning was being held in someone’s arms. This kind of candid position made him shy and want to bow his legs which had no fur that could cover up his b.a.l.l.s. He even desperately tried to use the tail that he hasn't been able to control. His legs were too short, his tail was too fine and not full enough, and after struggling several times without fruition, he had no choice but to give up.

  His sparkling black eyes were somewhat uneasy and looking about, only unwilling to look at the imposing man facing him at the moment. However, even if he wanted to look, the person in front of him would not give him more attention. After all, Zuo Ning was now just a little puppy without human rights, nevertheless a little puppy who this man was unable to bear and found troublesome.

  Lu Chenghe shelved the half-read book after bookmarking it. He raised his head to look at the nearby little puppy fawning over his mother who was holding the dog. With slightly sharp and harsh, cold eyes in addition to his exquisite appearance, even a married woman who was nearing fifty could not help but soften at this appearance.

  However, when he heard the request of his mother, he glanced at the small thing that could be pinched to death with one hand. Without the slightest bit of feelings, he coldly said: "If you leave it at home, naturally there would be a specialized person to feed it. If you are not at ease, make the steward invite a professional dog caretaker. When you come back, I promise you will see a healthy dog."

  Hearing the refusal in her son's words, Mother Lu lifted the little puppy by its little b.u.t.t with one hand and brought it back to her arms. The well-maintained egg-shaped face rubbed against the fluffy white fur of the little puppy. Looking her son's way, "But like that, Little Pudding will become the dog of someone else’s family. Whoever is good to it, accompanies it to play, feeds it, and raises it is its master. Baby, just help your mother for a while. Little Pudding recognizes you better than the servant or dog caretaker who feeds it."

  Speaking while smoothing out the little puppy’s fur with incomparable love, she let out a helpless sigh: "Although your auntie Wen Pei was powerful, she really loved the one of surname Wan. I used to see Wan as a good and honest surname but the result was unexpected. He had a black heart and unexpectedly had such a big illegitimate child. Now, your auntie Wen Pei has divorced. When she says that she wants to go out and relieve her boredom, naturally your mother has to accompany her. This Little Pudding who has only existed for a few days is not yet mature, and it's not possible to toss it aside to a servant. Baby, just help your mother look after it for a short while, okay? Little Pudding is very well behaved. Not noisy nor troublesome nor disobedient, and you also don't need to do much. When you have time, play with it. At meal times, give it some food to eat. Slowly, it will know that you are its owner and it won't be concerned with the servants."

  Hearing the words not noisy, not troublesome, and particularly obedient, Lu Chenghe was very doubtful and glanced at the white furball. In Sanxia, the Wei family’s reputation was enormous as they have always been a prominent household specialized in professional demolition. Though Samoyeds are not as stupid as other dog breeds, there was absolutely no relationship between them and the words not noisy, not troublesome, and very obedient.

  Mother Lu wanted to continue to tell her son how obedient Little Pudding is, but the housekeeper knocked on the door and said that the car is ready. Mother Lu ruthlessly and directly moved the little puppy from her arms into her son's arms, not allowing any refusal:

  ”I am going to accompany your auntie Wen Pei's travels. If I come back and find that Little Pudding is not with you or you don’t take care of it, you can just wait for me to arrange blind dates for you, at least ten!” After she finished talking, she walked away with her high heels, leaving behind a brilliantly beautiful backside.

  After listening to the full dialogue, Zuo Ning did not dare to move on the man's body for fear that he would be thrown out by the man when he moved. Anyway, puppies are all the same; if one is thrown to their death, buying another one is good enough. Especially since the man in front of him is simply unfeeling and sombre to the point of having no friends. When talking with his mother, he was still so icy. He does not look like a loving person!

  However, the brutal treatment he expected did not happen, Zuo Ning only felt a sense of oppression from the gaze on him that lasted for half a minute. Afterward, he was lifted by the nape of his neck, making the dog instantly straighten its tail. He didn't even have the time to be perturbed before he was placed onto the nearby sofa.

  Quietly sitting for a while, not waiting for the man's next move, Zuo Ning carefully glanced at him. The person on the side of his body sat back against the light, and the sunlight from the window seemed to have given the person a halo of light. Looking up from his perspective, the man’s facial features are deep and exquisite. Madam Wei who raised him for two days looks somewhat similar, but this man was more chilly and beautiful.

  Such a face was probably the best that Zuo Ning had seen in his short 20 years of life.

  Seeing that the man was seriously reading a book and not giving him half as much attention, Zuo Ning was relieved. Afterall, he hasn't been able to adapt quickly after changing from a human into a dog, and he also hasn't raised a dog before. At most, he has teased his neighbours' dogs but Zuo Ning was still at a bit of a loss as to how to interact with people with the appearance of a dog. As such, he would rather not do anything. Instead, he'd just be well-behaved and slowly find out later.

  After Zuo Ning stopped looking around, he lied down quietly. Using the light to take notice of the dog's movements and ready to throw the dog to a servant if it was noisy, Lu Chenghe withdrew his gaze and began to focus on reading. He doesn’t hate dogs, but he didn't like them that much either. As long as the dog wasn't noisy, it wasn't intolerable.

  As for the original Zuo Ning, how did he become a small puppy younger than two months old? Zuo Ning also did not know how. Zuo Ning was born in a fairly ordinary family. His father worked on a boat and could come back once or twice a year. His mother was a housewife and had never gone out to work. Therefore, the character of Zuo Ning, who was raised by a pure mother who had not experienced the harshness of society, is also very simple.

  Unfortunately, this dull happiness was broken by an accident when Zuo Ning was 19 years old. His parents got into an accident during a trip and Zuo Ning lost his beloved parents overnight. With great difficulty, he finally overcame his pain and had just adapted to a person’s life when he changed from a person into a dog.

  Zuo Ning himself did not know what happened in the middle. If there was no magic leading to an exchange of souls, then he should be dead. However, it shouldn't be a reincarnation as when he woke up in the dog's body, it was already two months old and had just been taken home by Madam Lu. As for how he died, Zuo Ning knew nothing.

  If his parents were still alive, then he would definitely be anxious to find a way to go back and see them. It is a pity that his loved ones are now gone, and that he has no one to remember him.

  Now that he has become a dog, he should first stabilize his situation before looking for opportunities to check whether his body is dead or occupied by the dog's soul. Anyway, no matter how anxious he is, he is a dog and he cannot change back. If he were to run into a dog dealer, it would be fine to be purchased by a good-hearted person. If he fell into the hands of a dog abuser, then that would be too miserable.

  Zuo Ning, who has a limited brain capacity, pondered for a while about the future of this newly born puppy and fell asleep unconsciously. Zuo Ning, who was curled up and sitting, slowly spread his limbs. The little belly swelled with his every breath. He even made small snoring sounds and he slept very sweetly.

  The man who was reading a book heard the rhythmic breathing and saw that after sitting quietly and without having disturbed him, the little puppy unexpectedly fell asleep like this after a while. After quietly looking for a moment, he couldn’t help but stretch out a finger and stroke the fur on its small head. Seeing that it slept soundly, he turned his gaze back to the book.

  Although a small bit of trouble was thrown into his rare leisurely afternoon, as long as this little thing could always be this well-behaved, he might as well raise it for a month's time.

  A weightless sense of dangling made Zuo Ning suddenly wake up, and his two paws also subconsciously waved in the air twice. He was a little confused when he opened his eyes and it took him some time to react. He seemed to have fallen asleep and had a dream. When his eyes gradually focused, Zuo Ning found himself looking at the man whose entire body was exuding a cold air.

  The man was still the man with a expressionless and cold face, but it's just that the man's line of sight was no longer facing the book that was thick enough to kill someone but himself. Zuo Ning's paws moved back unconsciously and he was trying to think about what att.i.tude he should treat the man with.

  If it was Madam Wei from before, selling meng would be enough, but the man in front of him doesn't seem like he'd eat that set.

  Discovering Zuo Ning's retreating movements, Lu Chenghe blinked slightly. Since he was a child, he has never had any pets. For some reason, both cats and dogs were afraid of him and it looked like this little thing was no exception. Lu Chenghe was not that disappointed and indifferently retracted his gaze.

  As soon as the gaze was removed, Zuo Ning's entire body instantly relaxed. Only at this time, he realized that he was hungry. Once he thought about the taste of the dog food, Zuo Ning suddenly felt that his stomach hurt.

  According to these two days of observation, this family should be very, very rich. The house he lived in was extremely large and there were many household servants. Not mentioning anything else, he had no problems with his luxurious and extravagant kennel. This kind of household surely wouldn't treat him badly when it came to dog food.

  However, even if the dog food was better, it would be hard for the dog to talk about the taste. One could say that it was unpalatable but it was still okay, it didn't taste that bad. The key point was that there was no flavour. Apart from the flavour of the meat, there was no sourness, sweetness, saltiness, or bitterness! When the dog food was soaked in goat's milk… the taste was absolutely hopeless.

  If it were a dog who had never tasted any flavour, the dog might really like to eat this dog food. However, Zuo Ning was a "no spice, no joy" type of person and one who could directly eat Capsic.u.m frutescens chili peppers with rice. Now, every meal he eats was torture for him. It was better to only give him milk.

  Unfortunately, according to the progress of his growth, he had already arrived at the time when he should be eating food. By just drinking milk, he would fail to keep up his nutrition. The most important thing was that though he had a mouth, he couldn't talk.

  Eating felt like a sin, but not eating was a physical sin. Zuo Ning struggled for a while but when his body’s hunger was about to burst, he had to look up at the man who subconsciously made him afraid. However, the man was already focused on his book once again.

  Zuo Ning hara.s.sed the man with his eyes for a moment but the man was completely unaffected. His stomach had rumbled over and over again. Unable to bear it anymore, Zuo Ning, who was sitting beside the man, had to be bold and placed a plush paw on the man's lap. Seeing the man bow his head, he immediately looked up at him with his small head and the tender little voice called out: “Hey~~.” I'm hungry and asking you to feed me.

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