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Chapter 942 - 942 Unconventional (3)

942 Unconventional (3)

Just like the Boar G.o.d, Xuan Ming didn’t sleep immediately. It was all attracted by the situation in the later era because of a test and wanted to continue seeing what other extraordinary creatures could appear in the future.


The void completely cracked. A huge creature with the appearance of a deer and nine colored light marks on its white body stepped out of the air. Its holy gaze was revealed as its eyes opened, and its figure slowly landed on the ground.

As it took a step, the surrounding nine-colored world formed, and it looked at the Boar G.o.d, Xuan Ming, and World Tree clone in the sky.


“Hm.” After the nine-colored divine deer nodded at them, it looked at the thousands of living beings around it and emitted a gentle but high and mighty female voice, naturally revealing its divine might.

“I remember the World Tree telling me that the Beast Taming Abilities of humans are very interesting. Every one of them is a support skill that can a.s.sist creatures in becoming stronger, and there are all kinds of abilities.”

“I’m more curious about this. Why don’t you show your Beast Taming Talent to me one by one…”

“There’s no need to fight. Just show it directly. I’ll decide how its potential is. The most talented person can obtain the prototype skill of my divine skill, the Nine-Colored Divine Light, the inheritance crystal with the strongest light support super ability.” The Nine-Colored Divine Deer looked down.

“Then don’t waste time. Those who want the inheritance of the ‘Nine-Colored Divine Light’ can just come out and show it,” the Holy Divine Deer said.

“I’ll give an evaluation of one to ten stars according to the talent potential.”


Just as the nine-colored divine deer finished speaking, the contestants widened their eyes.

The World Tree clone had just finished introducing the power of the Holy Divine Deer… A skill could instantly strengthen 100 overlords to demiG.o.d battle power.

Most importantly…

Was the content of the test serious?

No longer competing in pet battle power?

Competing in the potential of the “Beast Taming Talent”?

In an instant, most of the contestants were extremely excited. Even Gao Xuan, Ji Feng, and the others felt that good things came after suffering.

For the first time, he felt that there was a trial he could partic.i.p.ate in.

For the first time, he felt that he was a little stronger than Shi Yu in one aspect.

Shi Yu’s telepathy talent was undoubtedly a common talent. Even after transcendent creatures’ levels were high, they could master telepathy. It was not a powerful talent at all.

Even if the effect of listening to history was included, it wasn’t that rare. In every country, one could still find a few.

Although Shi Yu was very strong to have relied on such a lousy talent to reach this stage, it was probably impossible to rely on such a talent to obtain this inheritance.

“This guy has finally been punished!” The contestants of the other six countries knew that Shi Yu had a telepathy talent. They subconsciously thought of him and heaved a sigh of relief. Alright, it was already not bad for Shi Yu to be lucky enough to obtain two Mythical inheritances.

This trial finally didn’t include Shi Yu’s turn.

At that moment, Inatella had gathered the world’s elites. Although there was also a batch of ordinary strengthening talents, there were also many invincible Beast Taming Talents gathered here. These people were determined to win this trial.

This time, it should be their turn.

“What are they happy about?” At the same time, President Lin, who had also arrived, felt the gazes from all directions in Dong Huang’s direction and towards Shi Yu. He was speechless.

If Shi Yu had an ordinary telepathy talent, it would be fine even if it was a historical talent. The key was that this little monster had even developed telepathy into a telepathy domain a second time!!

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