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Chapter 1802: Goodbye, Empress (1)


Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

What happened to the transcendent origin at the Divine Realm spread throughout the entire universe at an extremely fast speed.

If it were the previous source of transcendence battles, there would definitely not be such a big commotion.

After all, hundreds of super divines had died this time. In the past, at most, a dozen or so had died.

These super divines were the realm lords of the various top-notch domains on the World King Planet. In the Behemoth Empire, they were the lords of a star domain. In the Worm Mother Nest, they were cosmic n.o.bles with n.o.ble bloodlines. In the cosmic overlord army, they were the kings of warlords whose names shook the starry sky.

More than a hundred such existences had died. How could it not shake the universe and shake the entire starry sky?

They had a close connection with their factions, and they were learned as soon as they died.

The members of countless factions searched with pale faces, but they couldn’t find any traces of their super divine lives anymore. They had really disappeared from this universe.

Just this point was enough for countless factions to crazily investigate what happened to the transcendent Divine Realm.

On the World King Planet, some demiG.o.ds and divine-levels didn’t even dare to involve themselves in transcendent divine realms. They didn’t even have the courage to watch the battle and could only wait for first-hand news on the World King Planet.

When a trending topic rushed onto the World King Planet network, everyone couldn’t believe their eyes.

“The birth of a new cosmic emperor, the most tragic battle for the source of transcendence in history!”

The author said that the quality of the source of transcendence born in the universe this time was the strongest in this era. Not only did it attract the birth of hundreds to thousands of geniuses with the battle power of the epoch G.o.d, but it also made several super divine experts in the entire universe descend!

Among them, there was no lack of peak super divine life forms with the strongest battle power below the cosmic throne.

For example, the King of the Yun Race, the first Yun Race life form created by the Dark King, the source of all metal-element pollution, the most evil Dark Gold Master in the world.

For example, the ninth son of the cosmic emperor, the Worm Queen, was also one of the heirs with the best talent potential and the n.o.blest bloodline, the Great Universe Holy King b.u.t.terfly at the peak of the super divine level.

However, in such a terrifying void background, there was a divine-level action that shook the battlefield, making many peak super divines have no choice but to sigh in admiration. They were called the “future seventh cosmic emperor” by the mysterious old observer who had lived for hundreds of millions of years.

This person’s name was Shi Yu. As a famous super genius in the Cosmic Sea, Shi Yu didn’t experience any battle and directly obtained the recognition of the cosmic will, obtaining the transcendent origin, causing many geniuses and experts to be dissatisfied. In an instant, he became the target of all the compet.i.tors.

However, he sent his Iron-eating Beast to kill hundreds of epoch G.o.ds with a punch, as well as the super divine guardian behind them, as he broke through the miracle of the era.

According to the people present, 12 epoch G.o.de-level pets had already gathered under Shi Yu. He had even contracted a super divine planet life form above his level and controlled a super divine with a divine-level body.

His strength didn’t stop here at all. He wasn’t even afraid of the risk of offending the cosmic emperor. With ridiculously strong battle power, he killed the King of the Dark King Creatures, the King of the Yun Race, the son of the Worm Queen, the Great Universe Holy King b.u.t.terfly, who also wanted to stop him, and blasted the two peak super divine experts to ashes.

Then, his powerful pets even crossed s.p.a.ce and time and jointly killed hundreds of super divines who attacked them, making dozens of phantoms of the source of transcendence light up the entire transcendence divine domain.

This battle for the source of transcendence could be said to be the victory of “Shi Yu” alone. It was the stage for him to become a king. Although he had yet to become a super divine, people had already begun to call him “seventh throne in the universe”. This was the recognition of the experts present for Shi Yu’s terrifying strength and their fear of his heaven-defying battle results.

On the World King Planet, from the Sun G.o.d General and the other peak super divine experts who had been ordered by the World King not to partic.i.p.ate in the battle for the source of transcendence to the Dong Huang Realm, to the Elven Empress of Tingxiang who had ascended from Blue Planet, the Seven Islands Valkyrie, the founder of Shen Feng, Z, and the Tyrannical Sea Legendary, these old experts on Blue Planet also held electronic newspapers and stood silently under the starry sky.

“I knew it, Woo, take off!! Hahahaha.”

The little white dragon locked in the Floating Realm by Lin Feng flew out excitedly. It had said back then that Big Brother Shi Yu could definitely become a cosmic-level expert in the future.

Even some people who weren’t familiar with Shi Yu, such as Zavay and Ming Gu, had ridiculous expressions. It was even more ridiculous than seeing Shi Yu kill the Four Saints super divine.

“He did it.”

On the World King Planet, the World King’s will had been watching the transcendent divine realm the whole time. Shi Yu’s performance was beyond her expectations. As expected of someone chosen by the Super Empress, a transmigrator from the last era.

However, she felt that the t.i.tle of ‘Seventh Cosmic Emperor’ was a little early for Shi Yu.

As many super divine lives who could be called the heirs of the queen died, many super divine bugs left here knelt under the nest trembling, waiting for the queen’s anger.

But to their surprise, after a long time, the Worm Queen didn’t react at all. In the end, she left the next sentence.

“I see the future. Shi Yu will come to the worm nest. At that time, let us give him the warmest welcome.”

In the overlord territory, the cosmic overlord, Cypos, was on the overlord throne. He knocked on the throne with his finger at an extremely fast speed. Every time it knocked, a galaxy would be destroyed.

“World King, is this what you want to do and her change of mind?”

“Interesting. Then I’ll wait and see. I’ll see if this human who once met her and came from the same mother planet as her can come under my throne.”

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