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Chapter 1846: c.o.c.ky

The captain's expression changed, and his tone was low as he asked, "Dare I ask who is boarding my ship?"

Under everyone's attention, a figure gradually became clear. "Arcadian Arrow Crew, do you want to join my Leon's Armada?"

The captain became very on edge the moment he saw who was on the deck of his battleship. "Reuben."

It was indeed Uncle Reuben from Big Sis's mercenaries.

Uncle Reuben stared at the captain of the Arcadian Arrow Crew. "Have you thought it through yet? Our boss is getting impatient. Or perhaps do you hope to have Big Sis come out to talk to you?"

Sweat poured from the captain’s forehead. He looked fierce, but it was nothing more than an act. Fear had caused him to carry Lu Yin across the Cosmic Sea, and when confronted with Reuben and the terrifying Big Sis, the captain was terribly frightened.

Hai Dalu stepped forward. "Brother Reuben, we’re here to deliver Alliance Leader Lu."

Reuben did not seem to hear the first mate, and he continued to stare at the captain.

The expressions of the nearby crew members all turned ugly, as none of them knew what was about to happen. Were they going to be forced to join Leon's Armada?

Hai Dalu glanced over at Lu Yin for some help.

Lu Yin smiled. "Uncle Reuben, let it go for today. You can discuss this later. Besides, there’s no place for them to run in the Cosmic Sea."

Uncle Reuben finally looked away and turned his attention to Lu Yin. As he did, the man’s cold eyes were filled with warmth. "You're alright. Boss has been very worried about you."

"Let’s go," Lu Yin said.

Uncle Reuben then completely ignored everyone from the Arcadian Arrow Crew. He stepped away and returned to the warship from Leon's Armada.

Lu Yin turned around to smile at the entire Arcadian Arrow Crew. "I've troubled you to bring me this far.”

He then faced Hai Dalu and gave the man a long look. “Goodbye, until fate lets us meet again.”

Lu Yin then also stepped out and disappeared.

As soon as Lu Yin and Uncle Reuben were gone, the captain felt a rush of relief, and he ordered, “Let’s go back.”

He had absolutely no desire to see Highsage Leon. The Pirate King was a domineering person, and if that man asked the Arcadian Arrow Crew to join Leon's Armada, there would be no way for the captain to refuse his request.

Hai Dalu’s mood was quite complicated at this moment. Based on what Reuben had said, it sounded like it was just a matter of time until the Arcadian Arrow Crew joined Leon's Armada. However, this did not actually matter to Hai Dalu, as he had realized that he was destined to be used by Lu Yin the moment that he had revealed his connection to the Hidden Earth Society.

Truly, there was some matter of fate between Lu Yin and the Hidden Earth Society.

The warship that belonged to Leon's Armada was even larger than the Soldier Crew’s warship that Lu Yin had seen. The moment Lu Yin stepped aboard the warship, everyone stared at him with respect and excitement.

Everyone on the entire warship knew exactly who Lu Yin was and all that he had accomplished. In fact, he was in some ways regarded as the prince of Leon's Armada.


There was a loud noise, and the red rain was pushed back across the sky. The upside-down sea shook, and everyone felt their hearts skip a beat. They looked towards the warship of Leon’s Armada that had suddenly seemed to become the center of the universe.

Lu Yin looked up. That sound had come from Highsage Leon’s ma.s.sive sword. As the thump rang out, an invisible force accompanied it. This force was the unparalleled, domineering strength of Highsage Leon. This was not battle force, domain, or spiritual force, but rather an indomitable spirit that had developed over the many years that Highsage Leon had trained in the Overlord’s Slash.

This force could even cause the average Envoy to tremble. Highsage Leon did not cultivate anything else, as his Overlord’s Slash was enough for him to face off against even Ji Qiang and Jin Mie at the same time. This technique had allowed him to dominate the Cosmic Sea and had impressed even Liu Ye and Fei Hua. This was the power that had allowed Highsage Leon to suppress the universe’s pirates until none of them dared to not follow him.

Lu Yin paused for a moment as this oppressive aura swept by, and then he just smiled and continued forward.


There was another loud noise, and this one sounded like lightning falling from the sky and blasting the earth open. Everyone who heard it felt their hearts stop as their breathing stifled. Lu Yin looked up and took another step. As his foot descended, he exerted the Overlaying Stacks Path, which produced its own deafening sound. As that sound spread out, everyone who had found themselves unable to breath caught their breaths again.

Everyone grew pale as they tried to catch their breath. Just what was going on? Had Highsage Leon gone crazy? Was he about to kill everyone?

Even the members of Leon's Armada were afraid at this moment. If any more time had pa.s.sed, they wondered if they would have died of heart failure.

Suddenly, the crew members started looking at Lu Yin not only with admiration, but also with adoration. Lu Yin had allowed them to recover, and in their eyes, saved them.

Suddenly, a ma.s.sive figure shot out from a cabin. A ma.s.sive blade was hefted and swept out to point straight at Lu Yin.

The young man’s pupils shrank to pinp.r.i.c.ks, and he created a sword from his star energy that he swept up from down below.

There was a tremendous ringing sound as the two blades struck each other. The warship became the epicenter of a shockwave that erupted in all directions and shattered the void like broken gla.s.s.

Every single black line that appeared avoided every person and object. Despite the horrifying shockwave, not a single person was affected.

Everyone rapidly fell back as they looked over in terror. This was not a fight that they could approach, as this was an Envoys’ battlefield. The only person in Leon’s Armada who might be able to join this particular battle was Liu Feng, the captain of the Lightning Sword Regiment, but even he would most likely be injured, so he retreated with everyone else.

Lu Yin was only an Enlighter, but despite that, he was actually able to stand up to Highsage Leon!?

However, the crew members were overthinking things. It was impossible for Lu Yin to be strong enough to stand up to Highsage Leon. Highsage Leon was simply trying to reinforce Lu Yin’s reputation in the armada. Their hierarchy was based on strength, and Highsage Leon was trying to tell everyone that Lu Yin was the second strongest person in the entire armada.

The red rain disappeared from the sky, and the heavens grew clear once more.

An exasperated voice called out of a cabin, "You almost killed me! Do you really think that just anyone can stand up to that big sword of yours?"

Big Sis was speaking up. She emerged from the cabin as she spoke. At this moment, she had the appearance of a charming and elegant beauty, though her mouth was still as crude as ever.

Lu Yin stared blankly. He had no idea if he should dismiss his sword or not.

Highsage Leon spun his saber around to point it at Lu Yin’s sword briefly before putting the blade away. “I know, I know!"

Big Sis angrily glared at the man before turning onto Lu Yin. "Little Seven, are you threatening your Big Sis?"

Lu Yin was startled at her question, and he quickly dissipated his sword and put on an ingratiating smile. "Big Sis! Your face! You’re beautiful again! Congratulations! When will this be done with?"

"Knock it off!" Big Sis moved over in front of Lu Yin and grabbed him. "Have you become c.o.c.ky lately, even going against a Semi-Progenitor?"

Lu Yin grinned. "Nope! I got attacked."

"A Semi-Progenitor felt the need to attack you?"

"I'm that great!"

"You really did become c.o.c.ky, huh?"

"Not really."

"Are you talking back to me?"

"I wouldn’t dare!"

Many of the people on the deck of the warship looked away, and not one of them had the guts to get involved. All of them knew better than to mess with Big Sis.

She dragged Lu Yin back into the cabin that she had come out of, and inside, Lu Yin saw that Ghost Doc, Sister Fei, Kidney, and Brother Hao were already present.

"Where's Liu Feng?" Lu Yin asked. He rubbed his head as he asked. Big Sis was as violent as ever.

Highsage Leon took a seat and drank some liquor. "He headed into Burial Garden. He wanted to give it a shot."

Lu Yin instantly grew solemn. "Burial Garden isn’t easy to deal with. If you can, get him out of there as soon as you can."

"We already know that Burial Garden holds some great opportunities for people with ancient bloodlines, but others won’t necessarily gain anything at all. Even people with primeval surnames don’t necessarily carry an ancient bloodline, but unfortunately, Liu Feng wouldn’t listen to us. He insisted on going in to try his luck." Sister Fei shrugged as she explained the situation.

Liu Feng was the captain of the Lightning Sword Regiment, and he was also someone originally from the Sword Sect’s Liu family, but he had left his family due to various disagreements.

The Liu family had not expected Liu Feng to ever become an Envoy after he left the family, and when they discovered that he had done so, they regretted their previous actions. They asked Liu Feng to return, but the man had refused. His ultimate goal was to find someone who possessed a sword technique superior to the Thirteen Swords so that he could rub it in the Sword Sect’s face.

Many people seemed to possess this same obsession. Not to mention Liu Feng, but many people in the Sword Sect itself hoped to develop a Fourteenth Sword that surpa.s.sed the Thirteenth Sword.

"What's the deal with Xia Ji?" Highsage Leon asked Lu Yin. The mood instantly grew more somber than ever before, and a powerful killing intent blazed in Highsage Leon’s eyes.

Everyone else in the room instantly looked at Lu Yin. Xia Ji was a Semi-Progenitor. It was incredible to even think that he had gone after Lu Yin.

Lu Yin shrugged. "He wanted to steal a technique that I picked up, but I managed to pull one over on him."

He proudly declared, "He should be injured!!"

Highsage Leon’s eyebrows rose at that claim.

Big Sis got extremely upset, and she smacked Lu Yin’s head. "You hurt a Semi-Progenitor? There’s no reason for pointless bragging here. We’re all people who know better."

Lu Yin was left speechless. He really had injured Xia Ji, and more than once at that. The first time, he had used the Samaritan’s Tears, and the second time it had been due to the bloodstained clothes. However, no one seemed to believe Lu Yin’s claim.

"Still, it’s a fact that Lu Yin did manage to escape," Brother Hao spoke up, "Not just anyone can escape from a Semi-Progenitor. Even if you scour the entire universe, just how many people would dare to claim that they can escape from a Semi-Progenitor. That’s something even Boss can’t do."

"That’s really not bad," Sister Fei agreed as she gave Lu Yin a look of admiration.

Highsage Leon rolled his eyes. "I’m going to ruin that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d one day."

The feud between Leon's Armada and Xia Ji was not a small one. First, Big Sis’ mercenaries had been chased down, and many of them had been killed at Xia Ji's orders. Later, during the war in the Cosmic Sea, Xia Ji had hoped to destroy Leon's Armada to start a war. At that time, everyone had been treated as Xia Ji's p.a.w.ns, and that was something that Highsage Leon would never let go of.

Most recently, Lu Yin had been personally attacked by Xia Ji.

New hatreds were layered upon old grudges. If the opportunity arose, Leon's Armada would destroy Xia Ji completely and without any hesitation.

"So how did you get to the Cosmic Sea?" Kidney asked.

Lu Yin shook his head. "I don't know. When Xia Ji kidnapped me, I managed to distract him and escape to the Daosource Sect’s ruins and ask for help. When I returned from the Daosource Sect, someone ambushed me and knocked me out. When I came to, I was already in the Cosmic Sea. That person should have been Xia Ji because he probably doesn’t want me to know where he took me. That place most likely has some connection to some secret of his."

Big Sis snorted derisively. "He doesn’t have any secrets other than his clones. That old b.a.s.t.a.r.d cultivated the Nine Clones Secret Technique, so who knows just how many other clones he’s got hidden out there. People from the Xia family are a pain in the a.s.s."

Lu Yin's eyes flashed. He did not want to think about Xia Ji’s other clones. That place had definitely been in the Neoverse, so was it possible that Xia Ji had a clone in one of the Neoverse’s top powers? When Lu Yin considered the fact that there were only a handful of organizations that qualified to be considered as such, was it really possible that one of Xia Ji’s clones was hidden in such an organization? Could he have a clone in each of those monstrous organizations?

This was something that became trickier the more Lu Yin thought about it.

Lu Yin became lost in thought as Sister Fei and others began discussing affairs regarding Leon's Armada. They made no efforts to hide anything, as Lu Yin was one of them.

After a while, everyone started to break away one by one. Soon, Highsage Leon was left alone with Lu Yin. "What are your plans for the Cosmic Sea?"

Lu Yin asked. "Should I have plans for it?"

Highsage Leon gave a lazy smile. "You’ve already united the Innerverse and the Outerverse, so the next step is naturally the Cosmic Sea."

Lu Yin stared at the older man. "Is there a need for me to even bother with this place?"

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