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Chapter 628: Temptation!

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The young man retracted the look of disdain from his eyes. He looked up at the middle-aged man and said respectfully, “No. However, number 37's signal is still there. It means that he is still alive. He might be in a close fight with his opponent. Let's just wait for his reply patiently.”

The young man's words calmed the middle-aged man down.

At this moment, one of the middle-aged men looked towards the window. He asked with a puzzled expression, “Don't you all think that the window got thicker?”

The other people looked at the window. No one noticed anything different. “Did you see wrongly?”

“No. I am naturally sensitive to the thickness of things. I felt that the window got thicker.” The middle-aged man walked forward. When he touched the window, he felt a piercing chill.

“So cold.” The middle-aged man retracted his hand.

“How is that possible? Even if it is raining, the temperature on Planet Kachi always remained constant at 25 degrees Celsius.” Another middle-aged man didn't believe him and touched the window himself.

“It is really cold.” The man removed his hand almost immediately. He was surprised.

As the middle aged men were confused, the young man suddenly shouted, “Hide yourselves!”

The middle-aged men got a shock. They looked away from the window instinctively. The young man stared at the window as though he was trying to look for something.

“What happened?” One of the middle-aged men asked.

The young man smiled bitterly. “I think that our opponent might be here.”

“Who is it?” The middle-aged man was frightened.

The young man looked at the window. “It is probably the domain realm master that fought with number 37.” Only he was able to get near them without anyone noticing.

“Number 37…” The middle-aged man didn't look good.

“He is not dead but most likely heavily injured,” The young man replied. This was the best situation. He was afraid that number 37 had died but they hadn't received the information.

The middle-aged men were agitated. However, they quickly calmed down. “So what if he managed to find us?” Even though this was just a temporary command center, Soul Society had sent a domain realm warrior to protect this center.

The moment he finished speaking, an old man with grey hair appeared beside them.

“9th Elder!” The young man greeted him with respect.

The old man known as the 9th Elder ignored him. He stared at the window intently and said, “Since you are here, why do you still hide?”

The figure of a human appeared on the gla.s.s of the window. The figure slowly got clearer.

9th Elder looked at the person that came out from the window. He was extremely shocked. “Impossible!”

The other people in the room were stunned too. The young man even asked, “9th Elder, can domain warriors maintain their youthful looks?”

9th Elder replied immediately, “No way!” He was confident that the data from Soul Society was up-to-date and complete. It was even more complete than the data the Federation had. However, this person didn't fit the description of anyone in the list of domain realm warriors. Did he advance to the domain realm recently?

9th Elder denied this thought. If he could defeat Sky Rank number 37, he could not be a new domain realm master. Even though Sky Rank number 37 was on the slightly weaker side of the Sky Rank, he still had been in the domain realm for eight years. He was not someone who could be defeated easily.

“Who are you?” 9th Elder couldn't reach a conclusion so he asked.

The person that came just looked at them coldly. Everyone felt a huge pressure weighing over them. Even the 9th Elder felt pressured. He was surprised.

“Your element is ice. In our data, there are three ice element domain formidable warriors. They are the Frost Monarch from the Chaotic Lands, the family head of the Northeastern Muqi, and General Raye from Caesar. You are definitely not General Raye. Are you the family head of Northeastern Muqi or the Frost Monarch?” 9th Elder asked coldly. He couldn't find any similarities between those two characters and this young boy in front of him but they were a better fit than General Raye. Those two people were Chinese.

However, the other party remained silent. The atmosphere in the room got tenser and colder.

9th Elder's face turned red when he saw that the other party had no intention of speaking to him. He felt that he was looked down upon. Anger boiled inside his heart. Even if that old beast Northeastern Muqi came, he was not afraid. No one could be stronger than that Old Beast…

Within the ice element, if that Old Beast claimed to be the second, no one dared to be the first. Even the Frost Monarch would not dare to call himself a monarch in front of that Old Beast.

9th Elder decided to have a fight with the other party. After he tasted defeat, he would not be so arrogant anymore.

In actual fact, Ling Lan was having a conversation with Little Four.

“Little Four? Didn't you say that there were no powerful people? Who is this person then?” Ling Lan's heart dropped when she saw another domain master. She wanted to run away.

Little Four looked down at his hand and said innocently, “I did say that there were old people…” He didn't say that the old person was not dangerous.

“You are getting good at talking.” Ling Lan smiled coldly.

Little Four shook his head fervently. “I didn't say anything wrong. There is only one powerful old man. Boss, once you defeat him, the rest will be at your command.”

“I think that I will be the one getting beaten up.” Ling Lan became vigilant after she finished her sentence. She could feel the pressure from the old man getting stronger. The old man wanted to have a fight with her.

Ling Lan was excited. Although she questioned Little Four, she trusted him and knew that he would not make decisions that would harm her. There was only one domain level master here. Fighting him would be a good experience for her.

9th Elder suddenly disappeared. Ling Lan released all her presence. She didn't know what the old man's element was. The situation that happened just now was reenacted. However, this time, she was the one at a disadvantage.

In the learning s.p.a.ce, Little Four shouted in anger as he kicked around, “Why didn't you let me tell my boss the information about her opponent?”

Number Five smiled. “This is an order by Number One. If you have any questions, you can personally ask Number One.”

Little Four froze.

“Also, when are you going to tell your boss that you are secretly hiding Little Blossom?” Number Five was still smiling but Little Four could sense the evil intentions behind his smile.

Little Four fell flat on the ground. He almost forgot about this.

“You better hurry up. Number One had been suppressing Little Blossom for all these years and could no longer continue anymore. It will be undesirable for Little Blossom's evolution. Why not you don't tell your boss about this and just become Little Blossom's owner?” Number Five tempted Little Four.

Little Four resisted the temptation. “No. I will bring Little Blossom over for my boss. Only my boss can be Little Blossom's owner.”

“Then why are you wasting your energy to help Little Blossom evolve? Your evolution was hindered because of it. Are you willing to sacrifice your future for other people?” Number Five's words were always able to waver people's decision. Even though Little Four had a pure heart, he couldn't help but waver too.

“I am speaking the truth. If you become Little Blossom's owner, you will be even more useful to your boss. Also, you will not need to tell your boss about Little Blossom too. Your boss will not scold you for making decisions yourself. Isn't it your dream to become the best subordinate of your boss? If that is the case, don't let her have the chance to scold you.” Number Five continued tempting Little Four. Little Four was confused. He felt that Number Five made sense.

“But…” Little Four still felt that there was something amiss with the statement.

“There is no but. Little Blossom is waking up soon. Number One said that he will not suppress Little Blossom this time. You either hurry up and tell your boss or you will go and find Little Blossom and become the first person he sees. That way, you will be his owner…” Number Five reminded Little Four that he didn't have much time left.

Little Four went into deep thought. Outside, Ling Lan had started fighting with her opponent. The huge energy broke the window. Everything in the room was a mess.

“The energy that the opponent released was only at Qi-Jin level. I can't sense his element…” Ling Lan frowned. She felt that this opponent would be tough. Not only was he powerful, but he also hid his element better than her. She was able to fool her opponent because she concealed her cold aura. However, she still had some loopholes. This old man had no loopholes at all.

As expected of an old monster who had been in the domain realm for more than 10 years. Ling Lan couldn't help but commend the old man in her heart.

The young man saw that the 9th Elder was fighting the domain warrior so he winked at the other men. The few of them sneaked to the door and attempted to leave.

The most powerful person among them was at the peak of Qi-Jin. The young man had just reached Qi-Jin level. If they stayed in this room with the domain masters fighting, they might die just by the force generated in the fight.

When they reached the door, they were shocked. The door was covered with a thick layer of ice. No matter how much they kicked it, the ice didn't break. The young man observed that the window which was broken was blocked with a layer of thick ice too. They couldn't escape through the window either.

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