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There were time intervals for such a large-scale teleportation using power tearing s.p.a.ce, the return trip depended only on the warship's navigation.

Sitting on the left shoulder of the Tak Zerg, the young zerg approached the porthole of the warship and looked interested in observing the horizon outside the window.

The warship maintained a precise speed, and after leaving the abandoned planet, they seemed to have reached another galaxy, which was the conclusion of Gu Huai's observation.

“The planet is beautiful.” Pointing to a planet just in sight, Gu Huai turned his eyes over to the Tak Zerg carrying him, the zerg hissed in agreement.

The planet looked like a beautiful gemstone with a pale blue halo on the surface and several circles around it. He could roughly distinguish land and sea, except for the gap, so the blue planet was easily a.s.sociated with Earth.

In fact, with the intelligence of the low-cla.s.s Zerg, it had no idea whether it was beautiful or not, but since the King zerg told it that it was “beautiful”, even if it didn't understand, it would agree .

After the the Tak Zerg responded, the whole warship suddenly stopped.


The angle of his view suddenly changed, Gu Huai was stunned and didn't understand until he felt the familiar tail wrap around his waist.

There were not many people in the command room, and except for the silver-haired zerg who was the leader, only a few of the zerg's confidants were generally allowed in.

While the young zerg was still dumbfounded, the silver-haired zerg had carried him back to the command chair. Moving his finger and tapping the lower panel, the virtual star map expanded in front of him, with each planet's name and location, he could simply check for a simple introduction of the planet.

This was a generic version of the map. If the map was produced by the Exploration Fleet within the country, it would usually be marked with additional information of various kinds, and the unknown areas would be reduced.

“Which one?” The voice of the silver-haired Zerg was very low and calm.

Relative to the low body temperature of the Zerg, the body temperature of the young zerg in his arms seemed very warm. Since he circled his tail around the waist of the young zerg, the cold silver-haired Zerg's pupils dilated slightly.

He liked and wanted to protect him.

Either of those two words were quite unfamiliar to Alves. And he was undoubtedly better at sabotage than protection, and the latter was much easier to implement than the former.

Gu Huai didn't think much about the planet he was looking at. He quickly pointed to a pale blue planet on the upper right of the map.

Although he wasn't used to being carried and held, Gu Huai gradually adapted after thinking of the Tak Zerg who guarded him at the beginning because he was a cub.

It was a medium-sized planet belonging to the Hermanda Empire. After glancing at the information, Alves lowered his voice, “Well, it will soon be occupied.”

“The defense cla.s.s is only D, and it wouldn't take much time.” From time to time, he glanced at the young zerg who was surrounded by their leader, and several high-ranking zergs who were allowed into the command room nodded in unison.


Hearing the word “occupied”, Gu Huai thought for a few seconds. Suddenly, he felt deeply that it was still very difficult for him to lead the Zerg and their intergalactic enemies into friendship and enter a new era of peaceful development.

“A gift.” The tail around the waist of the young zerg tightened. The silver-haired Zerg slightly lowered his eyes when he said this. He carefully observed the change in expressions of the young zerg in his arms .

He put the tail around the waist of young zerg to express protection, but he didn't know how to express the attraction he felt… Alvis only knew how to put things that the young zerg liked where he could easily get them.

And the youth just praised the planet, which meant he liked it.


He watched as the warship turned and started heading for the blue planet. Gu Huai quickly stopped him, “I like Tuther better than this planet.”

Although he had never seen Tuther at all, Gu Huai still said this casually.

But now the Zergs were heading to their own home, which of course was good. With this idea in mind, it was easy for Gu Huai to say things nonchalantly.

“Not this one.” Later on, he couldn't casually say what looked good. He almost understood the thoughts of the silver-haired Zerg, Gu Huai felt helpless.

But this kind of behavior, putting everything he liked in front of him, it was hard to remain indifferent to this kind of person.

Just after saying this, Gu Huai found that the tail around his waist had moved. The tip of the tail drooped down and looked as if it had lost its spirit.

The action of the tail was consistent with the mood of it's owner. Gu Huai had mastered the skill of looking at the tail to distinguish the real mood of the silver-haired Zerg.

“I want to get to Tuther soon.” Considering the soothing method, Gu Huai tried to touch the tail. Just as he touched it, he saw the tip of the tail move slightly, and then it turned up slightly.

Very well behaved and easily coaxed, Gu Huai strangely thought.

“Good” Under the touch of the young zerg, his pupils dilated, and the silver-haired Zerg responded slowly.

His tail was retained as a racial feature, and the tail which was used as a weapon in battle was extremely sensitive, and the feeling of being touched was naturally very clear.

Quietly letting the young zerg touch his tail, the silver-haired Zerg continued to hold the youth in his arms, silently indulging the young zerg's various movements.

The leader of the Zerg Army had become incredibly patient, and members of the Zerg Army witnessed this in recent days.

But this was mostly the reason, familiar with their leader's personality, in the command room a few high-ranking Zergs moved their eyes to the young zerg who was touching their leader's tail, each with soft eyes.

If you changed the individual, it was estimated that they would have died hundreds of times, how could one touch him so casually, after all, their leader never liked to have physical contact with people.

“The Zergs of the other three legions will envy us very much.” Touching his chin, Aljer said this with an unintelligible smile, vaguely as if he had a malicious thought.

They found the king first and immediately brought the young zerg back to the capital star of their legion. In this case alone, they could play with the Zergs of the other three legions for hundreds of years.

“Three other legions?” The distribution of forces within the Zerg tribe was not well understood. When he heard this statement, Gu Huai expressed his doubts.

“Yes.” Half kneeling so the young zerg didn't have to look up, Aljer quickly put away the bitterness in his smile, “Because there are four alpha Zergs…” The current situation of the Zergs was that the Four alpha Zergs were in charge of their respective legions, and they did not have close relations with each other, and occasionally hostile situations would occur.

As one of the few alphlevel high-ranking Zerg, their leader was completely different from the other three, he had no interest in dividing up the internal power of the Zerg.

Clearly, if they calculated by ability, their leader was a little stronger than the other three, or even had an overwhelming advantage.

The reason why he was not interested was simply that he was tired of government affairs. Even though his followers were numerous and his burden was not much, Aljer doubted that his leader could remember what Tuther looked like.

“Separation?” Gu Huai summed up the word.

Indeed, the Zergs were currently divided, Aljer nodded.

“Soon it will be unified.” Looking down at his favorite treasure, Alves reached out and touched the young zerg's cheek. The softness of his skin made his pupils dilate.

The silver-haired Zerg was very careful about touching him, because he knew that the young zerg he was holding did not have any defensive ability.

Objectively speaking, the birth of the King Zerg would inevitably promote the reunion of the Zergs. In his opinion, he would do it later as a gift to the young zerg.

With the idea of ​​viewing the information panel provided by the system, after the silver-haired Zerg's voice dropped, Gu Huai saw that the value of the top of the panel had changed.

Clearance Level: 35%

His cheek was being occasionally poked but it wasn't painful, looking at the sudden surge of the clearance level, Gu Huai immediately sat upright, only blinking a little while being poked.

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