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In case you haven't seen on the project page yet, the RAWs of Common Sense of a Warrior House have come to an end at a total of 144 chapters as of December 2nd. Chapter 143 is an epilogue, while the last one is a bit of an extra, as far as I can see. I do intend on translating this series to the end, so we'll see how things turn out.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the chapter~

CSWH Chapter 50: The Usual Me

"……n-now that I think of it, this-"

After being utterly played around with, I handed a bottle to the Madam.

It seems that I had ended up taking up quite a bit of all of the big sisters' time prior to the shop opening for something other than my original reason for coming here, but……

Well, it seems like the big sisters enjoyed themselves, so let's leave that be.

The bottle I handed over was a mead that I bought at the Anderson territory when I went there to chase after elder brother.

Other than the mead, the territory is famous for its pottery and armour, as iron ore could be mined in the territory, but……it would take quite a bit of money to buy pottery for each and every person, and it was the same for armour.

To begin with, just what would they do if I gave them armour?

Thus, I bought them mead.

At the very least, I chose one that was fairly popular with females.

"Oh my……is this the Anderson territory mead? Thanks for taking the time to bring this."

Madam said that with a very, very tender smile.

"Everyone will enjoy this together."

"By all means."

I became happy at Madam's words, and smiled naturally.

Seeing me like that, Madam pet my head.

"When did you go to the Anderson territory?"

Madam asked in a relaxed manner.

"Just recently. When the young master returned to the Anderson territory."

"Ahh……so you went together with those from that House? If that's the case, then the journey must've been quite peaceful."

"No……I went alone, you know?"



Seeing the Madam respond with an unusually flabbergasted face, I reflexively tilted my head.

"P-Please wait a moment. Don't tell me, you journeyed alone all the way to the Anderson territory?"

"Yes. Though we did meet up on the last day."

"Just the last day, you say……that is indeed the same as if you had travelled alone. Isn't that dangerous? Beasts appear along the way, and there are even bandits too."

"It's fine, Madam. I'm strong enough to be able to take care of my own well-being, you know?"

At my words, the Madam let out a deep sigh.

"Well, since those people have acknowledged you, you must be fairly strong. But, Mel-chan is a girl after all……"

As she said that, she hugged me.

"……it truly is great that you're safe."

Her words and gestures made my face loosen up again.

"I shall savour that mead together with everyone."

"Fufufu, that makes me happy."

"Aw, Madam……that's not fair. Let us say our thanks too."

When I was having such an exchange with the Madam, the big sisters who appeared to have finished the preparations for the shop each took turns hugging me and giving me their thanks.

After that, I spent time having an enjoyable conversation with Madam and the big sisters, and eventually it became the shop's opening time.

"Well then, Madam. Please excuse me."

"Come again, Mel-chan."

It was the moment when I was about to leave the shop as Madam saw me off.

"Ah? Ain't this Mel?"

"It really is! What a coincidence, Mel-chan!"

When I turned towards the acc.u.mulation of familiar voices, like I thought, Kuroitsu-san and the other members of the Army were gathered there.

"……what a coincidence, everyone. Where are you headed……?"

"Where, you ask? Well of course, the Madam's shop. Rather, if you've come out here then……"

Please don't say any more than that……-I desperately attempted to communicate that through gestures by moving my body.

However, as expected if they were told that much, anyone would realize it.

"Mel-chan, that's unfair! You're stealing a march on us!"

Thankfully, everyone started to make a boisterous uproar.

Even so, to say that I was stealing a march on them……I let out a sigh.

"Mel-chan gets along well with us after all. She has a special means."

Saying that, Madam made an alluring smile as she hugged me from behind.

More and more people began to heat up upon seeing that.

……Madam, just what do you intend on doing by fanning the flames?

Feeling that I'd just let things be, all I could do was make a dry smile.

"Well, calm down. Isn't it fine if you just show them that you're a man whose abilities surpa.s.s Mel's?"

Everyone became speechless at the words Kuroitsu-san said in mediation.


"Kuroitsu-san~. That's, as expected, that's a little……"

"Saying something like winning against Mel-chan……you'd be better off telling us to go hunt a large-sized carnivore~"

His words were immediately effective, as everyone's shoulder's all dropped at once downheartedly.

Seeing them like that could make one feel that they were even a bit cute.

Even so, saying that they'd be better off hunting a large-sized carnivore……it really made me want to try asking just what kind of evaluation they had of me.

"……what, how shameful for a group of large men like you."

As I was thinking that, Madam completely cut down their sorrow.

It seems that Madam hadn't found their current state to be cute like I had.

However, just when I thought those words would cause them to become more dispirited, they conversely started to look at me with fighting spirit burning in their eyes.

"……that's right, we're also men……! There are battles that we can't run from!"

"T-That's right. We can't lose! I-I'll win and prove that I'm a strong man! Miinsan! If I win against Mel-chan, please go out with me!"

"We can't always keep losing against Mel-chan! Since we're also men after all!"

Though I think it shouldn't be "we're also men"…..but "we are men".

Since I'm a girl after all.

I murmured that quietly, but n.o.body responded.

Well, it's fine……I sighed.

After that they turned eyes quivering with even more fighting spirit, making even me feel affected by their aura, as the desire for battle rose.

"……if you're going to say that much, then shall we make things clear during our next training session!?"

" " "As you wish!!" " "

I involuntarily grinned at their response.

I'm looking forward to our next training session, I thought to myself.

Their vigour that was different from their usual selves contrarily caused my heart to dance.

……even though that same heart had been, up until earlier, consulting the Madam on how to become more girl-like, I really was……-I smiled wryly internally.

"Come on, come on, don't kick up a fuss. We're heading inside~"

As if to cut off that belligerent atmosphere, Kuroitsu-san said that while clapping his hands.

"Mel, are you also gonna come?"

"……is that alright?"

"Leaving aside whether it's alright or not, we did happen across each other after all. Let's enjoy ourselves."


I accepted Kuroitsu-san's invitation, and followed after him.

"……you say that, but in truth you were just using Mel-chan as a pretense to motivate them."

"Well……in reality, they'll put more effort into training, right?"

Without hearing their words, I simply returned inside the shop with my heart dancing.

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