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Chapter 265: 265 Epilogue

Chapter 265 Epilogue

Iris Lana Armenia was revered as a character who ushered in prosperity for centuries .

Her deeds include establishing banks, opening schools free of charge to the general public, tax reform, groundbreaking medical development, and reconstruction of roads and other basic infrastructure .

Centuries later, other countries finally managed to follow suit in these sectors…but even then, she who had realized the importance and utility of these improvements and prioritized them for her people was still named a genius of her time .

The Tasmeria Kingdom benefited greatly from the intense growth of Duke Armenia’s territory, ushering in a new era of growth for the whole kingdom .

Her romance and marriage to a civilian, uncommon for this era, was also the topic of much speculation .

Her husband, who was shrouded in enigma .

He supported her . Legend says his talent was on par with Iris’s .

Discussions among experts lean toward the explanation that he must have been someone who once worked for the family, due to the household’s lack of objection to their union .

No matter what, her cla.s.s-defying romance with her husband led to much guesswork, even inspiring countless romance novels .

Even now, it’s the source of fantasy for many young women .

Iris Lana Armenia, the source of astonishing, incredible legends .

A woman for the people, who was adored just as deeply by her own people…her name remains imprinted in the hearts of the public .

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