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9"Very well, find that b.a.s.t.a.r.d and bring him to me." David said to his secretary, he knows lots of people is vying their eyes on him but no one has ever got to close to him like today. He could tell this person didn't held that much power but he is posses with devilish brain. Suddenly he felt this time he met male version of Queen Devil.

"Oh one thing don't hurt him." Rishab said to his a.s.sistant, he recalled the encounter with Samir. He suddenly got this, no wonder he knew that the friends of this Queen Devil shouldn't be underestimate.


Memories Residency,

"Baby, you should try this one." Aragya pa.s.sed her long sleeved top and white leather pants. Smrity looked at Aragya and dress, seriously is she think that she will wear such tacky clothes.

"I had never expect that your fashion would diminished in this state." Smrity said pitifully to Aragya while mocking her. And then she pulled out white bodycon leather dress and white long jacket with long boots.

"You are going wear those, are you sure?" Aragya didn't take her words in heart, all she want is she don't want Smrity dressed up for that Jerk.

Tell to be truth, she don't like Samar at all. She will never let Smrity fell into his trap, her friend is beautiful, talented and most eligible bachelor.

"Baby this won't suit you." Aragya decided to play her last trump card, so she could persuade her to not to wear such lavish clothes.

"Isn't it what you want, you don't want me to be beautiful infront of Samar right?"

Smrity smirked and said to Aragya. Aragya got shocked by her words,

'd.a.m.n, this Devil was doing in purpose she already knew her plan all along. Yet she made her play joke all long just to make fun of her.'

Aragya looked at Smrity pitifully as if she is accusing her for the crime which she hadn't done and said;

"How that would be, why should I desire such nonsense things."

Smrity mouth twitched when she saw her shameless act,

"Hehe, baby truth is known so don't pretend."

After saying she picked up her dress and headed towards changing room while Aragya stay rooted in the same place.



Greet light Palace....

"What are you doing here it's early go and get some rest." Shisham gently said to Sweta, his eyes held deep love and concern. Sweta looked at Shisham, these days Shisham is the one who is taking care of her. But yesterday when she found how powerful his family background is she could help but feel there is huge gap between them. She always knew that they are rich and powerful but she never had imagine they are the most powerful and influential family.

She started to feel gap between them although she never felt Shisham have arrogance of rich brat but still in this society there is huge gap. She could be tag as gold digger, etc.

Smrity always lay low, she never show her lavish life style. But in comparison of Smrity's status she suddenly felt lower, and also the fact she started to fell in love with Shisham. Although her family has strong foot on politics but compared with OM Corporation they are mere ant.

Sweta slowly shook her head, she wonder what will Shisham family say when they found about her. Are they as open minded as Smrity or they also have typical mind of richness.

"Shisham, I think I should go back." Sweta said in low voice, Shisham looked at Sweta he felt she wasn't in good mood since Smrity went to London.

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